Thursday, April 26, 2012

Law & Order SVU “Father Dearest” Promo

Here is the promo for Law & Order SVU “Father Dearest” which will marks the return of BD Wong. The episode date has been changed to Wedensday, May 2, 2012: “Learning Curve” will move – again – to May 9.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU "Father Dearest" can be found at this link.

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Icy said...

The episode Learning Curve hasn't changed, it will still air on May 2nd according to the futon critic and other sources.

NBC just put out the wrong promo by mistake.

Walter Mulder said...

Don't ever count on the Futon Critic being righyt. I would always take the word of NBC as the last word, evcen if they change their last words frequently.

Chris Zimmer said...

Icy - the NBC site for SVU has been changed to show Father Dearest on May 2, as has the NBC site for press and media (which I have access to).

Chris Zimmer said...

PS - I just got the official press release from NBC with the changes in dates for these episodes. The Futon Critic should fix their error soon,

Alex said...

On the one hand, I'm excited for Huang's return so I'm glad the episodes got switched. On the other hand, I can't wait to see Ken and his boyfriend so I don't like that the episodes got switched.

janethyland said...

giggle.Munch and his monkey!