Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sam Waterston and The Lincoln Bicentennial

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The Louisville Kentucky Courier-Journal reports that Sam Waterston will be appearing as Abraham Lincoln in an event kicking off a two-year national Lincoln bicentennial. Sam has played Lincoln many times in various productions for stage and screen: “The Civil War", "Gore Vidal's Lincoln", and “Abe Lincoln in Illinois” on Broadway. He voiced Lincoln in an exhibit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and delivered Lincoln's Cooper Union speech May 5, 2004. He is also on the Advisory Committee for the Lincoln Bicentennial.

The Courier-Journal says, “The inaugural event happens on Feb. 12 when President Bush has been invited to deliver the keynote address at a ceremony at Lincoln's birthplace in Hodgenville. A day earlier, Louisville will be host to a gala at the Kentucky Center, with music, displays and an appearance by TV actor Sam Waterston as Lincoln.

For your enjoyment, here’s a video with Sam Waterston as he discusses Lincoln. This YouTube clip has been authorized by ML Films (Michael Lawrence Films).

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