Thursday, May 28, 2009

Law & Order SVU Zebras Sneak Peek

Law & Order SVU producer Neal Baer has provided a “sneak peek” of the Law & Order SVU finale, “Zebras.” A link is below which will direct you to the clip on “bubble tweet” which opens up the clip in a little video bubble.

In case you can’t view it, the clip shows Stabler and Fin trying to catch up with Pete Harrison, thinking they have him cornered. They find themselves getting metal shelving dumped on them. Pete tells them that the judge told them to leave him alone, but Stabler says “not before you killed that girl on Coney Island.” Pete dumps what looks like a barrel with some sort of liquid chemical on the detectives, and a cloud of gas forms. Stabler helps Fin get out.

Here is the link to the super secret Law & Order “Zebras” sneak peek Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I only started watch Law and Order Episodes a few years ago, and am hooked on the brilliant writing, acting, and direction that have made this show so popular for so long.this show is fantastic and full of entertaining.