Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mariska Hargitay, Dean Winters on Location for SVU (Photos)

Here are photos of Mariska Hargitay and Dean Winters filming on location for “Law & Order SVU” on August 16, 2012 in New York City.

Photos by WireImage

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OhSusannah said...

it would be ironic if Olivia ended up with Brian Cassidy.Warren Leight stated that EADA Haden was really just a transition man of r Liv after Elliot left so abruptly and that 'real love' awaited Benson.That would be a nice way for her to end up- that they slept together once in the first season, and found each other again after all these years.Stranger love stories have happened in real life!I think her life would be much more happy and balanced if she had someone in her life.

Icy said...

@ohsusannah- I highly doubt that, there was nothing between them when he last appeared in the season 13 finale. There's no chemistry or love period. They had a one night stand that's all. Cassidy didn't even look at her the way he did in S1.

Hate to say this, I doubt they would get together. It would just wrong, plus he's only in one episode which is the season premire episode.

I want Hayden to come back.. I can't really say the same for Meloni, something tells me he's not even thinking of coming back..

That's just me of course, Cassidy and Olivia had zero chemistry, plus Cassidy is irriatating on top of that.

CLA said...

I want David back. The romantic scenes with Olivia was beautiful. I agree with Susannah: Olivia needs a man by her side.

Big Sister said...

I think Olivia needs someone too, but do you think that would soften her character??? I mean with Hayden, look how messy that one case became...I loved their chemistry though!!! Let's start a petition to return EADA Hayden! Lol!

Milo TheCat said...

Well I love seeing Olivia and Cassidy together (again)..These two belong together. Keep up the great teamwork guys ;-)

Milo TheCat said...

Well I think Olivia and Cassidy make a great couple. Love seeing them together too. keep up the great teamwork you two.