Friday, October 24, 2008

Law & Order September Filming Photos

Here are two pictures that Law & Order fans will enjoy. They are from a Law & Order filming, on location in New York City, in September. The episode is not known. But, fans of Sam Waterston, Alana De La Garza, and Linus Roach should enjoy seeing them in action. I wonder, though, what is in Sam's brown paper bag...?

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samfan said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I have been wanting to see pics of Sam filming! Thank you. I do wonder what is in the bag and what episode that they are filming?

saminou said...

Thank you for these photos, I love very much Sam Waterston, in my computer, I have approximately 2000 Sam's photos, If you want him we could exchange our photos

hungryforlawandorder said...

I can't wait until January! You have just expanded my L&O appetite. Sam looked good, so did Alana! I can't wait until January. If you get any more pictures of L&O shooting please,please put them on your blog:)

John K. said...

I want to know what's in the bag, too.

Speaking of Law & Order, I was watching Life, and caught the tail end of a Law & Order promo. Apparently, the Mothership will premiere on 11/5. I'm blown away, in all honesty (due to the slated early Jan airdate). I'm sure you'll confirm that yourself.

Just wow.

By the way, saw the Sackoff entry, good stuff. I saw her in the Bionic Woman remake, so I can't wait to see her.

Anonymous said...

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John K. said...

Sorry. The link comment is mine, but the site wouldn't load the Name aspect of the entry. Silliness.