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Law & Order UK “Dependant” Recap & Review

Law & Order UK “Dependant” (based on the original Law & Order episode “Phobia”) provided a case that was a real wake-up call for Kate Barker. Jake Thorne had reservations about bringing on a defense barrister into the Crown Prosecution Service, and Kate’s behavior with this case seemed to prove him right. Kate’s naïveté almost cost the CPS the case when she trusted her friend – who happens to be the defense barrister – with information on tactics Jake was planning to use to prove his case. Once Kate’s breach in conduct came to light, both Jake Thorne and CPS Director Henry Sharpe erupted in outrage. (It was fun to see both Peter and Dominic have a collective conniption.) It wasn’t until DS Ronnie Brooks used his detective skills to yank out of Kate her hang-ups with the case, allowing Kate to have an epiphany and get to the bottom of the murder. Overall, the writers did a fine job this entire series in bringing a new character into the fold and giving her an interesting personality. Likewise, new DI Wes Layton (Paterson Joseph) fit in right off the bat and we’ve been given just enough of his story to be compelled to want more.

This was Paul Nicholls final episode with the series and it appears that, unlike his character’s predecessor Matt Devin, DS Cam Casey goes out with a whimper instead of a bang. I enjoyed Paul Nicholls a lot in this role and am sorry to see him go.

The one character that shines in this Law & Order UK series is Ronnie Brooks, played perfectly by Bradley Walsh. Since the beginning of Law & Order UK, Bradley (along with excellent writers) has taken Ronnie Brooks from a cookie cutter jaded Lennie Briscoe clone to a character with top notch detective skills coupled with compassion and caring for his colleagues, his family, and victims. Maybe the fact that Bradley has been with the series since day one has given his character the most depth, but I also believe that Bradley’s acting talents have lot to do with making Ronnie Brooks such a well liked and nuanced character.

Overall, “Dependent” was an interesting case that, in my opinion, improved a bit on the original. Giving Kate the chance to redeem her massive screw up with the case hopefully will give her the opportunity to bring some trust back into her working relationship with Jake and Henry. It was a perfect close to series 7.

Here is the recap:

Bradley Walsh - DS Ronnie Brooks
Paul Nicholls - DS Sam Casey
Paterson Joseph - DI Wes Leyton
Dominic Rowan - Jacob Thorne
Georgia Taylor - Kate Barker
Peter Davison - Henry Sharpe

Guest stars:
Kelly Gough - Jen Fallows
Josh O'Connor - Rob Fallows
Nicola Sanderson - Soco Joy Ackroyd
Adam Astill - Gareth Wilks
Jessica Gunning - Angela
Lee Whitlock - Dean Carter
Glynis Barber - Sue Pendle
Ashley Bannerman -Lisa Longwood
Leila Mimmack - Ruth Pendle
Stuart Organ - Aaron Walker
Adrian Christopher - Police officer
Elliot Knight - Neil Jenkins
Lucas Hare - Custody Sergeant
Raquel Cassidy - Lydia Smythson
Christopher Colquhoun - Andrew Lintin
Gillian McCutcheon - Judge Blake
Anniwaa Buachie - Clerk

A young couple, arguing as they walk near St. Anne’s Estate, stumble upon a man’s dead body. Later, with DS Ronnie Brooks, DS Sam Casey, and Joy from the forensics team on the scene, they find that the dead man, Richard Peters, has bruises on the back of his hand, a cut on his lip, and a blow to the head. The young couple didn’t see anyone. They also find there is an empty pram on the scene – and the baby bottle is still warm. Ronnie also hopes that the baby is.

Later, at M.I.U. in interrogations, Ronnie and Sam speak with Gareth Wilks, the partner of Richard Peters and parents of young Leo, and ask about the details of Rick’s usual day. Gareth and Rick fostered Leo when he was 4 months old and applied to adopt. His biological mother was a drug addict. Gareth gives them a photo of Leo and explains Leo needs seizure medication twice a day for epilepsy.

Afterwards, Ronnie, Sam, and DI Wes Leyton watch CCTV footage from the area where Peters was murdered. They see a van enter, and Angela explains it belong to Dean Carter, who has a previous for assault and theft. Ronnie notes that a Carl Simpson was jointly charged at the time, and he also was charged for possession of indecent child images. Ronnie wonders if Dean and Ronnie had a shared interest, and Wes tells them he wants patrol teams looking out for the van and wants no high speed chases in case Dean has Leo.

Sometime later, Ronnie and Wes leave M.I.U. as the van was spotted by a uniform at Borough Market and it looks like it is stopping. Ronnie explains that Sam is at the north side of the river with his team just in case the guy makes a break across the bridge. As Wes moves for the driver’s side of his car and ask if Ronnie is going with him, Ronnie comments that Wes is driving and Wes replies “Yes, I’m gonna drive.”

At Borough Market, Ronnie and Wes wait in the car and Ronnie radios the other units to ask if they are in position. Wes says they are ready to go and Ronnie orders the other cars to move in. They do so and police cars race in to block off the van. Ronnie asks Dean to open the van and when Dean asks if they have a warrant, Wes says they have a missing kid and he doesn’t need one. Wes opens the back door of the van – but there is no Leo inside.

Later, Dean is at M.I.U. in interrogation, and he denies knowing anything about a missing kid. Ronnie gets information from Angela and then tells Dean his friend Mr. Turner confirmed he was there to visit him at the flat. Turner also explained Dean was offloading stolen goods. Ronnie continues to press on the issue and about the missing child, and when Dean asks for a deal, Ronnie curtly explains it is not a good day to deal with him. Dean sighs and explains there was a bloke and a bird standing outside on the street, they were there when he drove in and drove out. She was white and he was black, both in their late 20s. He did not see them enter the flats. Dean asks if he can go, and Wes replies of course he can – as soon as he charges him.

Afterwards, Wes complains about the amount of time they spend on Dean Carter. Ronnie calls him over to see a CCTV video showing a lorry being followed past the gates by a white woman and black man. They did not see them leave as there are no CCTV camera over the exit gate. Wes suggests to see if Gareth Wilks recognizes them.

They speak with Gareth and show him the photos of the woman and he identifies her as Ruth Pendle, Leo’s biological mother, but he has never seen the man before. He says the last time they saw Ruth, Leo was still in their foster care and as soon as they adopted, they cut contact. When Ronnie asks if Gareth has an idea where to find Ruth, he suggest Ruth’s mum.

Later, Ronnie and Sam speak with Sue Pendle, who hasn’t heard from Ruth since she left rehabilitation 3 months ago. She had been in there on and off since Leo went into care. Sue paid for her to go into the best place and get the best help but Ruth could not stay clean. Ruth idolized her father, who was a genius. Then he had an affair with someone not much older than her and Ruth started failing her exams. Sue found out too late someone at college gave Ruth cocaine to help her stay awake. Sue feels she should have spotted it but didn’t – not until she told her she was pregnant. She had progressed to heroin by then. When Leo was born, he had to be weaned off it. She refused to tell Sue the name of Leo’s father. She suggests to try Ruth’s roommate from rehab, they were inseparable.

At the home of Lisa Longwood, a persistent Ronnie gets Lisa to open the door and when she does so the officer pushes his way in. Lisa is evasive about Ruth Pendle. When Ronnie mentions he has a missing boy and does not have time for games, Ruth steps out and identifies herself and asks if Leo is missing.

Later, Ruth is in M.I.U. interrogation as Ronnie questions her about why she was at the flat where Richard Peters was killed. She denies being there but Sam continues to press the issue. She continues to deny involvement and Ronnie and Sam explain Leo’s illness and his need for medication. She thinks they are lying to get her to tell them where Leo is. Ronnie mentions they found a business card she had for a solicitor and asks why she would need one, and she thinks it is none of their business. Ronnie says they will ask him and when Ruth says her solicitor is not allowed to say anything, Ronnie counters that those rules tend to get forgotten when a child’s life is at stake. She stares back at them and says nothing.

At the office of Aaron Walker, Ronnie and Sam explain the situation and Ronnie presses. Walker explains that Ruth was seeking advice on how to overturn the adoption – it is impossible for Ruth but not for the father of the child, who was not identified on the birth certificate and therefore he can contest it. He knows the father’s name, and Ronnie continues to explain the urgency of the matter. Walker caves and says the father is Neil Jenkins and he doesn’t have a contact address for him. Ronnie curtly thanks him and he and Sam move to leave.

At M.I.U. Central Headquarters, Ronnie and Sam again press Ruth on Neil’s whereabouts, and she says she hasn’t seen him since she became pregnant. Sam points out the man in the CCTV photo with her, and Ruth remains silent. Sam explains there are 126 Neil Jenkins in London and the length of time it would take to go through them all and the time wasted which puts Leo at risk. Ruth replies if she tells them where Leo is, social services will never let he see him again. She swears she is clean of drugs and she did that for Leo, he is the only thing her life is worth living for. Ronnie shows her information from web forums on parents with children with epilepsy and the issues they must deal with. Ronnie explains Leo’s adoptive parents have been giving him regular medication but Ruth thinks it will not hurt him for a few days. Sam gives an example of how this is a dangerous assumption. Ruth cries about missing Leo and wanting to be with him, but Ronnie gently continues to pressure her. Ruth asks if they promise to look after him and Ronnie promises. She says to tell him his mummy loves him, and Leo is with his dad at 36 Garston Court. Sam races off and Ronnie tells Ruth she did the right thing.

At the home of Neil Jenkins on Garston Court, there is no answer at Neil’s door so Ronnie has them break down the door. Neil and Leo are not there, but an officer says a man with a boy has been spotted on the roof. Ronnie tells him to get there as quick as they can.

They get to the roof and Neil and Leo are there. Ronnie talks to Neil to try to calm him. Ronnie explains Leo’s illness and that Ruth did not know. Ronnie continues to gently press Neil to turn Leo over to him and do the right thing for Leo and not for himself, as that is what good dads are all about, putting themselves second.

Afterwards, Sam and Ronnie exit the building, with Ronnie carrying Leo to a very happy Gareth. Sam explains the paramedics will taken them to hospital to check Leo over. Gareth sees Neil being taken away and asks if that is who killed Rick, and Ronnie tells him to leave that to them.

Back at M.I.U., Neil explains to Ronnie and Sam that Ruth thought they could just explain things to Rick to get Leo back. The courts would have taken forever. Ronnie brings up Neil’s priors and wonders if Rick got Neil all wound up about being adopted by two daddies. Neil begins to raise his voice saying it pissed him off that other people have his boy, and that Ruth did not give Leo away, social services took him away. Ronnie explains Ruth was on drugs but Neil seems surprised by this. Neil angrily says he loved Ruth, and Sam asks about Neil’s temper. Neil says all he did was pick Leo up and Mr. Peters went mental and she started screaming in his face. He walked away so Leo would not see what was happening and Rick followed him and grabbed his arm so he pushed him, and Rick fell over. Ronnie explains Rick died from a blow to the head, probably a kick. Neil knows Rick cut his lip when he pushed him but that was it. Ronnie asks what happened after he pushed him, and reminds Neil to tell the truth.

Later, Ronnie and Sam speak with Ruth in another interrogation room and Ruth asks where is Neil. Sam explains he is in another room. She asks if he got bail and Ronnie wants to know why she asks. She is afraid he will come after her if he knows she spoke with them and he has a temper. He didn’t have a choice to leave Leo with Neil. She said Neil picked Leo up without asking and she told him to put him down but he wouldn’t./ When Rick tried to get him back, Neil started hitting him and then he pushed him over, and that’s when Neil kicked him in the head. Ronnie asks her to confirm she is saying Neil kicked Richard Peters in the head, and Ruth nods, saying Neil said that would teach him a lesson. She cries and says she only wanted her baby back and she is so sorry. Ronnie terminates the interview.

Meanwhile, Kate Barker watches the interview on a video feed in the other room, along with Wes. She asks where are they with forensics, and Wes explains they are awaiting results on both pairs of shoes. Kate comments that Ruth is not your every day murderer, and Wes asks why she says that, because she is well spoke? Kate explains that Ruth has no previous, unlike Neil. She adds they have enough to charge Neil with murder and both with kidnapping. Wes thinks they have enough to charge Ruth with murder on joint enterprise, but Kate thinks there is not much point, Neil is admitting he pushed Rick. Wes reminds her that Neil is denying the blow to the head and is claiming self defense, and unless forensics proves otherwise, it is Neil’s word against Ruth’s. Kate replies that Ruth’s is the one that the jury will believe.

At the Crown Prosecution Service, CPS Director Henry Sharpe and Jake Thorne discuss the case and Kate enters, asking Henry if he wanted to see her. Jake explains both Neil and Ruth will be charged with murder joint enterprise, and Kate says she told the DI they didn’t have a case against the mum. Jake, stunned, asks why. Henry takes off his glasses and also gives Kate a look. She explains that Neil Jenkins admitted he pushed Mr., Peter and is claiming self defense but they can prove otherwise given what Ruth has told them. Jake counters that they can’t, Ruth’s word isn’t admissible until it comes out in evidence in court and what they do know is she led Jenkins there and then fled the scene leaving a man dead. Henry has a slight scowl on his face, and Jake goes on to add unless they have evidence to prove one of them killed Richard Peters, they go after both. Jake asks Kate if she has a problem with that, and she pauses but then says no, of course not. She looks uncomfortable as she leaves Henry’s office. Henry raises his eyebrows and drops a file on his desk.

Later, Ruth is being arrested for murder and is lead away, screaming. Sam asks Ronnie if he thinks she killed him, and Ronnie answers that Ruth is a young mum desperate to be with her kid, she could be capable of anything.

At CPS in her office, Kate blankly stares forward as Henry enters the office. He drops a file on her desk. He says nothing and walks back into his office. Kate gets up and follow him in, and tells him she wants off the Pendle case. Henry asks why. Kate says joint enterprise is a cop-out. They should be trying to prove who did it, not just taking a chance on them both. Henry says the only thing they can prove is that they were acting together. Kate, sounding exasperated, comments that this is ridiculous, to which Henry questions if Kate knows her. Kate, stunned, asks what? Henry asks again if Kate knows Ruth Pendle. Kate says of course she doesn’t. Henry replies “Then why are you so hell-bent on protecting her?” Kate throws up her hands and says forget it, and she walks back towards her office. But Henry tersely calls her name, stopping her in her tracks as she looks to be holding back tears. Henry comments that he has no idea what her issue is, but she will go into that courtroom and get the result they want, asking if that is understood? Kate doesn’t answer right away and Henry tersely says her name again to demand a response. She turns to him and says fine, and then walks back into her office as Henry lets out a frustrated sigh.

Later, Jake and Kate confer with both Neil and Ruth’s briefs who are claiming self defense. Lydia Smythson, representing Ruth, reminds them they haven’t found the murder weapon and Ruth’s shoes were clean. Neil’s brief Andrew Lintin adds that Neil insists it wasn’t him, either. When Jake asks if Neil is saying that Ruth did it, Kate mutters that is not likely. Andrew gives a surprised look to Kate and then asks whose side is she on. Jake quickly responds “Mine.” Lydia says Neil acted alone whilst Ruth tried to look after her son, and she couldn’t have know he was planning to use violence. Andrew asks so telling Jenkins he had a son then persuading him to go and see Leo had nothing to do with it? Jake suggests they save the arguing for the courtroom, and they are sticking to the charge of murder – for both defendants. Lydia purses her lips and looks at Kate.

Afterwards, Kate and Lydia meet in a pub for drinks, and admits she and Jake don’t agree on the case but she shouldn’t talk about it. Lydia admits they are on opposite sides but they are still friends, and she asks Kate what’s up. Kate admits she thinks they should not be going after Ruth but Jake is adamant he can convince the jury of her guilt. Lydia comments she knows Jake will try some dirty trick, and Kate admits he will get her on the stand and wind her up, Kate adding that Jake thinks once the jury sees she has a temper, they will also see she could have gotten angry enough to kill Richard Peters. Kate says Jake is good, but Lydia feels so is she.

At Crown V Jenkins & Pendle, trial day 7, Neil is testifying for Andrew that Peters was surprised to see Ruth and that Leo was his son. He wouldn’t listen to them and they started arguing and he saw Leo was getting upset. He went to pick him up and Peters told him to put him back. He just wanted to comfort his son, but Peters got mad and started trying to grab at Leo. Neil turned away to protect him and then Peters came at him again so he pushed him away and Peters fell over. Ruth didn’t do anything, she didn’t kick him, neither of them, and he doesn’t know why Ruth is saying he kicked him because he didn’t. Lydia questions him about how long he and Ruth were dating before they broke up. Neil replies 6 months, and that he loved her. He admits Ruth ended it and never told him she was pregnant and he didn’t know about Leo until a couple weeks before he saw him. Lydia asks why he thinks she never told him, and Andrew addresses the judge saying that Neil can’t possibly read the mind of Miss Pendle. Judge Blake asks Lydia to rephrase, and Lydia asks if it would be fair to say he and Ruth used to argue. Neil says sometimes, and when Lydia brings up the frequency and intensity of the arguments and that she was terrified of Neil, Neil tersely answers he never hit her. Lydia says she is not suggesting he did, and there is no need for him to get angry. Lydia asks if the night Ruth left if they had an argument, and Neil says they might have. Lydia wonders if that is why Ruth did not tell him about the baby, because she knew he had a temper and she didn’t want her unborn child to ever have to see that. Neil raises his voice and says no, that is not how…and Lydia cuts him off and says she has no more questions. Jake leans over to Kate and says if they keep playing like this they will stitch themselves up. Kate looks less than thrilled.

Jake questions Neil on his stature and mentions how much smaller in height and build that Peters was in comparison and asks if Neil expects them to believe Neil thought Peters could hurt him? Neil states Peters was going mad and shouting at him, and Jake thought Neil could have dealt with that. Jake brings up this is exactly what Neil did 4 years ago when a man shouted at him in the street and that Neil attacked him. Neil takes deep breath and says he has already been through this with Mr. Linton, but Jake says what Linton conveniently failed to tell the court is the man Neil attacked was gay. Neil counters that is not why he pushed him, and repeats twice that’s not why he pushed him. Jake finishes his questions, while Linton looks concerned and Lydia looks smug. Jake sits down and comments to Kate – “One down, one to go.”

Afterwards, as they walk into the court house hall, Lydia tells Jake not to assume he will have such an easy time with Ruth tomorrow.  Jake replies he can’t see her posing too many problems. Lydia retorts that Ruth won’t snap quite as easily as Jake thinks. Jake asks, “Pardon?” and Lydia comments that she knows about his little plan to wind up Ruth and get her angry and show the jury her temper, which in Jake’s world makes Ruth capable of murder. Jake’s looks angry and he says, “Kate.” Lydia replies, “Once a defense barrister, always a defense barrister” and she walks off, leaving Jake to fume.

AT CPS in Henry’s office, Jake is having a serious meltdown with Kate and yells at her, to which Kate says she is sorry, she thought she could trust Lydia. Jake shouts that loyalties don’t exist in the CPS world and that Lydia told him to try and undermine him and it makes him question what else she knows. Henry chimes in and angrily says Jake is right, Kate fell straight into Lydia’s trap. Kate counters that they both know she does not agree with prosecuting Ruth for murder, and Henry really raises his voice and replies that for all the people to tell, Kate chose Ruth Pendle’s barrister. Kate insists they were good mates and were in the same chambers for 5 years. Jake shouts that this clearly counts for nothing. Henry chides Kate, saying she clearly crossed a line, one that could jeopardize the trial. Jake adds he knew it was a risk taking her on, and Kate shoots him a shocked stare. She asks what that is supposed to mean, and Jake says Lydia is right, once a defense barrister…Kate cuts him off and angrily tells him don’t be ridiculous. Jake turns and storms out of the room, and Henry turns away as Kate lets out a deep breath.

Later, Kate is at her desk having a beer and Ronnie enters and sees her working. He enters her office and they talk about why they were working late. Ronnie says he ran into Jake at court and he said Kate had a problem with the case. She shows Ronnie the photo of Neil’s shoe with blood on it and if this supports the argument that Neil kicked Peters. Ronnie said it could be argued it was blood splatter. Ronnie picks up a photo from Kate’s desk and asks if the other woman in the photo is Kate’s sister. She says it is. He comments that he bet Kate misses her, and when she asks “what?” Ronnie sits down and explains that a few weeks back he had to go through missing persons reports for young women and came across an Elizabeth Barker. Kate says it is Beth. Ronnie goes on to say that it said in the report that she was thought to be living in London with a history of drug abuse and the contact details on the form were for Kate Barker. Kate asks why he didn’t say anything, and Ronnie explains that he didn’t need to, not until now. He asks if this is why she has an issue with the case, that it might be too close to home? Kate says “spot the detective.” Ronnie replies he’d like to think that sometimes he gets it right. Kate asks if he also read that she had her baby taken away, and Ronnie pauses and then admits he did. Ronnie assumes that Jake does not know, and Kate responds “Like he’d care.” Ronnie thinks that is a bit harsh and Kate says what is harsh is what happened to Ruth. The system didn’t help her when she needed it and now they are left mopping up their mess. Kate thinks if Ruth wouldn’t have gotten pregnant she would have never been noticed. Ronnie asks if that is what happened to her sister. Kate admits that Beth started hanging around with a gang after school and they turned out the lad she fancied was into drugs and Beth was trying to impress him. Instead of helping her, her mom stuck her head in the sand and dad kicked her out. She went onto the streets and tried to get help from the social but they didn’t want to know, not until she got pregnant. When the baby was born, they took her sway and she has not heard from her since. Kate calls her mobile once in a while to hear her voice on the answer phone. Ronnie wonders what Kate’s sister would do if she had the chance to get her baby back, and Kate replies whatever it takes. Kate recalls the day her sister said goodbye to her daughter for the last time, she cried so hard it was like her daughter had died. Ronnie comments that must have been what it was like for Ruth, and Kate says finally someone gets what she is saying. But Ronnie says that is not what he means, he sympathizes with Ruth’s plight but Kate just said herself that her sister would do whatever it takes to get her child back so why can’t the same apply to Ruth Pendle?

At a later day, Jake is in the robbing room getting ready to put on his wig and Kate walks in. Jake tersely reminds her she is late. Kate asks if he wants her in court, and he asks if she can put her opinions aside and do the job in hand. She says yeah. Jake coldly says if she stitches him up like that again, she won’t get another chance. He grabs his wig and as he moves to leave the room, he tells Kate to tidy herself up, he doesn’t want the judge seeing his assistant is a mess. Kate says she is not his assistant, and Jake snaps back that today, she is anything he tells her to be.

Later, in court. Ruth is testifying that she did not want to be in a relationship with Neil as she knew it would not work, they used to argue and he got angry, shouting, and sometimes she thought Neil would hit her. When Andrew asks the judge if this is relevant, Lydia says she is demonstrating to the court that Ruth’s only intentions were to be reunited with her child and was so desperate that she got the help of a man she was scared of. Andrew counters that they are not making closing speeches just yet, and the judge tells Lydia to get to the point. Lydia asked how Neil reacted with Peters started coming at him, and Ruth explains that Peters lashed out and tried to grab Leo but Peters wouldn’t listen. Neil pushed Peters very hard and he hit the ground and Peters tried to get up but Neil kicked him in the head. Ruth confirms she saw Neil kick Peters. Lydia finishes her questioning and the judge calls for a short adjournment. As everyone gets up to leave the courtroom, Kate leans down and pulls off one of her boots and stares at it.

In the court house hall, Kate rushes up to Jake and asks what if she got it wrong? She goes on to say if Neil is the only one that can contest the adoption order, why would Ruth make sure he was found guilty? If he goes to prison there is no hope of that happening. Jake think Ruth would obviously know that. Kate says if Ruth goes along with her story of self defense, there is a small chance the jury will find them not guilty. Jake thinks this is a big risk, the pathology report shows that Peters was killed by a blunt force to the head, a most likely outcome is a guilty verdict for both. Kate counters that unless Ruth points the finger firmly at Neil and removes any evidence implicating herself.

Back in court, Kate is cross examining Ruth, and asks her how long she was taking drugs before she got pregnant. Ruth testifies a few years, and that Neil never touched them. She did not tell Neil, and admits she lied to him. Kate says Ruth must be a very good liar not only to keep her drug use from Neil but her pregnancy. Kate asks how to they know she is not lying now about the day Peters was killed? Ruth swears it was Neil. Kate asks what size shoe doe Ruth wear, and when Lydia voices concern over the question, the judge tells Ruth to answer the question. Ruth explains it is a 5. Kate asks why were the shoes that the police removed from her at the time of her arrest size 7? Neil perks up and Lydia glances at her files and Kate goes on to explains that if the jury looks at he shows on the CCTV image that Ruth had on at the home of Mr. Peters and then at the shoes that forensics photographed, they will see they are different. Kate says to the untrained eye, they look the same but thankfully she has an unhealthy obsession with trainers; she never did come to terms with heels. She calls out a very thin white stripe on the trainers in the CCTV image and not one on the shoes at her arrest. Ruth thinks the photo has something on it, but Kate says Ruth swapped trainers with those of Lisa Longwood, the woman whose home Ruth was found.  Kate thinks Ruth swapped the trainers as she knew that forensics would find traces of Mr. Peters DNA on hers from when she kicked him. Ruth says that is ridiculous. Kate asks what was it like the day she gave Leo up, and Ruth explains that social services came to her mother’s to get him. She recalls holding him for the last time, she had just given him a bath and he smelled clean. She told him his mummy loved him and one days she would see him again. Kate asks if that is why she wanted him back, and Ruth says yes. Kate adds so badly Ruth would do anything. Kate replies Leo is her son, and Kate goes on to say so badly she wouldn’t let anyone stand in her way. Ruth cries and says Leo belongs to her, but Kate counters no, he belongs with his parents, Gareth Wilks and Richard Peters, only he’s lost one of those now, Ruth made sure of that. When Ruth says no, Kate continues that Ruth waited for Neil to leave and then she kicked Peters in the head. Ruth says she didn’t, and Kate adds Ruth wanted to make sure he never took her baby boy away again. Ruth claims that is not what happened. Kate reminds Ruth she is Leo’s mum and didn’t she love him enough to fight for him? Ruth replies yes of course, to which Kate responds of course Ruth did, Ruth was prepared to let Neil Jenkins believe that he killed Richard Peters when he pushed him, prepared to lie under oath so that she got off, and switched trainers with those of Lisa Longwood, knowing that hers would prove she kicked Peters in the head. Kate says Ruth was prepared to do whatever it takes, and she continues to cry. Lydia, meanwhile, looks beaten. Kate goes on to say she has no further questions.

Later, at Crown V Jenkins & Pendle, the jury finds Neil not guilty and Ruth guilty of the murder of Richard Peters. Kate looks at Lydia, satisfied.

As Jake and Kate leave the courtroom, Jake asks Kate how she figured out the trainer thing. Kate replies like she said, unhealthy obsession. Ronnie is walking behind them trying to catch up as Kate apologizes to Jake for being such a pain. Jake says she is forgiven, just…and Ronnie calls out Kate’s name and she and Jake stop. Ronnie hands Kate a piece of paper and Jake asks if it is something he should know.. Ronnie replies “Plenty, Jake, there’s plenty” and then asks if he can get him a drink. As Ronnie walks off with Jake, Kate opens the note from Ronnie and it contains the address for her sister. Kate looks up towards Ronnie’s direction and smiles at him as he turns around to look at her. We fade to back.

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idiotdogbrain said...

I agree with you in regards to Bradley Walsh. He's the best part of the show and for my money, the only worthy successor to Jerry Orbach. He brings the same humor but bolstered by compassion.

Rhia del Rosario said...

Kate Barker is evidently modeled after Jamie Ross. Not because they previously worked for the defense, but they have sympathy for suspects whom they feel are innocent. I just hope she won't sleep with Jake because it'd ruin her 'tough image' gal. Though a remake of S4 'Censure' would be a nice story for her.

I like series 7 because of personal story lines especially about Jake. Who would have thought he's a Catholic? I hope producers would give Sam a reasonable back story why he left in the next season, same with Henry Sharpe, who should be given a deeper role, just like Adam Schiff.

Ry A said...

I thought this episode was a little disappointing to be honest. I can't believe Kate was *that* naive, given at the beginning of the season she'd been set up to be such a brilliant barrister. In truth the story really wasn't that much of an improvement on the original (and the gay subplot was almost completely ignored), and not for the first time I can't help but wish L&O:UK could use original storylines.

Bradley Walsh, however, is outstanding, Dominic Rowan has really stepped up, and Peter Davison could read a phone book and still be brilliant :)

Chris Zimmer said...

Ry A - I agree that original storylines would be nice. There have been such talented writers for this series I don't doubt they couldn't create something stellar!