Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Mariska Hargitay Gallery Photo

NBC has added a new official photo of Mariska Hargitay to their SVU gallery. Here it is – she looks fantastic!

Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC © NBCUniversal, Inc.

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Laura Hughes said...

Far more beautiful than even her lovely mother was!

Icy said...

I think she looks a bit like her mother. Mariska does have natural beauty.

Love the photo..

OhSusannah said...

What effect is the photographer using with these NBC promotional shots of SVU?It looks more like a painting of some type to me than a photograph?Love it!She looks beautiful- as always!

sirmikelogan said...

*searches for lotion bottle*

CLA said...

Mariska is more than beautiful. She is stunning. I really think she's prettier than her mother. Jayne was artificial blonde, she was always a corset. And her famous breasts were disproportionate to his body. She was not very high. Mariska is higher than the mother, and well proportioned. Mariska has eyes and smile a lot like his mother. But the main difference between the two is the attitude and way of thinking and use the fame. I'm more of a daughter.

Icy said...

@CLA- it was also a different time so the attitudes were different. Plus you can't compare chest sizes anyways. Mariska clearly wearing a push up one.

Whatever, Mariska looks like both her parents. She is very stunning

CLA said...

@ Icy

I'm Latin and I do not speak or write English very well. So I do not quite understand what you talked about the breasts of Mariska. I think she has big breasts, but not as much as his mother. I think Jayne's breasts were huge, exaggerated. Is not the case Mariska that is more proportional to its height. And when I speak of attitude I think is true today. If Mariska wanted it could be now a major sex symbol as his mother. But it is different. She is a humanitarista and makes it his flag. It is not obsessed with appearance, and is not worried about being a sex symbol. That's why she is so loved and so admired.

Icy said...

@CLA- I was referring to the fact that you can't tell in this photo. Mariska is wearing a pushup bra, it doesn't really matter.

Mariska said that she didn't want to have the same status as her mother.

It's not exaggerated about what her mother had, some women naturally have them..

I understand you don't speak or write english well. No worries. I understand :)

OhSusannah said...

I've read several times that Jayne Mansfield had a very high i.q, but her physical appearance and obvious assets as an actress typified her as a sex symbol. SHe was really beofre my time, though I have seen a couple of her roles in older movies. She played the dumb-blonde sex kitten very well, but I'm very pleased that Mariska Hargitay recognized early on that she wasn't the 'dyed blonde bombshell' type .She's a wonderful actress, a great role model to women of any age and of any size that women don't have to take their clothes off to become famous.Her inner beauty matches her outer beauty, it seems,which is rare. You never hear an unkind word about her or by her about others...she seems truly happy in her life and that's very inspirational for others.

CLA said...

@ Susannah

Comment perfect. And I'm pretty sure Mariska also has a great IQ. She is always so smart.