Friday, February 14, 2014

Law & Order SVU “Gridiron Soldier” Episode Information

Here are the details for a new episode of Law & Order SVU “Gridiron Soldier.”

Law & Order SVU “Gridiron Soldier” Air Date March 5, 2014 (9 PM ET/8C Wednesday NBC)


High school football star Cedric Jones (guest star Winston Duke) goes missing in New York City, and his uncle seeks help from their hometown friend, Detective Rollins (Kelli Giddish). Though already committed to attending Georgia Tech, Cedric nevertheless accepted a free weekend recruiting trip from Hudson University's football team. When the cops find him in jail, they suspect the truth may have led to a cruel prank that spiraled out of control. Sgt. Benson’s (Mariska Hargitay) investigation into the football team and its popular coach (guest star Glenn Morshower) uncovers several victims of abuse, prejudice and hazing. Meanwhile, Rollins turns to an old friend to help deal with her escalating troubles. Also guest starring Greg Finley (Eddie Thorpe), Glenn Fleary (Larry Jones), Leigh-Ann Rose (Tanya) and Thomas Sadoski (Nate Davis). Also starring Ice-T (Detective Odafin Tutuola) and Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro).

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Petra S said...

Oh noooo. She turns to him!? WTF. Rollins goes to see that @sshat. She must be desperate if she turns to him out of all people. This makes me sad. Happy Valentines. Yeah yeah.

Sara Kürz said...

Wow okay,well first,petra i really don't think that she is gonna turn to that asshole again. She is desperate in some way but not stupid;). I think with "an old" friend they probably mean someone we have never seen. We actually haven't seen that much of her past and backround,despite we had rollins-centric episodes we really didn't get the chance to know her real self. It's been all the years about benson,benson,benson didn't matter if personal stuff or on the job. Don't get me wrong,i love her character and her acting,no doubt her personality in real life is gorgeous as well. But it's seriously time to let the others their time of "attention". So i am really happy to see rollins in in the center again. Kelli is such an amazing actress. But some people were telling that when they were filming on the street some fans came up to them and talked a little bit and they said that ice-t was really friendly but kelli not at all. But i can't believe that,she is definitly not a diva or arrogant,so what do you guys believe?
Other than that,im dying to know what's really up with with rollins,i know she has a gambling problem again,but im sure there is more behind that. My heart still beats for a amoro/rollins relationship,he is always worried about her i feel that there is still some tension between them. I know that most of you would love a finanda ship,espially you petra;),so let's wait and see:)!

Nancy R said...

Don't tell me Barba isn't in this episode!

Petra S said...

I can only hope you're right Sara but I worry she will be turning to Nate, sounds like her gambling will get really out of hand in the following episode and he might be the only one who gets the whole GA addiction. But let's hope. And as for ships, if her hooking up with Nick will give her more screen time I can deal with it, I can still write Finanda fanfic so ;)
As for her personality I'm really surprised to hear that cause I've heard nothing but good from people/fans who met her on and off set. But then again I think there might be (probably should be actually since it's their job) times when actors are so caught up in the moment, doing a difficult scene or whatever, and I can only imagine that must be hard to just shake off in an instant. But I love both Kelli & Rollins so I'm bias :)