Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chris Meloni Joins the Cast for the Stepfather Remake

Various sources report that Chris Meloni (Law & Order SVU) will appear in the remake of the 1987 movie called “The Stepfather.” I am unable to find any information on exactly what role he will play in the movie.

The original Stepfather film, which starred Terry O’Quinn in the title role, is about a man who murders his own family, moves to another state and marries a widow. The widow’s daughter doesn't trust him...maybe for good reason.

Also in the cast with Chris are Dylan Walsh (in the title role), Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Adrianne Palicki and Sherry Stringfield. The remake is supposed to be more of a Hitchcock-style thriller than the original. Also, instead of a teenage daughter, it will be a teenaged boy (played by Penn Badgley) who is suspicious of his new stepfather. Filming is expected to begin in late March/early April in Los Angeles.

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