Friday, April 20, 2012

Mariska Hargitay Signs New Contract with Universal Television

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive report which states that Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order SVU) has signed a new contract with Universal Television. Before you do your happy dance, they also report:

“While a new contract for one of television's top stars could potentially spell good news for a 14th season of the Dick Wolf-produced crime drama, sources close to the show say it doesn't guarantee that the series will return in the fall. NBC is simply locking up Hargitay, who is said to make about $500,000 per episode, in case L&O: SVU is picked up.”

Read the full story here:  The Hollywood Reporter: 'Law & Order: SVU' Star Mariska Hargitay Inks New Deal With Universal Television (Exclusive)

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Icy said...

She wouldn't be signing a new contract if SVU wasn't being renewed.

It wouldn't make any sense, plus this show isn't on the verge of being cancelled.

All the lists have it under: Looking safe/good

Plus one the NBC execs already said that they would renew it.

xfool said...

First of all, a few NBC execs promised Law & order would be renewed for a 21st season and we all know what happened then,

SVU ratings are horrible and if the show was on any other network, it would be canceled by now.

As the article says, the contract simply locks Mariska in. If SVU is not renewed, Universal may have to either pay her some $$$ or find another show for her or something like that. All they want is to make sure that she won't bolt from the series for fear that it won't get renewed. Fans should not think that this means the show will get another season. The ratings are BAD BAD BAD and if I was an NBC exec, I would think hard before renewing it.

janethyland said...

Ratings are not horrible. They have been lower since the two breaks, but they remain solid. They dont swing about. here they are:

Also in context,SVU increases from its leadin by a huge amount, and increases half hourly.
This week has seen season lows in lots of shows,especially Wednesday and Thursday.
Smash dropped to 1.9 key demo and Awake dropped to 0.8 key demo.
NBC doesnt have any high flying dramas.....but SVU is solid.

Home Invasions : 1.7 key demo. 5.85 million
Hunting ground : 1.6 key demo. 5.99 million
Childs Welfare : 1.6 key demo. 5.4 million
Justice Denied : 1.7 key demo. 5.5 million
Valentines Day : 1.6 key demo.
5.9 million

janethyland said...

Hargitay is wonderful to commit and make it public. Its a huge show of support for the production team. She clearly loves her work this season which has been a joy to watch.

janethyland said...

ps. They need to lock in Warren leight too,before he absconds to showrun "Smash", which has just lost its showrunner. Leight already has a musical showing on Broadway now!

janethyland said...

In a mood of deja vu, Im remembering how LOCI got renewed, and then Leight left the show having secured Im reserving response til all the contracts are signed.

OhSusannah said...

I'm cautiously optimistic that NBC will have the sense to give SVU one more year.The ratings are simply not where they used to be, but after 13 consecutive seasons, what tv show would be?NBC knows its up against that Fox ratings juggernaut American Idol, and CSI on two top networks.I don't know why they don't switch SVU to Tuesday,as it was for a long time.I'm pleased to see that Mariska Hargitay has secured that much per episode if we're lucky enough to get a S14.It's a shame Chris Meloni didn't have her negotiating team last year when he asked for more money and was refused.I know he cited that he was simply tired of the character and wanted a change.I have to say, before Warren Leight had come on board, there was some question whether SVU would be renewed for a S13.With his storlyines, WL has generated a lot more interest in the show among its loyal fan base.It would be a shame if he were to jump ship after only a year and turn his attention elsewhere I agree that NBC or Universal should secure WL as well as they secured MH...