Saturday, March 28, 2009

SVU Finale Speculation, and McManus Is Out

SVU Outcast (Photo NBC)
E! Online has an interesting article where it tries to solve the mystery of who will bite the dust for the season finale (I already reported this here at “Law & Order SVU Fatal Finale?”) .

The article is below. One other thing it mentions is that it's a certainty that Michaela McManus will not return to Law & Order SVU (NBC), much to my delight. Here is the story, and feel free to join in the speculation.

Clues to the SVU Finale Murder Mystery
Fri., Mar. 27, 2009 2:45 PM PDT by Megan Masters

Someone's going to die on the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit finale. But being the shameless scoop hounds we are, we're trying to solve the crime before it happens. We interrogated show runner Neal Baer for some clues.

Ready to put your detective skills to work? Here's what we've learned so far:

Someone's a Goner! This is the single tidbit of spoilery goodness we all know already! So who might not survive the season-10 finale? When we asked Neal if we'd be losing a series regular, he would only say this: "It's a castmember." Hmmm, does that mean it could be one of the less important players, like, say, forensics tech Ryan O'Halloren (Mike Doyle)?

SVUers Take the Case: Neal wouldn't confirm that the death is a sex-related crime, but he did tell us, "The detectives will be involved in solving the case." So will the investigation carry on into season 11? Is there any chance this character might return? "No, [the] death is permanent." But the emotional impact for the crew definitely carries into next year.

Munch Is Out? For some reason, Detective Munch's (Richard Belzer) name always comes up whenever the talk turns to SVU departures. Could it finally be time? Being the slick exec that he is, when asked if Munch were leaving, Neal played coy, saying, "I hope not. Well, we'll see." Doesn't sound like much of a denial or a confession, but come on, you wouldn't do that to us, would you, Neal? SVU just wouldn't be the same without the dynamic duo of Munch and Fin (Ice-T)!

SVU's A.D.A. Overload! Alex Cabot has been back for a few weeks now, and when we asked Neal about Stephanie March's future on SVU, he told us: "Stephanie is in the next-to-the-last episode; she's not in the last episode." So if her arc wraps just before the finale, could her body could be found at the end of that episode, leaving Benson and Stabler and the gang to solve their good friend's death in true finale form? We could be reaching, but it doesn't seem impossible!

Neal did say that you never know what the future holds. "About five years ago, she was gone! She was in witness protection and she got out, so life is unpredictable."

Neal did confirm that Michaela McManus won't be back on SVU, but also that the door is not entirely closed on that other A.D.A. we all love, Diane Neal's Casey Novak. "Well, she was disbarred for a year but as I said, life is unpredictable." We're not math whizzes, but if you carry the two and divide by the...hey, that year off would be wrapping up right about now!

Academy Award Winner X: One last thing, Neal mentioned another very special guest star coming up. We can't name names just yet, but he reveals that "an Oscar-winning performer is coming on in the next-to-the-last episode." Perhaps it's an Oscar winner hoping to get some Emmy consideration for playing the person who murders an SVU castmember? (We're just throwing that out there...)

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laura said...

please dont be anyone major in the team i.e. cragen <3 or fin, munch
at least we know its not elliot or olivia
as much as i love this show, i think it would have been nice to end it on season ten. a decade seems like a good amount.
and they should have killed off olivia in the finale and left chris meloni with some amazingly emotional/dramatic material. he'd lose it if she died

i heard that novak's coming back.. know if theres any truth to that? please say no. cannot stand her.

Anonymous said...

If Baer and the writers decide to kill Cabot I will be very disappointed. That would be a poor way to end what I think has been SVU's most compelling plot-line of this season, and a waste of a character who is probably one of the more interesting across all three L&Os. However that possibility seems more and more likely, as rumors (still unconfirmed, of course) are flying fast that Jeri Ryan may sign on as a regular cast-member once Season 11 starts.

Of course, Baer and SVU has pulled this 'Everything. Will. Change!!! stuff before (remember the Season 8 finale?) and not really done anything substantial, so my bet is that the victim will be one of the very minor characters, nobody more important than M.E. Warner, O'Halloran, Morales, or that incredibly annoying new CSU tech Stuckey. My bet actually - and I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet - is longstanding secondary character Judge Donelly, since Baer mentioned cryptically in an earlier interview that that character has a 'big episode' toward the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Novack was disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct, even if she were able to be reinstated and get her license back she could never be a prosecutor again. mind you, if donnelly is the one killed off (or is accused of murder) - you would definitely expect to see novack back in some capacity

Anonymous said...

Ack how frustrating!!! I just hope that it's not Munch. Neal Baer is no Joss Whedon--Joss kills off characters at the drop of a hat.

Exciting stuff coming.


Anonymous said...

E! also had this on the site in Kristin's lastest article thats titled something about the gossip girl finale

Amanda in Boise, Idaho: I'm so glad Mariska Hargitay isn't missing the rest of this season on Law & Order: SVU! What's coming up with her character?
Now that Benson has put her abuse issues behind her, show runner Neal Baer tells us that she's in for yet another twist toward the end of the season. "Benson will get caught up in a really tangled case in episode 20, so the third from the last, where she ends up in a switch working with the defense. That's pretty fun!" Ohhh, could there be a Stabler versus Benson courtroom scene coming up?

Anonymous said...

If they kill off Cabot, I would literally cry. She is the best character on the show. ever. no question.