Thursday, November 5, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Melancholy Pursuit” Promo

Here is the promo for Law & Order SVU “Melancholy Pursuit” which will air on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 9PM ET on NBC.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU “Melancholy Pursuit” can be found at this link.

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Petra S said...

I was only the 5th to moan about this over at PreviouslyTV so let me be the first one on here ;)
The L&O YouTube channel is calling it a preview though and the case of the week is supposed to be about a kidnapped teenage girl & Dodds Jr's "emotional toll" (*eyeroll* sorry but I'm not ready to get invested in him so soon after my boo Amaro left) Surely this is an attempt to lure in the Benoah fans?! He'll just be hiding under a slide or something the ltl rascal. At least I hope it's a nightmare'ish ploy cause my quota of Benoah drama has runneth over long ago.
With Kelli missing this won't be high on my viewing list next week but I will tune in at some point b/c of Tunie, she's always awesome even if she's only given a few seconds on screen.

Phil Smith said...

@ Petra S I could see Dodds getting emotionally involved in a case, so soon after joining SVU. It is realistic no matter how much a veteran of the NYPD that could happen. SVU is a whole other animal compared to other police divisions and many that get transferred can't handle the emotional toll. Benson and Fin both have been with SVU for over a decade. The real statistics for the average tenure of a detective in a city SVU Squad is 1-2 years or less. Msny after a short time request for a transfer. SVU in reality is a constant revolving door of police officers.

I'm a friend of a Philadelphia police officer that transferred from vice to SVU and he lasted only 6 months, he said he had to get out, it was damaging his mind. he said he got too emotionally invested with the victims.

Alejandra Jimenez said...

Thanks for recap again chris, before I comment on episode I want to pay my respects to Fred Dalton Thompson known to many of us as Arthur branch he passed away Sunday so before writing my comment I want to say R.I.P to Fred Dalton Thompson. Now on last night's episode my roommate had company over so it was hard to pay attention to the episode, I found it to be 1 of the worst episodes ever it had its moments like rollins going to hospital fin and carisi driving in the castkills. I think Barbra might be done they should just hire different d.a for every episode and release Raul if his not gonna be used, you would think with rollins pregnant she be the 1 missing episodes not Barbra. They said rollins was 8 and a half months pregnant that's fast for this only been the 5 or 6 episode, now I don't know if is just me but the very end when Dodds told Liv about a church or something like that where rapist and not on the street when she said they hide where you least expect them and episode ended with his face I hope he is not what I interpret that scene to be, if it did not end that way I would not think much of it but since it did oh boy, please anyone here let me know if I am reading to much into it. This is juda chris I don't know why my comment is coming under alejandra jimenez I guess this iPad is to hard to figure out.

Phil Smith said...

I think they are holding Barbra back until the Hodda episode. I think that it will focus on him more being it's a trial episode.

As for this episode I liked it, good to see a reality show family doing what was right for their child and not for money and ratings. Doesn't happen often. I really like Dodd JR I think he will work out.

Phil Smith said...
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Roselynn Finch said...

Another episode with Noah? Good god. ENOUGH!!!!

BensonFan said...