Monday, April 6, 2009

Law & Order Criminal Intent Reruns Yanked from NBC Schedule

On March 27, I reported here that NBC was going to be re-airing a few Law & Order Criminal Intent episodes that originally aired on USA. This was to replace the opening left by the canceled show “Chopping Block” which aired Wednesday in prime time.

Well, you can now forget it. NBC has yanked the Criminal Intent reruns, and is putting reruns of Law & Order in its place. I wonder if they were afraid that the NBC airings of LOCI would affect the new airings of LOCI when the season starts on USA in a few weeks? Who knows – after all, this is NBC we’re talking about here.

By the way, when the NBC show “Life” finale airs this Wednesday (4/8), NBC will be airing SVU reruns in its place. We’ll see how long that lasts. Maybe NBC should consider changing their names to The All Things Law & Order Network?

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A. Lowe said...

Good Ole NBC

Wallyhorse said...

This was likely done on a couple of fronts:

1. NBC wanted to preserve the "repurposing" of new USA Network epsiodes for the summer starting on June 8, where those will be "new" episodes for a lot of people.

2. The episodes that NBC could air now are from season 7, and those episodes are already airing in weekday over-the-air syndication. There might have been some legal ramifications in that regard that prevents NBC from airing those episodes other than perhaps on Saturdays at 8:00 PM ET/PT.