Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Law & Order UK On Canada’s Citytv This Summer

Bamber, Walters, Walsh
Lucky Canadians. Season 1 of Law & Order UK will be airing this summer on Canada’s Citytv beginning on Thursday, June 11 at 10pm ET/PT. Of course, you can already get full recaps of all these episodes here on All Things Law And Order (the links are below for each episode).

By the way, there hasn’t been any news on whether we will see a season 2 of the series. I certainly hope so, as I thought season 1 was very well done. The series stars Jamie Bamber, Bradley Walsh, Harriet Walter, Freema Agyeman, Bill Paterson, and Ben Daniels.

Here is the episode list and links to the recaps of the episodes that have already aired in the UK:

Law And Order UK “Care”

Law And Order UK “Unloved”

Law And Order UK “Vice”

Law And Order UK “Unsafe”

Law And Order UK “Buried”

Law And Order UK “Paradise”

Law And Order UK “Alesha”

Daniels, Paterson, Agyeman

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Shelly said...

Thanks to a friend of mine in the UK, I was able to see all these episodes. They were all based on episodes from the earliest seasons of the MS, but they also had a unique London/UK slant. And some, such as they one that mirrored the episode where Olivet is raped by the doctor, were exceptional.

I think they're definitely worth taking the time to watch. Any word on if these will ever run on US television?

All Things Law and Order said...

Shelly, I hope that someone in the US - maybe NBC - would air L&O UK this summer as well, but I haven't heard that anyone has plans. A pity, really, the show was very good.

Anonymous said...

If they do air it over here, it will probably be on BBC-TV America.

Animelee said...

I'll be watching!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - not likely BBC America will air this. The show oroginally aired in the Uk on ITV - which is a direct competitor of BBC.

Unknown said...

Well done City on taking up Law & Order UK.

Love this...Friday night at 9pm with a cup of tea :)