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Law & Order SVU “Pattern Seventeen” Recap & Review

Law & Order SVU “Pattern Seventeen” brought Amanda Rollins and Atlanta back together again when the case of a New York City rapist matches the MO of a case in Atlanta where she previously worked. Not only has the rapist reared his ugly head again, but so have Rollins’ demons from Atlanta, what she calls a “boy’s club” where they want to be sure she “knows her place.” I usually don’t like to get ahead of myself and discuss the preview for next week’s episode, but if it wasn’t clear in this episode that Rollins’ former boss Deputy Chief Patton is a creep, it will be clear next week. It appears that Patton raped Rollins. I use the word “appears” because the promo people have been known to mislead in the past. Was it Patton, or was it someone else on the force, and the culture in that police department covered it up or made it impossible for Rollins to “out” her rapist? Also, if it was Patton, why would she even hint at agreeing to meet him for drinks as she did at the close of this episode? I could understand if she felt forced into meeting him as he had to in Atlanta, but it makes no sense for her to agree to meet him socially if he did rape her. Patton may be a rapist but maybe not HER rapist. Again, the promo people sometimes cut and edit those promos to lead the fans in one place and then they take them somewhere else. I don’t take any promo at face value any more. Maybe it’s just me trying to find a mystery in what seems like a too-obvious story line.

While Rollins complains about the boy’s club in Atlanta, things seem no different in New York, as I looked hard and could not see one woman on the CompStat panel. Even if there was one woman on that panel, that's still pathetic. If this is reflective of the real New York CompStat, it would be tragic. At first, Dodds seems perfectly content to grill Benson as did the others on the CompStat panel, but at least at the end, he gave her the forum to outline all the things that go wrong as a result of the rape kit backlog in other cities.

While tracking this serial rapist, Benson also has her hands full in fighting off a prickly case worker from Child Services who apparently thinks Benson is not being a good parent. It’s a little disappointing that Child Services would be so narrow minded that they don’t understand that a woman CAN have a high stakes career and take care of a child at the same time. In Benson’s case, there is zero evidence that Noah is being put in any danger or is being neglected. Yes it is true that Benson had a work emergency at the time Noah was “in crisis” but Benson did make sure someone was there when she could not. (As I am co-guardian of a relative with sometimes critical health issues, my experience is many times the hospital staff don’t want people hanging around the patient every second, and this never posed a problem with Child Services here.) I was surprised that Judge Linden didn’t recuse herself from this case. After all, Linden was the one that suggested Benson take Noah in the first place and I would think the caseworker and the attorney would be concerned that Linden would not be impartial. Linden does give Benson a chance to get out of the arrangement, but we all know that Benson would never do that. And thankfully, Trevor Langan also seems to be in Benson’s corner on this issue. The only person who seems to have a big issue with Benson is one case worker.

I liked this episode for the story but also for some nice scene staging and camera work. The stories seem far more realistic when there are scenes with visual interest such as Washington Square, and the representations of CompStat and the Atlanta file room.

Amaro was missing from the episode, as was Barba, I assume to make room for the CompStat and Atlanta story lines guest stars. It would be nice to have to main cast in each episode more often.

(An error: Joseph Conklin’s name was listed incorrectly as James Conklin on the DEA file on Carisi’s computer.)

Here is the recap:

Mariska Hargitay – Sergeant Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro
Raúl Esparza - ADA Rafael Barba
Peter Scanavino - Detective Dominick Carisi, Jr.

Guest stars:
Peter Gallagher - Deputy Chief William Dodds
Harry Hamlin – Deputy Chief Patton
Peter Hermann - Counselor Trevor Langan
Jayne Houdyshell - Judge Ruth Linden
Myk Watford - Captain Sam Reynolds
Samantha Futerman - Annie Lin
Lou Martini - Dr. Joseph Conklin
Bronwyn Reed -Lucy Huston
Ebonee Noel - Ashley Miller
Ras Enoch McCurdie - Usain
Michael Kostroff - Attorney
Lizzy DeClement - Beth Burns
Kelly Briter - ADA Bartell
Josh Pais – Deputy Commissioner Hank Abraham
Thedra Porter – Chantal Jackson
Susan Louise O’Connor – Lauren Burns
Madeleine Rose Yen – Nina Carr
Sydney Lucas – Ryann Catalano
John Cramer - Mike Catalano
Julia Kelly - Jennifer Catalano
Tim Hardiman – Inspector Hardiman

Annie Lin, a rape victim, recounts her attack to Benson and Fin, using their cognitive reenactment technique. She describes the attack and recalls the attacker had on rubbery, thin medical gloves and she barely saw his face. Under his breath, he was humming church music and he put his hand on her neck and she passed out. When she came to, he was still there and said “nice to see you again. Maybe we’ll have tea soon.” Then he walked out and he told her not to look but she peeked, She saw him go around the corner and watch until he was gone. She saw him take off his gloves. Annie goes back with the waiting officer as Benson tells Fin to have CSU comb the street and maybe they will get lucky and find those gloves and get some touch DNA. Fin comments maybe if the guy stalked her he wore a condom and made her pass out, they are looking at a pro. Benson replies that she knows and she also knows he will do it again and again until they find him.

Back at SVU in the squad room, Fin states the glove the found in the sewer grate came back clean – no DNA, no prints. Carisi comments no DNA, there goes CODIS. Benson says it was worth a short; they think the perp knew her so – and Carisi finishes so they re-canvas the area, video cams, parking tickets, cross check for known offenders; he knows the drill. Rollins walks in, looking downward as she walks past Benson and apologizes for being late. She explains that Con-Ed was on her block; a transformer was out and there was no electricity and no hot water. She had to take a shower at the gym. Benson gives Rollins a word of advice, saying that when she is coming up with an excuse, don’t oversell. Rollins replies “copy that.” Benson gets back to the case, stating that the perp wore latex gloves and they think he stalked her. Rollins asks if they put it into ViCAP, and Benson looks to Carisi who has a monetarily confused look. Rollins says they have a detailed MO and ViCAP is a comprehensive, nationwide database. Carisi says he knows, he was just about to get into that. Rollins puts in the information on her computer: early Sunday, a Caucasian male assaults Annie Lin, who is young, she is Asian, he chokes her and uses latex gloves. She asks what else, and Fin states he hummed. When Rollins asks “He what?”, Fin restates that he hummed, Benson adding that Annie remembered the perp humming while he assaulted her. Rollins gets a look on her face about the humming, and Carisi wisecracks so the perp was musical. Rollins says they may think she is crazy but she ask if it was gospel music. Fin explains that Annie said it sounded like a church hymn. Rollins comments that before she left Atlanta, they had a humming rapist that choked out his vics. It wasn’t her case, but it was only back in 2008-09. Benson tells Rollins that Atlanta is an easy call for her and tells Carisi, since he was going to do it anyway, tells him to take over ViCAP and check recently released parolees and offenders. She adds this guy had to come from somewhere. Fin, checking his phone, comments he may not have gone anywhere; a 16 year old at a mid-town magnet school just disclosed to her counselor early morning a guy choked her out.

On Monday, December 1 at Leonard Bernstein High School, Benson and Fin speak with Nina who describes her attack which fits the same MO as Annie’s attacker, including the humming. She never got a good look at him; she was face down.

Back at SVU, Carisi, who is looking at ViCAP responses, tells Rollins that there are a lot of perps who hum, sing or whistle to their victims. Rollins hasn’t gotten any new information but her phone rings and it is a call from Captain Reynolds in Atlanta. She thanks Reynolds for calling back, then says “no, it’s business”. Benson and Fin enter and Fin tells Carisi the new vic remembers the latex gloves and the humming; there is no DNA and didn’t see his face. He states he targets the vics and knows their routine. Carisi informs Benson there are too many matches on ViCAP and he has to find a way to narrow his search. Rollins gets off the phone with Atlanta and explains there are 3 open cases in Atlanta with the same MO and they did the rape kits on all three of them but never had them tested. Benson comments “not that again” and asks if they are testing them now. Rollins scoffs and says they think they are in storage. Carisi asks if they are looking at least, and Rollins replies not very hard, these cases are 6 years cold. Benson states theirs aren’t, and asks Rollins if she sends her down there, does she know where to look? Rollins comments it is still a boy’s club down there but if she acts helpless and bats her eyelashes, and Benson tells her to do that. Carisi asks to go with, but Benson suggests Rollins take Fin. As Benson walks to her office, she hears a voice call her name. It is Trevor Langan, asking if she has a minute. She asks if everything is alright, and he points to her office. As they walk to her office, Fin tells Rollins maybe this is a good time to get away. Rollins, deep in thought, asks how does he figure. Fin stares at her, saying there is a lot going on here, she has no hot water…Rollins, seemingly forgetting her earlier excuse, says what?, then realizes her error and says she is fine. She tells him to check on flights.

Meanwhile, in Benson’s office, Benson questions Langan that Child Services wants a hearing, asking why. Langan replies it is Noah’s health questions. Benson explains Noah has lung issues and she just has to watch his asthma. Langan counters they said they found rib fractures. Benson states “they” didn’t find them, her doctor found them, stemming from infancy. There is loud knocking on Benson’s office door and Carisi enters, but Benson says not now, she just needs a minute. Carisi says he is sorry but ViCAP is a rabbit hole and asks if it is okay if he puts in for overtime. She says yes and Carisi leaves. Benson goes back to Langan, questioning that they shipped Noah around from foster home to foster home for months and NOW they want to hold a hearing? Langan cautions that she can’t take that personally; even though she reported the abuse, they HAVE to follow up. He explains he is still Noah’s legal representative and for his sake, he just wants her prepared for that hearing. She says nothing and then nods her head.

Fin and Rollins arrive at the evidence storage at the Atlanta Georgia Police Department, Precinct Zone 8 on Monday, December 1. Fin questions Reynolds that they had three matching MOs and they didn’t test any of the kits? Rollins tries to get Fin to back off, and Reynolds comments that they know how it is, it is $1,200 a test and they can’t afford that for every single rape claim. Rollins asks “claim?” and Reynolds replies these girls weren’t exactly virgins – a prostitute, a junkie, and a teenage mother, all out in the early morning hours, each insisting they were attacked in the middle of the street by a complete stranger. Rollins counters that they either all came out with the same exact lie or he had a consistent MO. She adds if they had the kits tested, somebody might have popped. He says “You know something Amanda? Since you moved to New York, your hindsight has gone all the way up to 20/20.” Reynolds walks them into the file area, overloaded with file boxes , and he says everything has a number but nothing is ever where it is supposed to be. He tells them to have fun and enjoy their stay. Fin looks around and says he can see why she left. She replies “yeah.” Rollins suggests they work separately and says the faster she can leave Georgia the better.

Rollins puts a file box back on the shelf and then, looking around at all the other boxes stacked high on the shelves, lets out a sigh. As she pulls out another box on a low shelf, she hears a man say, “they’re not there, Amanda.” He adds he has what she is looking for right here, waving a handful of files. She puts the file box back, and she stands up and says, “Chief Patton, those are my rape kits?” He replies that technically they are his, but he heard she needed a favor. She comments with mild sarcasm that naturally when he found out she was coming he pulled them before she got here. He counters that he figured she would ask for him when she arrived, and they’ve been in his office since yesterday, waiting for her. He adds that he is trying to be helpful, calling her “darlin’.” She says, sounding like she is forcing herself to be nice, that she does appreciate that but what would actually be very helpful is if he tested all these rape kits. He forces a laugh, then says she could always start an argument in an empty house. She glares at him as Fin walks in from the end of the aisle and asks if everything is alright. Rollins says yes, and introduces Fin to Patton. Rollins informs Fin that it turns out Patton set the kits aside for them all along. Fin gives him a look and Patton says it was a communication breakdown. Rollins gives a sarcastic laugh, and Patton says he will turn over these rape kits for testing right quick and will pout a rush on it. Rollins asks about the case files, and Patton tells her to try initial reports. He states none of these were pursuable at the time, but feel free to re-open. When Rollins questions “really”, Patton comments that if he can clear 3 rapes on the NYPD’s dime, that works out for all of them. Rollins gives a fake smile as Fin looks deadpan. Patton tells her it is nice to see her again, saying it is always a pleasure. He mentions Fin’s name to acknowledge him also. As Patton walks off, Fin looks at Rollins and comments that she made a lot of “friends” down here, and Rollins replies that are just trying to make sure she knows her place.

At the residence of Ashley Miller in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, December 2, Fin and Rollins walk up to Ashley’s home. Rollins comments to Benson on the phone that the first one died last year and the other moved to Alaska, and they are going to talk to the third. When she concludes the call, she tells Fin that Carisi has three more rapes in Vegas that could also be their guy from 2010 with the same MO. Fin questions the perp raped 3 in Atlanta, 3 in Vegas, then he goes off the grid for 4 years. Rollins wonders if he got picked up and that Carisi is checking prison records. Ashley answers the door and is uncomfortable talking about the attack as her husband does not know. She pretends they are Jehovah’s Witnesses. They discuss the similarities between her case and those in New York and she recalls the actual hymn the perp was signing. She told the police all of that, and Rollins says they did not do right by her and they are going to fix it. Rollins asks her to go over her original statement, and Ashley says it is all there. She then recalls before her attacker left his pager went off. She told the police that and they asked her if she dated any drug dealers. Rollins keeps up the Jehovah ruse as she gives Ashley her contact card. As they leave, Fin mentions the pages and that they guy knows how to make the victims pass out, and wonders if they are looking for a doctor. Rollins’ phone rings, then tells Fin that DNA came back from Atlanta and the son of a bitch must have put it in before they got there. All three are from the same guy.

Back at SVU, Rollins tells the group they are calling it pattern seventeen. The DNA proves that one perp matching their New York MO committed 3 rapes in 5 weeks in Atlanta in 2008. Fin adds that the braniacs had the pattern and didn’t even know it and they didn’t even look for six years. Deputy Chief Dodds asks if there are any matches in CODIS, and Carisi replies nothing, not even familial’ DNA shows he is a white male from European descent. Dodds comments that is fairly useless, and asks if they are checking MOs in other states. Carisi says he may have struck in Vegas and possibly Milwaukee. Dodds asks if they have DNA from those cases, and Benson replies Milwaukee has a backlog about a mile long and Las Vegan doesn’t know if they have tested the kits or not. Rollins adds that what worries them is that this guy goes on sprees, Benson stating he is in the middle of one right now. Dodds asks if they talked to the vics in Atlanta, and Rollins explains just one, who said the perp likes to sing church songs and he may have used a pager. Dodds says with sarcasm it sounds like a cost effective trip. Benson tells Dodds they have this, and it’s just leg work. He tells her to try to put some shine on it before tomorrow, and when she asks what’s tomorrow, he tells her it’s the CompStat briefing on the Pattern Seventeen Rapist, and she is in the hot seat. As he walks off. Benson looks exasperated, and Fin cracks “See that? That’s why I never took the Sergeant’s exam.” She gives a slight smile.

At the CompStat meeting, Deputy Commissioner Hank Abraham holds up the New York Ledger with the headline “Pattern 17 Rapist NYPD Still Clueless.” Benson explains all that they have done but the committee continues to press her on what information they have and don’t have. She tries to explain that the suspect has been active in more than two cities but blames the backlog of untested rape kits. Dodds challenges her about the gaps in the perp’s timeline, and she suggests the perp was incarcerated. When Inspector Hardiman says the perp would have been in CODIS, Benson explains that most states don’t have all crimes DNA collection, and given that and the backlog of untested kits…Abraham cuts her off and says she is saying it is everyone’s fault but hers. Benson says no, that is not what she is saying. She says he is their problem now and they will get him. Meanwhile, an officer has whispered something to Dodds who says Benson will have to cut this short. Abraham asks what he is supposed to tell the press, and Dodds says he doesn’t care, but there is one thing they don’t tell them, they are establishing a new crime scene. The Pattern 17 rapist may have struck again.

Later, Benson arrives at the hospital where Fin and Carisi are already on scene. Ryann Catalano, 12, was walking her dog and was shoved into a car by a man matching the MO. He did not finish the rape, her dog spooked him. Inside the hospital, Fin and Carisi speak Ryann’s father while Benson and Rollins talk with Ryann and her mother. Mike Catalano tells them that the dog bit the assailant. Ryann tells Benson and Rollins that she did not see his face but does give a description of the car and license that she saw. She also mentions she shoved her headphones between the seats to show that she was there.

Back at SVU, based on the description from Ryann, Carisi checks the info on the car and Fin explains CSU is swabbing the dog’s teeth for DNA. Rollins asks Fin to tell them to scrape the nails, too. Carisi finds that the car could belong to a Dr. Joseph Conklin who works out of Mercy Hospital. Benson says it is nowhere near any of the three rapes – but Rollins says he is a doctor and that would explain the pager, gloves, and the chokehold. Carisi can’t find anything to connect him to Vegas but does find that the DEA has an open file on him for pushing pills for months. Fin thinks this is enough for a warrant.

Later, at the staff parking garage in Mercy Hospital on Wednesday, December 3, Fin, with DEA, and Carisi search Conklin’s car and find pills and Ryann’s headphones. As Conklin races to his car, he yells out and Rollins pulls her gun, announcing she is NYPD and to put his hands where she can see them. He says he was just showing his ID badge, he is a doctor. He tries to explain the meds and says he doesn’t know whose headphones those are. They arrest him for attempted rape and sexual assault. He says those women agreed to it, they just wanted the pills.

Back at SVU, Benson confirms to Dodds that the headphones were in the back seat and that they are holding him on a drug charge until the DNA comes back. When she explains they are doing the line up right now, Dodds says “nice work.” But none of the victims pick Conklin out of the lineup. Afterwards, Dodds comments they are 0 for 3 and asks about Atlanta. Fin says they could try but it has been 6 years. Rollins suggests emailing a photo array down but Benson says it doesn’t matter, they’ve got him. The headphones were in the car as were Ryann’s prints. Rollins adds the DNA will take a while. Dodds tells them not to wait, lie and tell Conklin they have a match and they already know it is him.

In the interrogation room, Benson and Fin and Carisi question Conklin with his attorney present. He continues to deny the attacks and Carisi brings up the fact that Conklin said right away it was consensual. After his attorney asks for immunity, Conklin mentions women will have sex with him for Oxy. Conklin says the women are in pain and the prescription are legal, but Fin counters not if they have to perform a sex act to get him. His attorney tells Conklin to stop talking.

Meanwhile, as Benson is observing the interrogations, she is on the phone finding that she has to be in family court tomorrow. Rollins interrupts but Benson waves her off.  Benson doesn’t like the news but says she will be there. After Benson hangs up, Rollins asks if it is a bad time, and Benson says “always.” Rollins thinks it is not Conklin, she checked his blood type with Conklin’s on file at Mercy and his is O+ and all the ones from Atlanta are AB. As Benson knocks on the window to signal Carisi and Fin, she comments that they stole Conklin’s car. As Carisi and Fin enter her office and they also believe Conklin’s behaviors do not match. Benson says it is not him, but it is still his car. Fin adds not to mention he is a pull pushing low life. Carisi thinks he loaned his car to another low life and is now covering for him. Benson tells them to go back in there and sweat him and find out who had access; check the hospital garage security footage and find out who was driving that car.

At the hospital parking garage, Fin and Carisi discover that and EMT could have easy access to the car keys and Fin asks to see the log book.

At Family Court on Thursday, December 4, Miss Jackson, the caseworker, paints Benson as a woman who cares more for her career than Noah. Langan, as Noah’s legal representative, tries to bring out that Noah has been better cared for by Benson and that Jackson’s agency did not notice prior abuse to Noah. Jackson remains concerned that as a single woman in a high stress job that Benson can’t make Noah her first priority.

Benson, returning to SVU, apologizes for being late and Dodds says they started without her. She sees the hospital security footage which shows Albert Beck, a decorated “hero” EMT for a Red Alert Ambulette was driving Conklin’s car. He returned an ambulette the garage an hour before the attack on Ryann. Dodds asks as Beck was on video driving Conklin’s car, why is he not in custody yet? Rollins explains it is his day off and Fin and Carisi are on their way to his home address in Queens. Benson asks if they can place him in Atlanta or Milwaukee, and Rollins states yes, he was an EMT in Atlanta from 2007-09 and then Milwaukee the next two years. His ambulette service gives him the perfect cover to troll for victims. Benson comments he moved to New York and where he lives for four years without incident and wonders why he suddenly starts raping again. Dodds tells her to ask him when they pick him up, and emphasizes she’d better hope it is him, adding her report to CompStat didn’t win her any fans. Benson gives a frustrated smile as Dodds walks off.

At the residence of Lauren and Beth Burns in Queens on Thursday, December 4, Carisi and Fin speak with Beck’s ex who says she hasn’t seen him since she threw him out a month ago. Her daughter Beth walks in and asks what did her mother do, and Lauren says they are asking about Beck.  Beth gets defensive and said it is her mother’s fault he left because he hates her and she hates her too. As she walks off, Lauren says the son of a bitch traded up – or down – her daughter is 15.

Back at SVU, Lauren and Beth are in the interview room as Fin explains to Benson, who is observing, that Lauren booted Beck out of the house, Carisi adds it was about the same time Beck started stalking vics. Rollins adds Lauren and Beck lived together in Milwaukee, Carisi adding it was the same time the Milwaukee rapes stopped. Her daughter moved with them to New York a year later. Benson thinks Beth is his type which explains the 4 year gap in rapes, Carisi explains Beck was kicked out as mom caught him eyeballing the daughter. They are still tracking him down. Benson gets a message as Fin explains they think Beth warned him before they took their cells. The message is from Judge Linden asking about 8:30 tomorrow, and Benson texts back “fine thx.” Benson asks if they think this is statutory rape and Fin thinks it is possible, Lauren has had Beth recently on a tight leash. Benson thinks she is a teenager and even without a phone she could figure out how to get in touch with him through social media. She heads into the interview room, taking Rollins with her.

They question Beth and Lauren and Beth continues to say they are wrong. Benson explains how dangerous Beck is and Beth is in denial and is upset they looked at her messages and selfies. Beth says they are private and Rollins and Benson put pressure on Lauren and Beth saying the photo are child porn and threaten to charge them with a felony. The both look stunned.

Later, in Washington Square at the arch, Beth is waiting for Beck as the detectives wait nearby. Beck arrives and Beth tells him to run but the detectives chase him. He runs away from them and straight into Fin, who tackles him and throws him to the ground. They arrest him.

Later, Beck is in the interrogation room alone, humming to himself – the same song Ashley said she heard - while the detectives watch along with Benson. Fin says this guy is done, the DNA matches and he has dog bite marks. Atlanta confirms he is also a match for all three of their cases and that he received several salutations for his heroism and he was active in his church choir which explains the hymns. Benson says she will call Barba, and Carisi brings up the selfies, which is child porn so Beck is looking at life. Benson tells Rollins to call Atlanta to tell them they will be charging him and Rollins says she is sure they are waiting to hear how thankful “we” are for “their” help. Carisi asks what about the other rapes that match his MO, and Benson suggest he call the others and ask them to test the rape kits. Fin questions if they find them, they won’t want to spend money on a cold case. Carisi suggests they short cut it and get a confession. When Benson comments he will not confess to more, there is nothing in it for him,  Fin replies you never know. Fin and Carisi enter the room, and when Beck says he isn’t saying anything, Fin plays a head game on him and says he has enough and Beck is done and he doesn’t even know it. He leaves the room. Carisi stays and plays a head game of his own, that they have other rapes on him and that maybe if they just charge him with the child rape and kiddie porn he will have to fend for himself in prison. Carisi says all they will know in prison is he is a pedophile. Beck denies it but as Carisi continues to pressure him about being classified as a pedophile in prison and Beck folds like it is laundry day.

Benson, who is watching with Fin, complements him on the good job. Rollins enters Benson’s office and says Dodds wants to see her at CompStat at 8:00 AM and it didn’t sound like a request.

On Friday December 5 in the Judge Linden’s chambers, Benson thanks her for seeing her so early. Linden want to talk before she rules, and then says there is no shame in admitting that she finds herself in a situation that she thought she could handle but realized now that she can’t. She says no one will judge her for that. Benson’s phone vibrates and she sees that it is Dodds but she doesn’t answer, telling the judge she does not need to take it. Benson says she needs to be here, she wants to make sure the judge understands her priority is Noah’s well being , his health and happiness. She could not love him more and will do everything in her power to prove that to her and to Child Services, she promises. Linden says “Don’t promise me, promise Noah.”

Afterwards, Benson meets up with Dodds outside police headquarters and he tells her she is cutting it close. Benson says she is here, and Dodds replies “so are they.”

At the meeting, Benson updates them on apprehending the Pattern 17 rapist and that he confessed to 3 assaults in New York at 28 other rapes in multiple cities and there may be more, they are still verifying them. Inspector Hardiman asks with so many assaults, how could SVU have done it differently? Benson states they did their job, but the fact is there are reliant on other jurisdictions when their perps cross over into New York’s. Abraham says it sounds like communication from these other police departments needs to improve. But Dodds chimes in and, to Benson’s surprise, says the problem is not communication but the national rape kit backlog that needs to be addressed. He turns it back over to  Benson who states they did catch the Pattern 17 rapist within one week after his first assault here, but the brutal truth is all of the New York assaults could have and should have been prevented. Albert Beck is a career rapist who was moved from state to state year after year but because many cities have underfunded departments and many cities do not regard crimes against women seriously, they never tested thousands of their rape kits. She asks what is the point of having a national DNA database if the rapist DNA is never entered into it? The group is silent.

Meanwhile, Rollins is at SVU on the phone with Patton in Atlanta telling him he can proceed with prosecution of all three. He says this is great news and says he is glad they were able to help. He gets a folder from a young woman and as she walks off, he checks her out. He tells Rollins he thinks they still work real well together. Rollins says OK and says she knows he is really busy and she will let him go. He tells her that he will be coming up there in January for a conference and maybe they can get a drink for old times’ sake. Rollins sits back and her chair and hesitates, then says maybe, it is long hours. He smiles and says she knows how he is, he doesn’t take no for an answer. He says he will see her soon as she stares off into space and she moves to hang up the phone. Fin asks her if everything is okay and she smiles and says it is all good. She whispers again “it’s all good” as her smile fades away and she looks sad as we fade to black.

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Ana Andrade said...
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Ana Andrade said...

Overall, this was a good episode. However, I feel as if the issues covered were covered before in the season 12 episode Behave. Not that I mind bringing back the issue of the rape kit backlog.

I agree in that the case worker seem to be the only one having a problem with Olivia having custody of Noah. She's doing her best to be there for the baby despite her job.

I'm pretty sure Patton is the one that raped Amanda. You could totally tell he's a creep. The scene at the end and the look on her face are very telling, especially when Patton says "I don't take no for an answer". I think she felt forced to agree to meet for drinks. All she said was maybe. I really can't wait to see this episode. I hope Nick is in it. Can the next 4 weeks go by already?

empxth tbh said...

From what we heard in season 13 we already kinda knew, and I'm happy we finally *officially* find out what happend in Atlanta...

Somewhere someone said that Patton was depicted like a "cartoon villain", with him staring at that one woman's butt and getting on the SVU's nerves and I kinda agree, but I guess it's okay since there really ARE people like him...
Idk why wanted to work SVU in the first place tho?

Laurie Fanat said...

I have the same feeling that the thing with Patton is a diversion from the real rapist. The promos often twist things. Why would Rollins say "maybe" to meeting with him when he came to New York? She doesn't work for him any more and he has no power over her. Why doesn't she tell him to go f#^* off if he was her rapist? Who agrees to go out with a man who raped her? Is Rollins a head case or is he not her rapist? Warren Leight said Patton and Rollins have a history but Leight never spelled it out as far as I know. It would be silly for them to tip their hand the way they have if he was, why spoil the story? I smell a twist coming.

The episode was good, however the rape kit backlog thing is wearing out its welcome. I applaud Mariska for her work on this in real life, though.

Do they have to cut members of the regular cast in order to pay the salaries of the guest stars? Sure seems that way.

Kylee said...

I loved it!!! But I think that Olivia (Mariska) should get out in the field more!!!! But still the best show ever!!!!

Kylee said...

I loved it!!! But I think that Olivia (Mariska) should get out in the field more!!!! But still the best show ever!!!!

Petra S said...

I liked this episode, felt a bit old school like with real detective work and the squad working all angels and together. I did miss Amaro, have we ever gotten an ep with all five of them in the same one?
I've liked captain Sam before but in this ep he seemed (almost) as big of a prick as Patton. I can't wait for the upcoming ep, I'm scared and excited and everything in between and above and below. Don't think I've ever been as eager to see an episode of SVU before actually.
And I don't find it strange at all that Rollins would answer 'maybe' in regards of having a drink with Patton. That was imo obviously a big fat no but she's covered up a potential rape by this guy for several years, she's obviously disturbed by him, but she can't all of a sudden blow him off. This is one tough cookie we're talking about, she's going to act like everything is okay until it kills her apparently, not even able to trust Fin with whatever secret she's carrying around.

Marla K said...

I've been watching the last few seasons again...

Back in S15 when Murphy was temporary CO he made comments about Rollins having "blind spots" with men in positions of power. It seemed an out of the blue comment (though it was part of his character to analyze everyone all of the time). This may have been the storyline that comment was leading up to.

We know she had an almost-sort-of thing with her Captain in Atlanta ("papa bear"), and it does seem obvious that this other fellow likely sexually harassed her. But did he rape her or did she escape and then because she didn't report him he did something to someone else, so there's a guilt issue she will have to deal with (Zzzzzzz).

The stories as of late have been very predictable. There hasn't been a shocking twist in years... for example I could have written a much better ending to "Born Psychopath" with my eyes closed, and hands tied behind my back. In fact wouldn't it have been better if the daughter was actually the cause of all the issues and framing her older brother? But I digress...

Unknown said...

I know this is waaaay late but yeah I have to say with the CS agency my guess is the agency is compensating for the fact that they didn't notice Noah's injuries (I know that it could have happened before hebenteted their care and I'm not saying I know how they work but don't they do physical exams especially considering where Noah was found)and are now screaming "SEE WE'RE DILIGENT!" Either that or just an over enthusiastic case worker.