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Kyle MacLachlan & Judy Reyes Talk SVU “Blood Brothers”

On Monday, October 3, Law & Order SVU “Blood Brothers” guest stars Kyle MacLachlan and Judy Reyes talked to the media about their work on the episode and also shared information about other upcoming projects. A few excerpts are below - enjoy!

Please don’t forget to tune in tonight - Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 10 PM ET.  You can still catch the sneak peeks and behind the scenes video here: Law & Order SVU “Blood Brothers” Videos

Interview Excerpts

On taking the role:
Judy Reyes - “Once I read [the script] I was involved in this unbelievable turn of events towards the end of the episode. So I jumped at the chance. It’s pretty simple and it’s Law & Order: SVU in its 13th season with Mariska Hargitay . There was no way I could say no.”

Kyle MacLachlan – “I had done one Law & Order: SVU years ago working with Mariska and at the time Chris Meloni. So I was very happy to hear from them again because I had had such a wonderful experience that first time around. I thought the character was very compelling in that the demands, particularly the emotional demands of the character, are not things that I get to typically do, certainly not when I was on - that often anyway - on Desperate Housewives. So I really leapt at the chance to first and foremost to explore the character. I had heard great things about the director, Tom DiCillo, and it turned out to be just a wonderful experience working with him as well. And I knew the woman who was playing my wife, Paige Turco, because I had worked with her husband, Jason O’Mara on a series for ABC called In Justice. And the funny thing about this business is that when you’ve been around as long as I have you - dots become connected that you don’t even really know. And so each job provides an opportunity not only to work with interesting people but probably people that you know.”

On the challenges of the role:
Judy Reyes - “Certainly there was a high emotional demand that will reveal itself once you see the episode. I just don’t want to give that away. There’s a lot that my character has to deliver in very little time… and that turns out to be quite demanding for me toward the end of the episode.”

Kyle MacLachlan – “I would add to that that most of the time one of the great reasons for doing the show is that the characters often are caught in the middle of very monumental experiences and particularly emotional experiences. And I think that’s true for everyone in this cast. And the real challenge as an actor is, I always say you kind of go from 0 to 60 in about two seconds. So the preparation is a big part of the experience just getting yourself into the mental and emotional state that you have to be in when they roll the cameras because they’re asking of you extreme things.”

On returning to SVU:
Kyle MacLachlan – “You know, it’s been 11 years. I think in my previous episode, I’d lost my son to a young psychopath. And I took matters into my own hands and actually got away with it which was one of the few times on SVU that that happens. Returning 11 years later and now as an adult and having a three year old boy, my life experiences had altered because of that. Being older - I’m married now, I wasn’t before, and also I’m the father of a three year old….And I found suddenly that I was able to access things and go through things that I don’t think I would have - I know that I wasn’t capable of experiencing in the previous Law & Order. So I just felt I guess more prepared, more able to create a character that felt deeper and richer. And hopefully he’ll be more believable on screen.”

On working with the SVU Cast:
Judy Reyes – “I thought Mariska and Danny worked well together. Mariska is a fantastic leader and she’s a great force on the set. She’s just commanding and generous. And Danny was also very generous and kind and held his own...”

Kyle MacLachlan – “I agree with what Judy’s saying about just generosity of spirit, a real appreciation and a gratefulness for those actors, Judy and myself, coming in to actually, you know, to play in their playground or to be a part of their playground, you know. And they were really grateful and really welcoming. You can always tell I think in a show about the level of commitment from the stars and it’s how generous they are in giving back to the guest stars. And both Mariska and Danny were incredibly there and available and giving it 100% every step of the way. And it really - I mean it shows in the quality of the show I think. And it also makes those of us - the guest stars who come in who sometimes maybe a little bit nervous or apprehensive in the very beginning, it puts us right at ease because we know that they are really there for us and they’re really supporting us. And it’s a great feeling.”

On upcoming projects:
Judy Reyes – “I will be leaving for Vancouver this weekend to start shooting a film called the Pregnancy Experiment for Lifetime Television. It’s actually based on a true story of a young high school woman who faked a pregnancy for her senior year just to see - as part of a social studies experiment for high school, to see how her senior class would react.”

Kyle MacLachlan – “I just came back from Portland filming a couple of days on an IFC program called Portlandia with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very silly…but I had a wonderful time and did a lot of improv. And I created a - or made up or improv’d, whatever, a new city anthem for Portland . So, you know, they’re never going to ask me to sing the Star Spangled Banner anywhere but, you know, at least in Portland I have a chance.”


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