Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Law & Order SVU Updated Episode Schedule for October and November 2008

The NBC Law & Order SVU Production Blog dated today (October 7) lists the Law & Order SVU schedule for October and November episodes as follows:

October 14: Swing
October 21: Lunacy
October 28: Retro (see note below)
November 11: Babes
November 18: Wildlife
November 25: PTSD

The production blog also says that the dates are “always changing” so I should note that all the other official sources show that Retro will be airing on October 21, not the 28th, as stated in the production blog. Stay tuned for updates!

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Anonymous said...

Since they preempted the rebroadcast of Retro with crappy SNL (of course because of the stupid election) I need to know when it is on again because I missed it on Tues night.