Thursday, December 6, 2007

A special Christmas Greeting – Law & Order style

Many thanks to the people at OfficeMax®, who created a nice little template for people to create a holiday greeting, using photos of friends, family, etc. I've already made a few containing some of my family members (and their pets), but being the true Law & Order junkie that I am, you know what I had to do next.

At the link below is a special Law & Order greeting that I created, with some of our L&O favorites Sam Waterston, Vincent D’Onofrio, Chris Noth and Chris Meloni. The greeting at the link has sound, and you’ll probably laugh when you see it, so just be mindful if you're at work and don't want your boss to know your goofing off on the Internet. I know you will enjoy it.

Here you go!

(This elfin' greeting brought to you by OfficeMax®)

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1 comment:

Karen said...

Too funny! LMAO!!!