Sunday, August 17, 2014

Law & Order SVU Season 16 Premiere Promo

Here is a promo for the season 16 premiere of Law & Order SVU, which will air on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 9PM ET on NBC.

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Lisa said...

I wonder how many story lines will include Noah in danger, or will it move on to the nanny being raped.

Petra S said...

I'm starting to get really annoyed now. First it was the key art advertising full out the Olivia show, and now the promo's for The Benson & baby show is out. So disappointed.
I never wanted a baby on the show but since it happen I started to hope that maybe baby Noah could make Liv less bitter and be a fun character to watch again but if it will be baby drama and cuddling and *blah* I'll be out. I sure hope this promo is just a lame attempt to vow 'that' part of the fandom. I would've preferred if Liv would've been mama bear of SVU instead of a baby cause let's face it when she's in charge - & not to take responsibility off them tho - Rollins go off the deep end & Amaro beats up perps. Let Liv be a mama and bring in a proper captain to get this squad - and show - back on the right track.
Sorry to be so negative but I'm just too invested in this show, I need to get a life ;)

Laurie Fanat said...

They are pandering to the baby fans. Maybe this is who they want their core audience to be? If so, it's a sad state of the show. The promo people are notorious for misleading promos so I thin the tipped over baby carriage thing is just a ruse and it is not Noah's.

I laughed loud and hard with the line in the promo "It completely changed her life." They show her in her apartment which is clearly a mess and OH DEAR I MUST CALL MY SITTER phone call. Yes fans, that is a real change in her life - a neat apartment to a messy apartment and having to get a sitter! Give me a break. I wouldn't call a messy apartment a compete change in her life nor having change plans to adjust for a change in work schedule.

I used to be so excited for the new season to start and now not so much. Yes, I will still watch but I feel it is now for the wrong reasons - its now for the "camp" factor or "how bad can this get" factor. The rest of the cast is now invisible, from the promo tease to the recent key art that NBC put out. I love Mariska sure, but the ensemble is what drew me to the Law & Order shows. The ensemble feel is missing and if this keeps up, so will be a lot of fans.

Tamaru said...

This does not feel like a Law and Order show...

Linda F. said...

I'm hoping they've made the baby thing more important in the promo than it really is, and that come the actual season, it won't be such a big part of the show. It wouldn't be the first time the promo monkeys assembled a misleading promo.

I've been checking out the fan tweets when they broadcast the reruns at 10 p.m. on Saturdays, and I'm actually sort of shocked how obsessed they are with Mariska and the baby. A lot of them are also quite rude and unpleasant (not all, of course), so I think last week was my final time with them on Twitter till the cast starts tweeting again in the fall.

If these are the people Leight and Martin are trying to appease, I think I'd better get ready to say goodbye to my beloved Nick. Because if they have their way, it'll be the Olivia and Noah show, and the heck with the ensemble, which is the main reason I tune in, too (well, after Danny Pino).

Lisa said...

It was only a matter of time before Warren and Julie caved into the MAKE OLIVIA HAPPY brigade or the Olivias empty womb army. Honestly I am surprised it took this long.

Part of Olivia mystique is her dark past and unhappy future now Now that brooding is gonna be gone
replaced by cooing baby sounds.

I only watch ot see Ice T ill just read during scenes that are not his.