Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Law & Order SVU Casts New Sergeant

The Hollywood Reporter states that Andy Karl will have a recurring role as the new SVU sergeant. (Don’t panic, Benson is moving up to Lieutenant.) Read the full story here: The Hollywood Reporter: ”Law & Order: SVU' Enlists 'Forever' Alum as New Sergeant”

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Juda Martinez said...

i actually like it more when someone else is incharge, like when cragen was incharge or donal logue as lieutenant murphy or dodds. well tommorow the new season begins can't wait.

Cardinal said...

I miss Lt. Murphy like crazy. Donal Logue is an amazing actor and does justice to every role he plays.

Chris Zimmer said...

Cardinal - I agree, Donal added so much to the cast! Juda - I think it does add a little more drama and conflict to the story line!

Eldridge said...

I thought I was the only one but I like Donal Logue too or when someone else heads up the squad. I'm a big fan of the team of detectives (both sets) going out to investigate like in the earlier seasons.

Walter Mulder said...

Dodds and son could work out two ways.

Either son Dodds snitches to dad about the goings on in the squad room and gets everybody in trouble at one time or another. This scenario could only play out for a while, after which son would move elsewhere, probably with a big promotion.

The other scenario could be where son does not like dads way of spying on the team, and becomes a real team member informing the team of dads intentions. This could play out a lot longer and son could eventually be added as an official cast member of the show.

Juda Martinez said...

the problem with donal logue right now is his busy on the show gotham, his the second main charather in the show.