Friday, May 8, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Parents’ Nightmare” Photos

Here are advance photos for Law & Order SVU “Parents’ Nightmare” which will air on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 9PM ET on NBC. The photos feature Mariska Hargitay, Danny Pino, Ice-T, Peter Scanavino, Brooke Bloom (as Dana), Frankie Alvarez (as Javier), and Steven Rosen (as Guthrie).

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU “Parents’ Nightmare” can be found at this link.

Photos by: Michael Parmlee/NBC 2015 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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Petra S said...

Fin's looking hot but it seems to be a BTS photo, and there's no Rollins in the ep so really not worth watching... Season 16 was such a letdown & I just heard devastating news that doesn't make me look forward to S17 either *crying*

craft-on said...

Devastating news?

Petra S said...

Well don't read too much in to it (like I did yesterday, was gutted) & 'devastating' cause I basically live in TV land - but apparently a crew member on site filming S17 told a fan "DP is out". It's far from official but there are just so many hints - the photos leaked from the finale certainly will have him rethink priorities if it's a close call, he's been rotated out a lot this season, not given much material, the little they've given him as of late has all been hints to him moving cross country, Warren has hinted to shake ups in the squad room, there's the budget/money issue they are apparently struggling with, Danny's lack of tweets & such.

I sure hope it's not true & I'll even take it all being a ploy to get ppl to tune in if it means he'll be back cause Danny and Kelli are the main reasons I tune in to the Benoah show these days.

One "good" thing for S17 tho is that Tamara might turn up a little more frequently, don't want to spoil it for ppl who haven't seen the season finale of The Red Road yet but let's just say it looks as though she might have more time for SVU from now on

Anonymous said...

I've also heard about the comments made to the fan from a member of the crew. When I read the comment "DP was out" I initially thought they meant out that episode which would make sense since SVU now plays the rotating detective game, but then my cynical side took over. I believe WL said they were filming episode 3 first which is probably the one that fan was on the set for. I now think that it was a slip made by the crew since references to it have apparently been asked to be removed from social media.

Sadly, I think it might be time for us Amaro fans to start preparing ourselves for the worst. For weeks now, I have been trying my best to hold out hope. I can even recall rumors surfacing back in the winter that his contract was up and he might not return, but my optimism kept me hopeful. Now I fear I put myself into some form of denial. I was really, really hoping that they were just using this whole will he or won't he return thing as fuel for the fire, but the fact that the fan who posted the comment from the crew was asked to take it down has me thinking that he is leaving and they don't want to spoil the finale. It being definitive just gives too much away and those in charge of SVU don't want that much info out there.

I am a huge Amaro fan and this greatly upsets me to even have to entertain the possibility, but I guess looking at it from a different perspective, this season really seemed to derail after the first half. The episodes IMO were kind of sloppy and it really did become the "Benoah Show." Not only that, but if you look at it from an actor's perspective, Danny was (as were all the other detectives) MIA from several episodes, and when he was on, he role seemed greatly diminished. Carisi really seemed to get a lot more air time and I'm not sure if that was intentional--sort of a way to ween us off of Amaro, or not, but as a regular cast member for the past four seasons, Danny deserved better than he got.

Because I don't give up easily, I will still carry a torch for Danny's return for next season, but I think I need to be prepared with some Kleenex for the finale.

Anonymous said...

Also (and take this with a grain of salt) the writers have not responded to ANY questions on Twitter about his return. This could all be a ploy--they are playing it close to the belt until the finale airs and they can break their silence, but literally NOTHING has been said. Today alone they quickly addressed the concerns over the time slot, but haven't said anything about these seriously rumors about DP. They are usually masters at vague answers, but they have been completely silent. And the interviews that WL has done are very cryptic when addressing Amaro "he's trying to figure out where his life is going," and they are "tying up threads" in the finale...maybe that last one isn't just about Amaro, but certainly has potential to be.

They are either geniuses with how they have this whole thing devised or we are all (unfortunately) correct with our assumptions.

Petra S said...

I feel you, I got totally devastated when I got this info yesterday & today I've been in the denial phase all day but I think you're right about us having to prepare ourselves for the possibility that DP won't be around for S17. And I really don't blame him if it's real, it's so sad SVU isn't taking better care of their entire cast and giving them more to do. This season has really gone downhill and it hurts me immensely as I need this show to stay on the air but I don't want that to come at the expense of a brilliant but wasted cast so if Danny can get a better gig where he gets to shine then I'm really happy for him! I wish that for Kelli too! They came on to do a crime show not to play second fiddle in an adoption story. Hey, many fans are in it for the crime show too but they will tune out if this Benoah drama continues, many already have unfortunately as the ratings show. It's not only because of CM and/or Empire.
Well if he goes I sure hope it's not in a bodybag, better then that he decides to move cross country to be with his kids.

Cath T said...

It is looking more and more likely DP is leaving but nothing is certain.

I can understand how he might not be very satisfied with the direction Amaro has taken (I know I'm not) and the Gil moving to California plot does seem like an "out" for the character.

I don't think he'll be killed off but I do see him rethinking his future after a close call.

I'm holding on to hope but it is fading.

We'll know soon enough I guess.

Linda F. said...

Well, considering that I heard (although I haven't seen an actual article) that Kelli Giddish is finally signed for Season 17, and considering that Danny was the only squad member not at the NBC upfronts today, I'm not holding out much hope. There are just too many signs pointing to him being gone. If it's true, I only hope it was his decision and not that they dumped him. That combined with what they did to poor Amaro's character would be an awful "Eff you" to a guy who's always seemed like a total team player.

On the positive side, it would be one more hour back in my life, because there's absolutely no way I'd watch this show without him. I freely admit I have no loyalty to this show without Danny there.

Cath T said...

I think we'll know for sure after the finale has been broadcast.

I'd imagine if he is leaving it would be his decision.

What character "development" there's been for Amaro has mostly been negative. Weird stalker behaviour, anger & violence issues, bedding a co-worker. None of that fits with the character we first met in Season 13. It was like a complete personality transplant.

I actually came to understand the Amaro/Rollins "relationship" and why they would hook up considering their damaged personalities but then it disappeared for the most part anyway.

I didn't like all the anger stuff because it reminded me too much of Stabler. The stereotypical angry cop with marriage/family issues has been done to death.

The one area where he stayed a positive character was as a father and that disappeared as well.

Unless he is to be the squad sergeant I don't know what the point of him staying would be.

I'm in two minds about it all. I want him to stay but I admit I'm being selfish simply because I want to see him on screen. That's my heart talking.

My head wants him to leave and move on to something more challenging and more deserving of his talents.

Anonymous said...

I was/am a fan of the Rollins/Amaro pairing. It was nice to see them be there for each other and care for each other instead of sniping. They took everything else away from him, so why couldn't he have that? It has always rubbed me the wrong way that WL said it was more "port in the storm thing." In light of Nick's personality, and also what happened to Amanda in ATL, it seems out of character for either to just use the other. And I agree that it just disappeared and I can almost guarantee we won't get an explanation. I hope I can eat my words over that, but the writers seem content to just leave it.

Honestly, I feel like Twitter has ruined SVU for me. It seems there is info out there that only people on Twitter are privy to and some of it like the "port in the storm comment" is only known there, not on the show. So many things are tweeted and never brought to light in actual episodes. I get that in this day in age you need to remain current and use social media as a tool, but I also don't think it is fair that fans who don't have a Twitter account are left in the dark.

I don't say this to me dramatic, but as a fan of SVU for many years now, I can say that there is a very good chance I won't be watching in the fall should Danny leave. I have finally gotten used to SVU 2.0 and the chemistry they all had. But slowly, characters I love started to slip away. I get having to bring new people in, but I am still not used to Carisi. At first I didn't like him, but over time he grew on me. I still don't see much depth there (and I know that is not the actor's fault) and Fin has such a small role now. Liv and Nick worked great together, but that seems to have gone away. IMO, the rotating cast is bad for chemistry and development and I really don't even know if I want to adjust anymore. Maybe a lot of this is my emotions over Danny talking. I can only hope we learn the truth soon.

Cath T said...

That's it exactly.

Amaro & Rollins aren't the interesting characters they started out as particularly Amaro. He became a "cop" stereotype.

Rollins seems to be showing some positive growth at least as a cop.

Fin is nothing more than window dressing and I can't get on board with Carisi.

The rotating detectives has been annoying at least for me.

I really enjoyed SVU 2.0 Seasons 13, 14 & most of 15. SVU had been reinvented, reinvigorated but Season 16 for me has been a bit blah. A couple of stellar episodes but for the most part I haven't been very enthused.

I love the character of Olivia Benson and that she's now a mother. I don't agree like some that the whole mother thing has been too much but it doesn't engage me in a way that I wait excitedly for the next Noah moment. I can take them or leave them.

Perhaps it's just my general dissatisfaction with this last season. Maybe the show is running out of steam.

If DP isn't back for S17 then I honestly don't know whether I'll tune in to watch.

Petra S said...

I get you Cath T, I feel just the same about Kelli, I want to see her on screen but I also really want to see her get on a show/project that gives her something more to work with than what SVU are giving her. And my love for Danny is just a tad step below the one I have for Kelli so if this turns out to be the real deal I only wish the best for him. He seems like a really decent guy & he is for sure a great actor, too bad SVU didn't use him to his full potential :/

And poster with many numbers/letters :) just as you I feel the cast rotation has only brought the show down. They almost don't feel like a squad any longer but just random ppl dropping by every now and then. The continuity for every other character than Liv has certainly taken a downfall because of it.
The Rollaro hookup was certainly very out of character for both of them so it would've benefited from just a little more time devoted to that. Their relationship lives almost solely on Twitter actually, with the deleted scenes and all. I have very much appreciated the few Rollaro pics both actors has tweeted.

I'll keep watching even if Danny leaves but if S17 starts up & looks as bad as S16 - with only focus on the Benoah drama or at least things concerning it - I won't stick around for long either. It hurts me immensely to say that as I love this show so darn much :(

empxth tbh said...

wheter he's coming back or not (of if he's even decided yet), i hope he makes choices that are best for him and i wish him good luck for the future :)

Cath T said...

They are already filming Season 17 so cast contracts would be locked in by now surely.

We'll know after the finale because it's not something that can stay in the bag for the whole hiatus.