Friday, January 2, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Padre Sandunguero” Episode Information

Here are the details for a new episode of Law & Order SVU “Padre Sandunguero".

Law & Order SVU “Padre Sandunguero” Air Date January 21, 2015 (9 PM ET/8C Wednesday NBC)


Amaro’s father, Nicolas (guest star Armand Assante), asks his estranged family to attend his marriage to 28-year-old Gabriella Nuñez (guest star Katty Velasquez), and despite their volatile past, all but Amaro agree. When a fight breaks out at the wedding and Nicolas is put in handcuffs, Amaro becomes a witness in a case that could expose family secrets and tear his family apart. Also starring Mariska Hargitay (Sgt. Olivia Benson), Ice-T (Det. Odafin Tutuola), Raúl Esparza (ADA Rafael Barba) and Peter Scanavino (Det. Sonny Carisi). Guest starring Joseph Lyle Taylor (Counselor Mickey D’Angelo), April Hernandez-Castillo (Sonya Amaro), Ivan Hernandez (Javier Arenas), Daniel Zacapa (Luis Nuñez), Robert John Burke (IAB Lt. Tucker) and Nancy Ticotin (Cesaria Amaro).

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Cath T said...

This is an episode I'm really looking forward to. I know that Amaro has faced the "choose between badge & family" dilemma before but this looks as though it will be different.

I've wondered about Amaro's father for a while so this should be interesting.

Tucker's inclusion intrigues me as well.

Armand Assante & Danny Pino together will be terrific to see.

Petra S said...

Since Rollins isn't in this ep it doesn't excite me as much and I prefer small dozes of character development, this seems to be all about Amaro.
But I will watch it for Barba & Tucker :)

Cath T said...

Amaro's been pretty low key so far this season so as a Danny Pino fan I'm looking forward to an Amaro centred episode.

Also, looking forward to the episode where Fin gets a look in.

I like Rollins too but there's been a fair amount of focus on her.

I like to see it shared around a bit.

empxth tbh said...

I don't get how it could be a hard choice for him... I mean, doesn't he hate his father?

JS Mc said...

We are just beginning to get to 'know' the newer characters' backgrounds so we need to understand we will get more & less of the others at times! Olivia is my favorite BUT I do enjoy seeing what helped make all of them the way they are. Am looking forward to seeing this one & Forgiving Rollins as long as we see the whole team in each episode! When someone is missing, I miss them. Why are they doing that so much this season, anybody know (other than saving $) ? JMO

Petra S said...

I get what you mean @Cath T, I just think this rotation of detectives irks me to no bits right now and as I - being a superfan of Amandas - get the short stick in this episode it annoys me more than ever before. With the continuity as well, I want to see how Amanda goes on after this, how she functions after something so big gets reveled, if only just from a look or how she reacts to proximity and stuff (I don't need the shrink visits, had enough of that with Liv thankyouverymuch)
And to be fair (you know I can't help myself right?! :) Amaro has had focus on his anger management so it's not like he's been forgotten this season.
Fin on the other hand, but I do think that has a bit with the fact he's - let's be honest - not the best actor but his presence (and one-liners) on screen makes up for that ;)

CLA said...

SVU is getting a drug. Enough of the personal dramas of the detectives. I think WL still do not get that many fans do not like. The show comes to a close. Surely the ratings will drop. I miss the old SVU.

Njtoocool said...

The ratings for the show are doing well enough to stay on air. The characters are not all on at the same time sometimes because the actors and actresses aren't there to film.
I love the personal story lines because it shows that the show and characters are evolving and growing.

FlogAFxe said...

Honestly, the show has become tedious and a labor to finish. Maybe the personal character stories don't have to be the whole show but just glimpses of them. I used to watch because of the compelling everyday stories we don't particularly hear in depth so often. Now, it's seems like they have nothing else to say.