Monday, June 1, 2015

SVU Season 17 Premiere: Dallas Roberts Returns

The Hollywood Reporter states that Dallas Roberts will return to Law & Order SVU in the season 17 premiere, reprising his role as serial killer Greg Yates.

Read the full story here: The Hollywood Reporter: 'Law & Order: SVU' to Bring Back Dallas Roberts for Season Premiere (Exclusive)

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Petra S said...

Sorry Chris but that link just takes me back to your page?

Chris Zimmer said...

Oops! The first link was OK but the second was not. Thanks Petra for the info - it is now fixed!

Petra S said...

Thanks Chris! Excited to see Dallas Roberts back, he does evil good. Wonder how they will work it in there though, can't imagine CPD doesn't want a piece of him if he's involved in the case somehow.

Really hoping the two hours will be intense enough to keep my wee heart from breaking over the loss of DP, but I am dreading the new theme, I always laughed when I saw DP as I knew he was standing on a bench for that photo :) Keeping it shallow I never liked Rollins in the new group shot though so trying to keep a positive mind (hard though)

Cath T said...

We know the guy's in prison and they surely can't have him escape like Lewis did that would be bordering on ridiculous.

I think it will be SVU meets Silence of the Lambs. Using a serial killer to catch a serial killer.

Petra S said...

If they managed to get a Silence of the Lambs vibe to the episode/s that would be awesome!!

Will the victim-whisperer Olivia be playing the role of serial killer-whisperer Clarice too? Of course she will, it is the All About Liv Show after all
(sorry, I'll stop mocking the show once I've been able to put lousy S16 behind me, by fall I'm hoping to be back to being able to talk the show up & not down, meanwhile I hope you can bare with me ;)