Monday, May 7, 2018

Law & Order SVU “Remember Me / Remember Me Too” Episode Information

Here are the details for TWO new episodes of Law & Order SVU – the season 19 finale - “Remember Me / Remember Me Too.”

Law & Order SVU “Remember Me / Remember Me Too.”Air Date May 23, 2018 (9 PM – 11 PM ET Wednesday NBC)

"Remember Me"
SEASON FINALE BEGINS - When a young woman (guest star Genesis Rodriguez) takes a man hostage at gunpoint, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) makes a dangerous attempt to defuse the situation. Meanwhile, the SVU discovers the shocking motive behind the abduction. Also starring Ice T, Kelli Giddish and Peter Scanavino. Also guest starring Carlos Miranda (Miguel Lopez), Eddie Hargitay (Officer Montero), Chris Beetem (Alan Buckley), Kelly Deadmon (Stephanie Buckley), Katya Stepanov (Ingrid) and Gary Perez (Jorge Diaz).

"Remember Me Too"
SEASON FINALE CONTINUES - Benson's (Mariska Hargitay) suspicions about a kidnapping victim (guest star Carlos Miranda) uncovers a dangerous criminal network prepared to silence anyone who gets in their way. Also starring Ice T, Kelli Giddish, Peter Scanavino and Philip Winchester. Also guest starring Genesis Rodriguez (Lourdes Vega), Carolyn McCormick (Dr. Olivet), Amy Korb (Pamela Stone), Eddie Hargitay (Officer Montero), Chris Beetem (Alan Buckley), Kelly Deadmon (Stephanie Buckley), Raquel Dominguez (Maria Luna), Roberto Sanchez (Diego Diaz), Jackson Mercado (Efrain Hernandez) and Benito Martinez (Santino Rojas).

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Nancy R said...

Oh, no! Is this another Benson-centric episode in which she tries single-handedly to diffuse a hostage situation ??

Sharla Madewell said...

I know. Tried of Olivia stituation. This season the everybody has centric. Tried of it. Olivia's family, that was terrible episodes ever. Dealing with Sheila kidnapping Noah- that was worst episode and having Brooke shields as Noah's grandma. That was worst storylines. Then, Carsi's niece situation- terrible. Rollins stituation- more worst storyline ever, we have listen to her drama through the episode. Peter stone dealing with her sister- ok, they don't show her too much. Barba, is the saddest episode- bye Barba:( my favorite DA.
I hope next season will be better, less Noah storylines, Rollins - don't listen to her drama too much. Olivia, please don't bother Peter stone in bars and restaurants, leave him alone. Go to see your son.

Draven Long said...

Yay, another situation in which the woman who's been there for 19 years doesn't use her head.

Alphamutt said...

Why do people who are very obviously not happy or satisfied with L&O SVU still watching? Go for a walk, read a book, visit a friend, volunteer, do something. The whining and complaining, ad nauseam, is tedious.

Sharon Polikoff said...

I think when viewers get upset by the way a show is going, it's because of their emotional involvement in the characters. I've never liked SVU as much since Stabler left, and Alex and now Barba, but I will continue to watch it because there's so much quality still there. Same thing happening now with NCIS fans who will miss Abby but probably won't give up on a show that they've become attached to.
Kind of like if your teenage daughter cut her beautiful blonde hair and dyed it purple - you'd yell and criticize, but you'd still love her!

Vanessa Oduah said...

I'm frustrated with the show, but that doesn't mean I'll stop watching it after 16 years.

Unknown said...

My favorite show!!💖💖💖the whole cast!! It keeps me watching every show😘 but I do miss Elliot. DICK WOLF IS AMAZING!!