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Law & Order SVU “Surrendering Noah” Promo

Here is the promo for the season 16 finale of Law & Order SVU “Surrendering Noah” which will air on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 9PM ET on NBC.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU “Surrendering Noah” can be found at this link.

Screen captures from the promo for those of you wanting to analyze it, click on the image for a larger view:

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empxth tbh said...
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Linda F said...

If you look closely, that's not Danny on the floor. The person on the floor is wearing a gray suit, and Nick's in black. So I don't think he's the one lying there. I'm guessing if he's shot he survives, but he'll probably be written out by moving to California to be with his kids. People were pointing out his thoughtful look at the end of last night's episode, after Fin says no way he'd ever be sergeant, but I'm starting to believe that look was a red herring, and Danny's already gone. I have no confirmation, just my belief after putting together a number of clues and rumors. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I'm starting to resign myself to the possibility.

empxth tbh said...

i don't think they would kill off amaro either, but if he's staying on the show they're only gonna reveal it after the finale since there's already rumors going around and they want to get the most out of it...

Petra S said...

I don't get why they even put that nod to Nick being Liv's no2 in last night's ep if he's not in S17!? As I am the Anxiety Girl (able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound) my mind immediately went to 'they are killing him off' and want to get like viewers to mourn him more (a lot of ppl online are calling him sourpuss & Stabler #2 lately but with him taking on responsibility in the squad might up his cred a bit I dunno).
Now I'm trying to tell myself he will be Liv's no2 in S17. Maybe I should change my supergirl name to Delusional Girl!? :/

MrDstar101 said...

@Linda F, from what I saw, Amaro had a black suit with blue shirt. The person laying dead was also wearing a blue shirt with (maybe from what I could tell) a black suit...

Laurie Fanat said...

I've been watching SVU so long that I don't trust the promos and I don't care if Amaro stays or goes. As a fan I feel like they are trying to manipulate viewers into "is Danny leaving or staying" fury to get viewers. I am going to watch anyway but as far as caring whether anybody stays or goes on this show, I can't get into the frenzy over it.

Linda F said...

@MrDstar101 - It might have been my TV, but it did look gray to me (and I forwarded and reversed several times). I admit I didn't notice the color of the shirt, though.

Either way, I agree with empxth tbh that they won't kill Nick off--I think it's Johnny D who will die. But I'm not so sure Nick's not off to sunny California.

And Petra, I'm right with you on being Anxiety Girl, at least in this case. I probably need to stop watching TV, period--I clearly get way too invested, LOL. Which I guess is the aim of the writers in the end.

Helena Diniz said...

amanda estava vestindo um terno cinza e a mao `e feminina, creio que amanda e atingida e `e nick ao lado dela.em outra foto aprece ele em um ambiente que se parece com um hospital

Chris Zimmer said...

Added screen grabs from the promo for those of you wanting to analyze it!

Petra S said...

Thanks Chris! I find it unbelievable that either Liv or Carisi would just stand back and watch Nick bleed on the floor. And that officer with the note pad? Looks to me like two dead bodies out there. Going frame by frame on that promo it also looks as Nick charges JohnnyD when he holds that officer hostage and JohnnyD raises his gun as to fire. So I'm betting Nick is injured inside the courtroom, Liv's 'OMG' is probably just a voice over from another scene as you can't really see her saying it going in to the corridor. I can't really make out who Barba is standing in front of in the courtroom but I'm gonna keep dreaming it's Amanda tending to her baby *lol* Amanda's in a black suit w a white top in the background at the stands so she's out of harms way (hopefully)

Oh how I love the speculations, as long as Nick doesn't die that is. If so I'll go livid ;)

Anyone got any other ideas of what we're seeing?

Cath T said...

Nick is injured inside the courtroom which is why Benson already has blood on her hand and clothing. She's been tending to him while events take place in the corridor.

The two bodies in the corridor are Johnny D and most likely the hostage. If it was Nick both Fin & Carisi would be showing more concern.

Nick's shot, goes down but gets a shot of his own off and injures Johnny D who manages to get out to the corridor with his hostage where they are both shot by a court guard. Pure speculation on my part.

It's how it all goes down that we don't know about. The promo shows both Nick and Johnny D raising their guns towards each other. Benson also has her gun raised but seems to become distracted by something happening off to the side.

Of course this would never happen in a British courtroom because defendants do not sit with their lawyers in open court. They sit in a secure box away from everyone else which naturally makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

I also think Nick gets injured in the court room and Johnny somehow makes it into the hallway taking others down with him. Amanda is clearly missing from these grabs so maybe she is with Nick? I agree that if that body in the hall was Nick Fin and Carisi would look more concerned. It should be a very intense scene! I am excited though completely petrified for it! I don't think my heart can take it if Amaro leaves. The ONLY glimmer of hope I have for this whole thing is that Mariska called it the "best SVU finale." I pray that bodes well for Danny. I would hope she wouldn't say that about his farewell episode. I will cling to hope until it is ripped from my hands--which may be very soon :(

MrDstar101 said...

What if it's Ed Tucker who gets shot? Is he supposed to be in this episode, too?

Cath T said...

I'm sure that's Amanda that can been seen through the doorway as Liv heads out to the corridor. She's also in the background during the courtroom melee.

It appears that Danny Pino is not in the third episode of the new season (the one currently filming) which would indicate that if he is coming back they're playing rotating detectives again.

That format didn't seem to be particularly popular during Season 16. Seems to be a budget measure.

Petra S said...

I want DP to stick around but I would hate for the rotation of cast/squad to continue. I can't win :(

I don't think Tucker is around the courtroom but what about Peter Hermann/Trevor. He may be there right? Could they kill off Mariska's hubby? I dunno why that thought makes me smile. I'm wicked what can I tell you. I know some ppl ship those two on the show. It would be one down as I fear they'll focus on Liv's lovelife next *eyeroll*

All I know is that I still don't want DP to leave. I hope by some miracle he'll be around for S17 & that the writers will get back to writing awesome episodes focused on special victims! That would make me very happy.

Cath T said...

I don't want Danny Pino to leave either but if I knew there was something else waiting for him I'd be okay with it. Something meatier he could get his acting chops into.

I've seen what he can do as an actor and I feel his talents have been under utilised.

Sure he's had some strong moments and good episodes but most of the time they've revolved around his anger issues. To me that's no different to Stabler. Amaro's 180 and Padre Sandunguero were the exceptions. His best episodes that showcased him as a cop were in Seasons 13 & 14.

I completely understand that Mariska Hargitay is the lead and the focus will be on Benson but when the others are there as bit players it can be frustrating.

The rotating detectives probably serves two purposes, budget measure & being able to divide dialogue & action between four rather than five but then why bring in Carisi? To shake things up a bit maybe?

I wonder how it will work if Amaro is gone. Benson as lieutenant, Fin as sergeant and then only two detectives. Seems an odd mix. Fin would be more of an action sergeant though, less of a desk jockey.

charisma said...

Tucker & Langan are both in this episode. Tucker is in one of the episode stills. They better not kill Trevor; MH wouldn't allow it I don't think, lol!

Anonymous said...

If they lose Amaro, I don't see Fin taking the role. I'm betting they bring someone new in OR maybe Tucker would step in for a while till the position can be filled? Whatever happens with Amaro might throw a wrench in things. I don't know how far into the future they plan on starting season 17, like if it is right after the finale or a few months later. Time will tell.

I was watching episodes from season 13 and 15 on TV last night, and was reminded of how they did such a good job in the past of weaving the personal stories into episodes. They didn't seem forced like this season. I am fine with bringing the Noah story full circle, but I do feel it encompassed way too much of this season. Had they peppered it in instead of forcing it at times, I would have been more ok with it. Also, the other characters just got lost for me in S16. We had one episode for Rollins and one for Amaro in which their dirty laundry from the past was aired, but no follow ups. I wasn't expecting a full second episode devoted to each, but something would have been nice. I have a feeling that if Danny is leaving, they are going to rush and try to throw a bunch of stuff into this last episode to make it seem like he had a personal story line this season, which he really didn't. S16 started with him as a traffic cop. I thought they would have explored this arch a little more, but he, like most of the supporting cast seemed to be white noise mid-way through. I want Danny to come back for lots of reasons, one of them being that I want to see him as the Sgt. I think he would be good at it and would finally give him the chance he deserves (both as an actor and a character). Also, he would get to work with Liv again which I always loved their partnership. I will give the writers a pass on Carisi since he is new, but Fin, where do I start with that one? What did they have Fin do all season? I honestly can't think of an episode in which he really had something meaty to work with. I've said before that the writers seemed to get a little lost mid-season. The only focus they had was Noah and everyone else was kind of left out in limbo. I am very apprehensive on having to adjust to a whole new squad make up especially if the episodes continue along the lines that they have been traveling.

I know nothing is permanent except change, but when you change too much too soon, intent and purpose get lost. I miss the Amaro/Benson partnership/friendship. They hardly seemed to interact this season and I thought that was because he and Rollins would have more interaction. That didn't really happen and we never did find out what was really happening with them (another interesting angle they could have explored, but didn't). That plot was COMPLETELTY dropped. For the most part, Amaro was made to be a loner. And the whole Rollins/Carisi brother/sister banter was fun at first, but now is over done and mostly annoying. I miss Rollins and Fin at partners. They just worked so well. Sigh, this season has kind of depressed me more than anything and being the Debbie Downer that I am, next week may just break me.

Cath T said...

I agree that the whole squad dynamic was missing in action this past season.

The rotating detectives didn't help with that.

I believe that if Amaro is back he will be the new sergeant for a couple of reasons.

Seed already planted earlier and then again in Parents Nightmare that Fin doesn't want it.

It would bring back the Benson/Amaro partnership (in a fashion) that a lot of fans liked. They would have to work closely together again.

Also I love Fin but he's never been one of the "main" characters so to speak and Ice T while portraying Fin so well doesn't really have the strongest acting skills.

A lot of people will feel that Fin deserves it based on his seniority and experience. He's also been the only one with a cool, steady head and no personal dramas in the last couple of years to derail him. They are all valid reasons but he has to want it and all indications are that he doesn't.

On the other hand Amaro is also a good cop when it comes to the police work, the procedural stuff, the interviewing of victims and perps. He also has quite a few years of experience. It would have to be 20 plus years because in Amaro's 180 he was thinking of leaving and taking his pension.

He also seems to want it. I could see him doing it as long as he got his personal crap in order.

It would also end the Rollaro relationship which I really believe is what the writers want. They created a rod for their own backs there.

I don't see Rollins and Carisi as real contenders.

All dependant on Danny Pino returning of course.

Petra S said...

Oh pls don't be right about them bringing in Tucker in the squad room, he's the guy I love to hate so I'm already disliking them trying to softening him up ;)

Having Amaro as no2 would be perfect. But I don't want them to continue with the rotating of squad/cast either cause that had a huge part in what dragged this past season down. I agree with you both on that.
And they completely left both Nick and Amanda behind this season. I can understand Carisi not getting that much attention as he is the new guy, & WL also said in an interview they were introducing him slowly as they had rushed with Amaro/Rollins which apparently fans didn't like (I was not one of those fans though, I can't believe we had to wait over 3 years to meet Nick's abusive father and find out Amanda was raped).
As for Fin, I do get that Ice isn't the greatest actor but he's Ice, he IS Fin, Wolf brought him on to play himself, so I get he's not in center but as it is now they are just keeping him in the back making eyes at someone, I miss his one-liners, and yes I also miss him & Rollins as partners. They are outstanding together.

So many missed opportunities with DP I agree. His traffic cop stint they could've really used to see him doubting himself & bruised ego. That bar fight with Amanda another missed opportunity for both characters. They did such a good job with weaving in small tidbits in earlier seasons so I really can't grasp why not this season. The once in a while character centered episodes are okay - I loved Gambler's Fallacy - but they really don't need to spend that much time on one single character. Bringing Rollaro together would've actually made them spend even less time on each as they could've shown character development for both in one short scene. Obviously, for me, the dropped rape storyline for Amanda is my biggest problem with the show & something I'm not sure I can fully forgive them for, but Nick also got screwed over a lot this season. Gil got what? A 30 sec scene? Zara must've been in the city more than once this year right? It would be so sad to see DP go after such a shitty season for his character. I really can't even imagine the squad room without him :(

Cath T said...

I guess we can speculate until the cows come home. We will know for sure in a few days.

I'm fairly sure though Amaro won't die. The finale looks as though it will focus heavily on Liv, Noah and the trial.

It apparently won't be a cliffhanger and all loose threads are to be tied up according to the writers.

There simply won't be enough time to devote properly to the death of a major character.

I can't imagine it would be a case of a surgeon saying "he didn't make it" and then that's it.

They certainly wouldn't want a repeat of the fuss created after Meloni's departure with much gnashing of teeth by CM fans who felt he didn't get a decent send off.

That wasn't the fault of the current production team. WL & co came on board after Meloni said he wasn't coming back.

It's why I'm beginning to think if Pino was leaving they'd give more consideration to a storyline for Amaro's departure.

Of course, he could be back for the first episode or two of S17 in order to give the character a proper send off but by then his staying or going won't be an unknown. No way it can be kept quiet over the hiatus.

We shall know very soon.

empxth tbh said...

I really enjoy reading your comments :D
And Cath is right, in a few days we'll know (:

Petra S said...

You must be a sadist @empxth tbh ;) or maybe that's masochist *lol*

Okay to add fuel to the fire, have you guys seen this - - which makes me go back to thinking they may actually kill Nick off. But would he be on a gurney then? Dying there in the courtroom would be much more dramatic right?

The article says it can be recurring character so it could be Tucker or Trevor I guess.
Most shows has have their finales right? CPD is left but they've already had a major death, so theirs may be 'possible fatality' as in cliffhanger. Cause SVU aren't pulling a cliffhanger right? I remember reading that somewhere but I'm not a 100. I'm so nervous SVU will be put on either of these lists after Wednesday's episode :/

I'm wondering about that breakup/divorce-list too, I was thinking Rollaro but as they are hardly established on the show it would be weird if their 'break-up' would be that emphasized.

I need Wednesday here like yesterday :)

Cath T said...

What's more dramatic is when it looks like they'll be fine, you breathe a sigh of relief and they end up dying from a blood clot.

I don't think there's going to be enough time in the episode to deal with Amaro actually dying but anything's possible.

It's hard to tell from the promo clip but Nick seems to be approaching Johnny D from a different angle to the one where Johnny D is aiming his gun.

It doesn't look as though he's aiming it at Nick directly but it's not clear.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, everyone...I'm starting to think that maybe the Noah part is a catalyst to something else. All of the promos (script teases, clips, etc.) seem to be about Noah's adoption which makes me think they are trying to downplay other events in order to shock us in the end.

Yesterday one of the writers tweeted something about tying up loose ends from both the past four years and more recent events. Obviously the more recent one has to be Noah but four years ago is when Nick and Amanda joined the squad. I doubt they would bring anything new in with Amanda, but in light of all the rumors, I would say they are alluding to tying things up with Nick. I looked at that TVline article and the ones that seem to fit his situation would be the "firing, resignations, or major job changes," and the "fatalilies." "Leaving town" seemed like the most obvious to me but there doesn't appear to be another slot left. The "divorce/break up thing" could be with Rollins, but that isn't really established. I doubt they will even mention it in the episode. I get they may have regretted writing that relationship in, but they did and they still should have don't it justice by actually ending it and not leaving it ambiguous. If they were trying to see if they could use it, I think the time for that has passed and they should have decided by now.

Also, the official NBCSVU Twitter handle posted a pic of just Nick from the last episode and said something like "always in good hands with detective Amaro." Seemed like they were trying to stir the pot to me--get us talking about him then take him away forever (I certainly hope not, but gloom and doom has set in for me).

Now I will admit that I tend to over dramatize things and most of my predictions about specifics in episodes have been wrong in the past, but I think I've really crossed t's and dotted i's with this one. Of course there is a possibility my worry over Danny returning has skewed all of this, and I will gladly admit I am wrong if he is returning. Either way, D-Day is upon us and we will all know for sure come Wednesday at 10PM.

Petra S said...

I had totally missed the final episode of The Following is airing this week and I'm pretty sure that one will have both the 'fatality' & 'possible fatality', sorry for throwing fuel on the fire, totally unnecessary, and with that I'm back at 'they are not killing him off' *lol* This is really insane *lmao*

I think you're right Cath T - it's just not enough time for a character's death. Well not one that isn't directly associated with Benoah, that they would surely have time for *eyeroll*

And yes I saw that tweet Kevin Fox put out, very ambiguities or whatever you call it. As usual they are promoting the hell out of Benoah. Warren retweeted another staff member earlier & that one actually mentioned the entire squad & I wanted to give him a big 'ol round of applauds. Like about time someone mentions there are others on this show. Hmpf.
I'm doing my best right now to stay positive. We're going to see shirtlessAmaro & that ain't bad. (but it is kinda bad if that's the last we'll see of him... *sob*)

Petra S said...

No one died? *lip shivering* NO ONE DIED!?! *panicking*
There was a 'possible fatality' I guess but no 'fatality' on The Following :(

and Casey Novak ayayay... ;) (that will make no sense to anyone who hasn't watched the Following this season which judging by the ratings is me & just a handful of ppl *lol*)