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Law & Order SVU “Agent Provocateur” Recap & Review

“Agent Provocateur” was one of those rare episodes that bordered on dark comedy. It begins with a very serious case of a teenager who was drugged and raped. As the story progressed, the victim changed her story so many times, and she was so infatuated with the movie star, it was hard to feel any sympathy for her. The episode took direct aim at low-life gossip web sites and publications (one in particular), but also took a swipe at self-absorbed media stars and their obsessive fandom. Unfortunately, while social media is bringing stars and their fans together, it also ramped up the frenzy for gossip rags to dig up even more damaging dirt. In this case, LMZ was just as slimy as its real-life counterpart and it was amusing how SVU and Barba used LMZ Lennie’s bravado against him to gain an edge in this case.

The story closely followed the old standard Law & Order SVU formula, which felt very comfortable. But, despite the constant change in the detective’s focus for a suspect, the episode was predictable. With Skye’s corny insistence on being truthful early in the episode, he should have just been holding up a sign which said “guilty.” Luckily, we had Barba in “full sassy” mode, which brought the right amount of levity to a case. It seemed almost every time Barba was in a scene, he had some cheeky comment to make. (He would make Lennie Briscoe proud.) I really enjoy when Raúl Esparza is in an episode as he can really light up the screen with his delivery.  Fin and Carisi going undercover in jail was also amusing; Peter Scanavino can do crazy very well.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the staging of scenes and related camera work. The on location shots added much visual interest and much realism to the story. The scenes inside the art gallery were very simple yet very creative, especially immediately playing back the arrest on screen for the detectives as they walked out of the gallery.

Here is the recap:

Mariska Hargitay – Sergeant Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro
Raúl Esparza - ADA Rafael Barba
Peter Scanavino - Detective Dominick Carisi, Jr.

Guest stars:
Shiloh Fernandez – Scott Russo
Patti LuPone – Lydia Lebasi
John Pankow - Lenny Simmons
Madison Grace - Madison Baker
Jeremy Jordan - Skye Adderson
Jack Noseworthy - Matt Baker
Jolly Abraham – Doctor
Carolyn Baeumler - Ivy Baker
Joel Brady - Officer Nolan
Kareem Savinon = Turrentine
Steohen Bradbury – Judge Colin McNamara
Teresa Moore - Catalina Soren
Joselin Reyes – EMT #1
Carsey Walker, Jr. – LMZ Guy #2
Eric Meyers – LMZ Guy #2

A well dressed Madison Baker gets into a cab, and once she’s in, she takes off her coat showing a revealing dress. She takes a swig of booze and pretties her makeup. Next, we see her laying unconscious on a bed and then being stuffed into a suitcase and left in an alley. The perp who leaves her there partially unzips the suitcase so Madison is visible,

Soon afterwards Officer Nolan finds her and, calls for EMTs. She is rushed to the hospital and she is revived. Madison wakes up to Benson hovering over her, with Amaro in the room. She does not know where she is at or what happened to her.

Madison does not recall being in the suitcase. She last recalls coming into the city to see “Wicked” and meet a girlfriend (whom she did not meet). She got into a cab and was coming from her uncle’s on the upper west side. She is reluctant to give their names as she does not want to get them in trouble. Her mom is in Atlantic city with some girlfriends. Madison is afraid her mother will be mad.

Meanwhile, Fin and Carisi are on the scene with Officer Nolan, who says the anonymous 911 call came in at 3AM from the pay phone. Fin thinks that somebody wanted this found. The officer continues to say he responded and found her unconscious in a half-open suitcase. Carisi comments that the suitcase looks tourist-shop generic and asks if he called CSU yet. The officer replies 4 times already. Fin tells him when they get here, have them run it for DNA and prints; maybe they will get lucky. The officer guesses the girl is underage, she OD’d while partying at a club and they dumped her. Carisi comments “bright lights, big city, right?” Fin asks the officer if he canvassed and if there are witnesses, and the officer said it was late, a cold night and the windows were closed, nobody saw or heard anything. Fin states they are near the tunnels and they will check traffic cam footage. Fin’s phone rings; it is Benson. She is at the hospital, and tells Fin the last thing Madison remembers is leaving her uncle’s apartment and now he is not picking up the phone. She tells Fin to find out why he hasn’t noticed his niece is missing. Fin says they are headed over there.

Back with Madison in the hospital, Benson asks if she told her uncle where she was going by herself, and Madison says he got her the tickets. She explains she got in the cab and the cabbie locked the doors and was driving like a lunatic. He was middle eastern maybe, she doesn’t recall, she was trying to text her friend because she was freaked out. She realizes she doesn’t have her phone and Benson explains when they found her, she had no purse or clothes. Madison only now remembers the driver pulled over and climbed into the back and made her take some pills. After that she doesn’t know. When Benson brings up the rape kit, Madison seems reluctant.

At the apartment of Matt Baker on Monday, January 5, Fin and Carisi find Matt who still thinks Madison is asleep in her room.  They find she is not there. The last time he saw her was at 6 but she had a friend who was dying to see the play. The tickets were still in her room, They explain where she is and asks where he was last night. He said he was at a “meat market” and when he got back at about 1AM her backpack was there and the door was closed. When Fin asks if he can verify that, Matt goes to his room where another man is asleep in his bed. Matt says he screwed up and begged them no to tell his sister. He doesn’t know about a boyfriend, but she is on her phone all the time. Fin asks him to wake up his friend.

Back at SVU, the detectives discuss Madison’s lies with Benson. Benson says the tox screen shows alcohol, ambien, and xanax in her system and the rape kit did not turn up DNA but found condom lubricant. Fin wonders if it was a hookup turned bad. Benson tells Carisi to check her social media Amaro informs them Madison was texting constantly from the upper west to the Howell Hotel in Tribeca, where her cell goes dead at 2AM. Carisi sees an Instagram post yesterday afternoon with a photo of actor/painter/philosopher Scott Russo holding a sign which says “see you tonight.” Amaro sees Scott is in town this week at the EdgeFest film festival at the Howell Hotel. Carisi says he would love to take a run at the Renaissance Man. Benson suggests they get Madison’s side of the story first. Fin adds Madison’s mom just got to the hospital. Benson says to keep her OUT of the conversation.

At the hospital, Benson and Amaro are there with Madison and her mother who tells them she is staying in the room. Her mother is shocked when Scott Russo’s name comes up but says her daughter is obsessed with him. Madison explains that they DM’d each other on Twitter but she denies he did anything. She did go to his hotel and there was a party at the bar and Scott said he could get her on the guest list. He got her a drink but blacked out and remembers waking up in the hospital. Her mother wants Scott arrested.

At the Howell Hotel on Monday, January 5, Fin and Carisi arrive to hear Scott attempting to play a sitar with another musician accompanying him. Fin flashes his badge. Fin asks Scott if he knows a girl named Madison Baker, and when Scott says who, Carisi shows him a photo of Madison, saying she is the 15 year old girl that he was trading selfies with yesterday. Scott excuses the other musician. Scott says she was a fan; she texted him and he responded. He asks if flirting is a crime. Fin asks if he saw her last night, and Scott replies that celebrity, fantasy, and expectations are all part of his art project. He picks up a camera and begins to video Fin and Carisi. While Scott sets the camera on a small tripod, Fin asks Scott if he saw her last night or not, Scott says he met her. Carisi asks if he got her drinks, and Scott replies they were giving drinks away for free; that’s not on him. He admits that, after Caspian Sea, that’s his fan base – young girls. There are a bunch of them in the lobby right now, and some of them always manage to slip under the velvet rope. Carisi says nobody is looking to hang him here, they get it; Madison’s hot and a guy could make a bad choice. Scott counters “A guy… not Scott Russo.” He chuckles and asks why, what is she saying? Fin asks Scott to tell his side, what happened? Fin states Scott met Madison and they had a couple drinks, he brought her up to his room, something like that? Scott says they had some drinks and they talked; he left her in the booth. Carisi asks what time was that, and Scott states he doesn’t wear a watch. He adds that people saw him go – industry people, hipsters. He clicks his fingers and then says Skye Adderson, his co-star, can vouch for him. A woman walks into the room and asks Scott if everything is alright. Scott replies they are cool, and he introduces Lydia, his manager. He tells her to tell the detectives she was at the party last night. Lydia says she was there, then asks what is going on. Fin replies they are just asking about a girl that Scott took a selfie with last night. Lydia counters that Scott took a lot of selfies with waiters, press, fans – he’s a star. Carisi explains this fan is 15 and Scott was sexting with her and she had a rough night. Scott tells Lydia he just talked to her, that’s all. Lydia explains that Scott has a lot of cyber-stalkers and overwrought admirers, but whatever this is, he had nothing to do with it. Fin counters then she won’t mind answering a couple questions. Scott decides to film it as Lydia asks the detectives to email her the questions, hands them her card, and says “thanks fellas” as she guides them out the door.

As they walk down the hall, Carisi asks Fin if he likes Scott for this, adding that he thinks Scott is a self absorbed psycho. Fin says Scott stated he left her in the bar, and points to the camera and suggests they go to the tape.

They speak with the hotel security man who says a detective came in late last night and pulled the footage of the hallway, bar, elevator, and lobby and took the whole hard drive. He does not know what precinct. Carisi asks if they have footage of the guy, who says he might be able to good some footage of him walking out but then asks for their IDs.

Later, Fin and Carisi are in the hotel bar and see Scott’s co-star, Catalina Soren and Scott and Lydia are also there with many fans waiting nearby, an interview getting ready to begin. Lydia tells Scott she does not want him talking to the detectives. Skye is also there. Scott plays to the fans and takes selfies.

In Barba’s office, Benson, along with Fin, Amaro, and Carisi, show Barba the hotel video footage of the man who said he was from the NYPD. He took the surveillance footage, and the key card logs. Barba says they are stupid, if they can’t get them for the crime they can for the cover up. Fin asks who is them, and Carisi explains the “fixers” , Scott made some calls and it goes away. Amaro asks why leave the last part to chance, and when Barba asks if he means kill her, then Amaro watches too many movies. Barba thinks since Madison is not talking, she was either paid off or she is obsessed. Benson reminds him he is 15 years old and had drugs in her system and maybe she really doesn’t remember. Amaro asks for a warrant for Scotts phone and hotel room, and Barba says he can get one for the phone records but not the actual phone; after that Supreme Court decision, not yet. He asks them to give him someone that puts them together after the party in the hallway or elevator. Benson mentions the number of people at the party and they could not have gotten them all, and tells the detectives to go door to door. Fin says Scott said his co-star Skye said he saw him leave the party, and Benson tells them to start there.

Later, Skye is doing an outdoor photo shoot and Lydia is not thrilled with the results. Fin and Carisi enter the picture and Lydia tries to intervene. Skye seems to want to cooperate and says he saw her with Scott in a booth. She seemed a little young to be drinking. Lydia tries to push Skye into an answer but Skye says he is playing a lawyer and can’t lie to the police. He says that Scott was there with her and when Skye went to talk to a producer, Scott was gone. It was about midnight. The girl was gone too.

Back at SVU, Amaro shows Benson a trailer of Scott’s next movie where he is being arrested. The movie is called “Falsely Accused” and they all watch the video. The premise of the movie sounds like their case and Amaro seems to think it is for publicity but Benson reminds him Madison overdosed. Carisi wonders if they are playing them. Benson says she doesn’t care if they did if for publicity, someone had sex with a 15 year old and left her for dead in an alley in a suitcase which is a crime. Fin states that they talked to 2 waiters who said they saw Scott doing body shots off of Madison. Carisi adds Skye may or may not have seen them leave together. Benson points them back to check social media and Fin gets a Google alert saying someone posted something and tells Carisi to turn on LMZ. They see Lenny Simmons with his LMZ people are taking about “suitcase girl”, showing Madison going into the ambulance and a photo of Scott and Madison in a lip lock at the hotel which refutes Scott’s story. They show the hotel footage of Madison going into Scott’s hotel room. Lenny hams to the camera, saying for Scott not to mess with underage girls – or LMZ. Carisi comments now they know who impersonated the NYPD to get that footage. Benson says she will call Barba.

At the Abstract Space Gallery in Dumbo, Brooklyn on Wednesday, January 7, Fin and Carisi walk into an art installation with a theme of Scott’s film, including video relating to the the current situation. Scott is sitting on a chair with a brown paper bag on his head, and Fin and Carisi take off the bag, saying the show is over as they take him away. On the screen, a video of what just transpired – them removing the bag and Fin saying “show’s over” -  replays on the large screen behind them. Scott seems pleased.

Later, Scott is in SVU interrogation with Amaro and Carisi. They put the pressure on him, telling him about a search warrant for his  hotel room. They found the drugs and condoms matches what was used on Madison. They bring up his lies. Scott says he shut the door on her but Carisi says they don’t have the rest of that video. Amaro thinks a jury will not buy his story, and as Carisi continues to pressure, Scott finally realizes they think he did it. He says that this has to stay on the DL, she married. He says Catalina Soren is married; he turned the 15 year old down and Catalina’s room is adjoining and she was in his suite all night long. When Amaro says they will have to talk to her, Scott says she is on a 19 hour flight to New Zealand to shoot two cycles of The Catalyst Trilogy and her husband is directing. Lydia barges in with Fin, and orders Scott to stop talking until they get a lawyer in there. She tells him everything is going to be okay.

Meanwhile, Benson and Barba observe and Barba comments “and he invokes.” Benson states they will try to find the actors and asks if they have enough to charge. Barba says to charge sure, but to make the case, no. The drugs and condoms are circumstantial and he asks what the girl says. Benson explains that Madison said she did not recall going to his hotel. Barba tells her to talk to Madison again,

Later, Madison and her mother are in the SVU interview room and Madison’s mother is upset Scott has not been arrested. Madison denies the attack, saying she followed him to his room and wanted to be with him. She adds he did not force her, they are soul mates and she had been dreaming he would fall in love with her. She went into his bathroom and took some of his pills just to calm her nerves. She guesses the pills were strong and maybe it was the cocktail at the party but a lot is fuzzy. She says she had sex with Scott, he was so gentle and she knows he would never hurt her. Benson excuses herself and Amaro from the room.

Back in her office where Barba, Fin, and Carisi are waiting, Benson is thinking statutory rape but Barba worries Madison has changed her story many times. Benson thinks she was traumatized and under the influence, which Barba says does not help. Carisi said if he was Scott’s lawyer he would paint Madison as a crazy fan who admitted to taking drugs and alcohol and stalked him, Barba tells him to save it for night school and asks about Scott’s alibi. Fin explains that Catalina isn’t calling them back, and Amaro adds maybe she wasn’t in the room with Scott. They have video evidence of him kissing her in the bar and doing body shots off her, that’s at least endangering the welfare of a child. They also have video of her talking outside his hotel room door. Fin counters if they show the jury that, his lawyer is going to ask why they didn’t show them the rest, and they will wonder what was on it. Barba says he is wondering the same thing.

At the offices of LMZ at 629 West 50th Street on Thursday, January 8, Benson, Barba, and Amaro speak with Lenny Simmons to try to see the rest of the video. He insists he does not have the video and refuses to reveal his source, citing the First Amendment. Benson counters that is for real journalists, he’s not even tabloid trash. Lenny laughs, saying, “You wound me!” and tells Barba to tell them about New York press shield law. Barba coolly comments Lennie is right, even LMZ has absolute protection for confidential news and to compel – the hurdles are very high. Amaro can’t believe it, and Lenny picks up a bat form his desk and points to toward Amaro, telling him not to mess with LMZ. Amaro asks if he wants to threaten a police officer, telling him to go ahead tough guy, take a swing. Lennie flips the bat over and tells Amaro to go ahead and take on first. Benson suggests they go, as Amaro says maybe he will as he makes a half hearted swipe to the bat away. As they leave, Barba says he almost forgot, and hands Lennie a subpoena, saying whoever showed him the tape impersonated the NYPD to steal it, means Lennie has direct knowledge of criminal wrongdoings so tomorrow, he can either reveal his source to a grand jury or they will hold him in contempt. He smiles and adds to bring his toothbrush.

As they leave the office, Benson says Lennie is a third rate hack although he wants everyone to believe he’s Woodward and Bernstein. She worries he may not show, and Barba says not to forget, before he became a vulture, he was a lawyer. Benson says that is a distinction without a difference. Barba says it means he knows if he doesn’t show, he’ll go to jail. Amaro thinks he doesn’t have the stones for that, and Barba agrees, saying Lennie is all bat and no balls.

The next day, Barba slams an office door and is on the phone to Benson, asking her to guess who didn’t show, he spent the past 2 hours with 23 jurors playing Sudoku. She tells him it’s Friday and asks how about picking him up at the end of the day? Benson is in her office with Noah. Barba suspects that is so he can’t get processed until Monday and he will spend the weekend in the tombs. He cracks that motherhood has really changed her, it brought out her sweet side. She laughs. He tells her to do it. She brightly replies “thank you” and goes back to tending to Noah.

Back at LMZ, as Lennie wraps it for the weekend, Benson and Amaro arrest him while his staff videos the action. Lennie loudly hams it up for the camera as they walk him out. Benson says she knows this is going to be hard for him, but he has the right to remain silent….

Benson and Barba arrive back at SVU where Barba tells the others the judge threw Lennie in the tombs. Benson comments until he gives up the video or his source, they can’t make their case. Amaro asks why should Lennie give it up, this is goosing his ratings while he has his feet up in protective custody. Fin suggests they put a UC in his cell, and Barba states Lennie is under arrest, the NYPD can’t have an ex parte conversation. Benson says not in HIS case, but if he gives them information about somebody else, that is fair game. Barba, faking innocence, asks is it, adding he didn’t hear any of this.

At the Manhattan Detention Complex on Saturday, January 19, Carisi is undercover as a crazy “mop boy” inmate and he gets in Lennie’s face and Fin, also UC, pulls Carisi away from Lenny. Fin says somebody vomited by the toilet and sends Carisi off, telling him to make himself useful. Fin tells Lennie that he needs to be on a team, and Fin, calling himself Big G presents himself as an LMZ fan. They play a game of cards,

Later, Barba is in his office, playing back a recording to Lennie of him talking in jail where Lennie says he has a vault with sex videos, drug videos, admitting he also has video on Scott. He says he is protecting his operation and looking at the big picture, the real dirt on him is in the vault. Lennie asks what is this, and Fin walks up and says the first rule of the vault is there is no vault. Barba says to Lennie that he believes he’s met Big G. Fin gives his real name and says he and Lennie had a nice long talk in there. Barba plays more of the recording, saying Russo’s manager gave him the PG13 video and the triple X stuff disappears. Lennie says Fin didn’t inform him he was a cop and whatever they got it can’t be used. Benson says he already gave them his source – Lydia. Barba suggests Lennie tells them what went down and nobody finds out he helped. If he refuses to cooperate, they release him and leak that Lennie talked to save his own skin. Benson reminds him the court of public opinion is a harsh one, but he already knew that.

Later, outside the courthouse, Lennie speaks to the press, saying until the show trial ends, he has to wear an ankle bracelet and does not care how long they hold him in contempt. He adds the judge can drop dead in his black robe before Lennie Simmons gives up the name of a source. Benson and Fin watch from nearby and as they walk off, Benson says Lennie, the great defender of the press, falls apart like a cheap suit. Fin tells her Russo’s manager is on her way, she has plenty of clients and it can’t be fun cleaning up Russo’s messes and maybe she will cut him loose.

In SVU interrogation, Barba questions Lydia on the cover up and says this makes her a co-conspirator and she will go down for a felony herself. Amaro then adds – or she give them the missing footage. Lydia is upset Lennie dropped her name and says let him give them the missing footage if he knows so much. Barba asks if she didn’t hear the news, Lennie is a free press crusader and Amaro states that Lydia is just Scott Russo’s cleaning lady. Barba asks if Scott is really worth 20 years in jail. Lydia swears she does not have the footage, saying LMZ does. Amaro says she was there, asking what happened. Lydia says that Scott called her around 1AM to come up to his suite, he had a problem. She says it was career suicide, a 15 year old OD’d in his bed and all he can whine about is being cursed. She did her job; she picked up a cheap suitcase and had Scott put her in it and wheel her out and get all traces of her out of the room. Amaro asks that she called LMZ to get the security footage, and Lydia says Lennie swore he wouldn’t release any of it and they screwed her with that exclusive of Scott and the girl in the hallway. Barba quips “An ethical lapse by LMZ, I am shocked.” He adds they didn’t commit a crime, SHE did. Lydia says Scott is going down anyway, and touching Barba’s arm, says she will tell him the truth – the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Later, Scott is walking down the street with Skye and Fin and Carisi arrest Scott for the rape of Madison Baker. He insists he did not do this and is being set up. As they take Scott away, Skye says he will call Lydia. He says Lydia can’t help him anymore, to call his lawyer.

Back at SVU, Amaro looks at Scott’s mug shot and tells Benson Scott takes a pretty one. Benson wonders how long till that is on LMZ. Mrs. Baker and Madison walk in and Mrs. Baker says her daughter needs to speak with them. Madison asks why they arrested Scott, she told them he didn’t hurt her. Benson says Lydia told them everything and Madison asks what did she say? Benson states Lydia said she OD’d in his hotel room after he had sex with her and they put her in the suitcase and dumped her. Madison says she is lying, about all of it.

Later, Barba is at SVU with Benson and Amaro and speaks with Madison, asking if now she is saying she and Scott did not have sex? Madison states they made out a little at the party but once he found out how old she was, he got scared. She admits following him to the hotel room and when he opened the door, he saw Catalina Soren form his movie she was behind him in a robe. He told her she was a nice girl but too young for him and told her to go home and she started crying after he closed the door. That’s when Skye came out and he invited her into his room to clean herself up. They had more drinks and she took some of his pills. He was so understanding about Scott, telling her what a jerk he was. They started making out. They had sex and everything is hazy, the next thing she knows she was in the hospital. Benson asks why didn’t she tell them it was Skye, and Madison explains she did not want Scott to find out she had cheated on him. She knew he would never forgive her.

In the squad room, Benson tells the others Madison is finally telling the truth, but Barba says too bad she’s lied so many times a jury will not believe a word she says. Amaro says he still doesn’t; Lydia pinned everything on Scott and why frame her own client and risk prison to protect Skye? Fin suggests they just ask her, and Carisi says it would be easier to control the conversation if they had the missing footage. Benson suggests they let he think that they do.

At the Howell Hotel in Skye Adderson’s Suite, on Thursday, January13, Benson knocks on the door and enters the room with Fin. She introduces herself and apologizes for the interruption . Skye is sitting on the bed and Lydia is massaging his shoulder. Benson explains they have a few more questions. Lydia says they have a flight to New Zealand, and Fin asks isn’t that where Catalina Soren is filming the new Catalyst movie? Skye says it is a trilogy, and Lydia says Skye was cast as The Catalyst himself. Fin comments about that being big time, about 10 million a pop, and he thought Skye was an indie guy. Lydia comments even bad boys grow up, and tries to get them to move along. Benson says they have some timeline questions, asking where did Skye go after the party. He says he went to Lydia room and they were strategizing about The Catalyst and he fumbles a bit, saying it was about 1AM and he fell asleep on the couch. He tells Lydia he thought this was taken care of, and she says it is, saying they have to get to JFK for their flight. Fin offers to take them with lights and sirens. Benson asks Skye, just to be clear, that Skye never saw Madison, maybe in the hallway, maybe crying. Lydia insists of course not, he was with her. Fin says that does not jibe with the hotel security footage. Lydia looks stunned, and Skye replies that the footage is gone. Benson asks him who told him that? Benson says LMZ has the footage in their vault and Lydia gave them the OK to release it, and Lydia shouts they are lying. Benson gets Skye back to the video, saying they have him at 1AM consoling Madison and escorting him to his hotel room, Fin adds then Skye was taking her out at about 2:45. Skye starts to panic and asks what is going on? He says that is not right, asking what about Lydia coming into his room, bringing in the suitcase, asking that they don’t have that on tape? Benson says definitely not, but nice try. Fin asks if Scott is saying it is all Lydia's idea? Lydia stares at Scott and he says to her he is sorry, he can’t go down for this. She says she knows, and not to worry honey, and then tells Benson and Fin that Skye is telling the truth, it was her idea. Skye wanted to call an ambulance and she told him no, she didn’t want some stupid girl to screw up The Catalyst deal. Benson tells Lydia she does not have to cover for her client, but Skye yells Lydia is not covering for him, he is innocent. He had no idea how old that girl was and Madison took the drugs from him. Benson says the station is right down the street, how about the four of them go there to sort this out. Lydia says no, let Skye get on the plane and go to New Zealand, it was her idea, take her. Benson says they should all go. Skye asks Lydia what will happen now, that he doesn’t know what to do. She shushes him and tells him that everything is going to be alright. She strokes his face.

In Motions Court Part 12 in Wednesday, January 14, Barba tells the judge that, given new evidence and Skye’s confession, the people have no objection. The judge dismisses the indictment against Scott, who is jubilant.

Outside the courthouse, the reporters wait and take photos of Scott on the courthouse steps. Scott walks up to Benson, Barba, and Carisi, and Carisi says if he is looking for that apology…Scott cuts him off and says no, he wants to thank them for getting to the truth. As painful as it is, he can’t believe Lydia set him up because he refused to compromise his integrity. Carisi asks “Come again?” and Scott explains that he always thought she believed in him but she found a brighter, shinier boy. He walks off to face the reporters and some screaming fans. He tells them it has been a tough week and that the people he loved would destroy him for status and money is the ultimate betrayal. Barba rolls his eyes and moans, “check please.” Scott goes on to say there is a lesson here, the motto that consumes Hollywood creates the basis for disrespecting one’s true self, for hurting others. He adds, “Falsely accused, it’s not just a movie. It happened to me.” He looks at a pretty blond girl in the small crowd, who looks back at him with a slight wink and a smile. He gives her the eye right back. Benson and Carisi look toward the screaming fans, we fade to black.

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LlamaJ said...

Does anyone know what the song was in the beginning of the episode?

LlamaJ said...

ah nevermind, found the answer. "Let Her Go" by Passenger

Chris Zimmer said...

Yes that is the song, but in the episode it is not performed by Passenger. It's a cover by Jasmine Thompson (see video at link):

Eldridge said...

Is it me or does the guy that plays Scott Russo (Shiloh Fernandez) suppose to resemble (or caricature) Russell Brand? I got that vibe from his demeanor, his clothing, and the way he wore his hair. This could be nothing but I know that the Law and Order franchise sometimes does that.

Laurie Fanat said...

Had it not been for that comical dialog from Barba, this episode would have been a snooze fest. Sonny and Fin under cover was funny too. The victim was not sympathetic. Before you all get on me yes I know that it was at least statutory rape but what an idiot she was by taking someone else's drugs and drunking at the same time. A scary thought but I think this kind of thing happens all the time, young girls who want to belong, or want to hook up with someone they have a thing about, make bad choices with drink or drugs. This spells trouble. I am not blaming her, but when you think about how she was rationalizing trying to get with Scott, it was hard to see her as a victim. She was stupid to say the least. Scott was an idiot too for even getting involved with her. Sad that there are actors out there who think that letting it all hang out on social media and being very casual with their fans is ok too. They are asking for trouble.

The episode was just ok. It WAS more funny than it was serious.

The opening song was too loud and overpowered the dialog. I'm not sure the song fit the scenario either.

Eldridge - Scott did remind me of somebody but I could not put my finger on it. Maybe it was Russel Brand. At first I thought of Leonardo DiCaprio but don't know why he popped into my head.

Kittukat1978 said...

I think the character of Scott Russo was a copy of James Franco. Just a thought. I was not a fan of the "victim" in this episode she kinda got on my nerves she just kept lying. This episode was funny though nice to see Barba back to his usual self.

Haley Roth said...
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age sex location said...

At the very end, Olivia seemed uncomfortable when she noticed Russo winking at the young blonde fan--I wonder if a realization came over her and if Russo is actually shady of somethingg at least?

Chris Zimmer said...

She looked disgusted with him before the winking, but her face DID change slightly to show it at the very end!

Alexandre G. Lopes said...

At the very end, Russo winks to a beautiful blonde girl. Does anyone knows the name of this actress? Thank you!

najla said...

I just googled the exact same thing. 100% sure it's the James Franco story, with the kid who came to NY with her mum and Franco wanted to meet her in a hotel room.

Hey there said...

is it just me or maybe russo WAS the raper? the last wink got me so confused, as if he tried to get another young girl into his bed. However, that Madison girl wasn't really trustable. I mean, she kept changing her version of what happened. Why did they arrest Skye on the go when it took like 38947329 days to arrest Russo. It maybe was a lie that she told. She was mentally unstable and kind of weird because of her addiction. Like she said she was in a Relationship with Russo! Who can trust her with such a big case after that statement? Idk, that ep was so confusing and i'm still not over it lol

Unknown said...

I agree Scott Russo was supposed to be James Franco. Names are very similar, each is a "renaissance man", and each is as unsufferable as the other.