Thursday, June 12, 2014

Law & Order UK “Repeat To Fade” Recap & Review (Series 8 Finale)

Law & Order “Repeat To Fade” was the final episode of series 8, and possibly the final episode of the show. Earlier this month, ITV announced that Law & Order UK would “rest” for now, this being the last episode for the foreseeable future, and that Bradley Walsh was leaving the show. This was sad news for Law & Order fans both in the UK and in the US, the UK show being the only way US viewers can get a “fix” of new episodes in their beloved “mothership” Law & Order format. (Hopefully series 8 will air on BBC America now that it finished its UK run but as of right now there is no word on that.)    Bradley Walsh leaving the show is a huge loss. Bradley has been with Law & Order UK since the very beginning, and his character Ronnie Brooks is clearly the most interesting and most layered.  It seemed when Ronnie was “born” into the Law & Order universe he was modeled after Law & Order’s Lennie Briscoe,  but over the years Ronnie developed into his own unique character. I can’t say whether the show deciding to “rest” has anything to do with Bradley’s exit, but his character has been so integral that finding someone to replace him could be a daunting task. I can only hope that someday Law & Order UK will return. The show was produced by Kudos, who did an exceptional job in delivering a high quality episode each week. Law & Order UK is probably the most visually interesting of all the shows in the Law & Order brand. Each scene was framed, lit, and filmed beautifully. Even the most common location shots were staged just right to bring a scene to life. It also featured consistently  excellent writing and a great cast. I am going to miss this show tremendously.

“Repeat to Fade” was based on the original Law & Order episode “Marathon” (season 10, episode 6 ) where Detective Lennie Briscoe insisted that a suspect confessed to him, and only Lennie heard that confession. “Repeat to Fade” had an identical theme but the story still felt fresh and interesting. In this case, Ronnie also has to deal with a new boss, Elizabeth Flynn, who replaced DI Wes Leyton after his murder. Things get off to a rocky start, and things don’t get better when only Ronnie hears a confession from a suspect in a high profile murder case.  Viewers feel like they know Ronnie so we already trust that he did hear what he said he heard. But his own boss DI Flynn thinks he is a dinosaur and her boss, Commander Stone, is ready to put Ronnie out to pasture. It’s a huge embarrassment that Flynn is publicly tough on knife crime and her team can’t seem to nail the person who killed a woman with a knife. The legal case hits a brick wall when the limited evidence they have is circumstantial. Thankfully, the Ronnie we know and love remains diligent and manages to find the one shred of evidence that can put the case together and to put a young killer behind bars.

Even though Ronnie was offered a job by Flynn and Stone which would move him off the street, we never hear if Ronnie has accepted the job. I assume that, with Ronnie working so passionately to (successfully) close his current case, that he had no intention of leaving. Now that Bradley Walsh has decided to exit the show, and the show won’t be returning for the foreseeable future, we can only wish that Ronnie is happy doing whatever Ronnie has decided to do. Many thanks to Bradley Walsh for making the beloved Ronnie Brooks come to life and for making viewers truly care about him.

Law & Order UK fades to black…for now.

Here is the recap:

Bradley Walsh - DS Ronnie Brooks
Ben Bailey Smith – DS Joe Hawkins
Sharon Small - DI Elizabeth Flynn
Dominic Rowan - Jacob Thorne
Georgia Taylor - Kate Barker
Peter Davison - Henry Sharpe

Guest cast:
Jing Lusi - Gabby
Natasha Sparkes - Carla
Joss Porter - Rodin
Raffaello Degruttola - Niccolo
Nicholas Blane - Oswald Spear
Adelayo Adedayo - Kayla
Mark Bagnall - Thomas King
Clifford Barry - Albert Carlow
Liam Sargeant – Jack Carlow
Adjoa Andoh - Lilly
Leo Gregory - Warren Lennox
Shereen Gray - Shonda Washington
Kasey Mckellar - Bobbi Washington
Pippa Bennett-Warner - Zana Washington
Fady Elsayed - Jamal
Nisha Nayar - Namita Cresswell
Tony Gardner – Commander Douglas Stone
Michael Culkin - Justice Lockwood
Colin Salmon - Doug Greer
Michael Byers - Robert Page

At the Farmer’s Market in Southwark on Saturday, December 13th, DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Joe Hawkins help a woman who had been stabbed as emergency medical people race to the scene. Ronnie asks Joe who called it in, and Joe explains it was PCS Lennie and he is giving a statement to a uniform and that SOCO is on the way. The woman is Sally Carlow, she is 24 years old and she was carrying some sweets and her purse has 40 quid in it. The officer tending to the woman tells the detectives Sally was already gone bus she will pronounce her dead at the hospital.

Joe and Ronnie speak with witnesses, who didn’t see Sally get knifed, they just saw a guy running away. A man said he was wearing a black leather jacket but a woman says it was blue. He also wore a red football shirt with a logo but the witnesses differ on the name of the team. Ronnie speaks with another witness who saw the man flee on a scooter, a Typhoon 50cc but he did not see the registration. He wore white helmet with a green a red stripe like his flag.

At the mortuary on the same day. Ronnie and Joe hear there were no identification markings for the knife, which went straight through the femoral artery. The angle of the wound indicates the attacker was 5’4” or 5’5”. They wonder if the killer was a woman or a kid.

Later. at MIU central headquarters, Joe, playing darts, asks Ronnie how come so many witnesses can see so many different things. Ronnie thinks it is because it happened so fast and it takes a while to sink in, the suspect goes missing, and they are stuck talking to the Italian tourist board. As Ronnie tries to get Joe back to the darts, Kayla tells them that CCTV us on its way in and she will track the red scooter. Ronnie tells her the full reg is the priority. As they go back to darts, they notice a news conference on the TV with their new “gov” DI Elisabeth Flynn, who started Monday. She talks about knife crime which is her priority. The ask her about Sally’s stabbing which happened an hour prior and she looks caught off guard. Ronnie says “ouch” adding that Flynn was bitten by her own sound bite, saying she is being a plonk and she knows it. But Flynn has just entered the room and hears this and when Joe thinks Ronnie got the term plonk wrong, Flynn corrects him and says Ronnie did get it right, it means “person of little or no knowledge” and it was Ronnie’s generation called “dinosaurs” before they realized they had brains as well as tits. Ronnie says he was just saying…and Flynn cuts him off and says she knows exactly what he was saying, and fighting knife crime is not just a sound bite for her. She tells Joe to go and get the eyewitness reports and when he is finished with his game of darts, there is a murder for him to solve. As Flynn leaves, Joe turns to Ronnie and says he likes her, then shoots his dart and leaves.

Afterwards, walking outside, Ronnie says he will not have her accusing him of being a dinosaur, and Joe replies he didn’t think it is him he needs to be telling. Ronnie replies he’s looking for another chance to make a first impression. Joe gets a phone call from Kayla who tells him the owner of the scooter is at Chadwicke Estate.

At the home of Thomas King at Chadwicke Estate later in the day, the find that his red scooter was nicked that morning. He didn’t report it because they police haven’t responded to his complaints before. They explain the stabbing and Thomas asks if they think it was him because he is short and more suspicious. Joe replies in this investigation, yes. Thomas says someone stole his scooter and dumped it, and tells them it is at the other side of the estate.

Ronnie and Joe find the burned scooter and Joe thinks they won’t get anything off it. Thomas also tells them his crash helmet was laying next to it.

Back at MIU as Flynn sets up her office, the detectives explain Thomas works at the local café and they confirmed he was there. Ronnie shows her the bagged helmet and that Lilly will take some prints from it. She tells them if there is any news to let her know, and to think of her as the third man on the team. Ronnie smirks and looks at Joe, and Flynn asks if that is a problem. Ronnie says no, not at all. She replies good, she likes to keep her hands dirty. Kayla enters and informs them she tracked down Sally’s next of kin; her dad Albert is downstairs and she has a son, Jack.

They speak with Albert Carlow while Jack waits in another room. He wants answers. Sally has been in London two years and she came here to teach art to kids. Ronnie thinks this was random but asks if anyone wanted to hurt Sally or had a grudge. Albert says no, she only had time for Jack and the kids at school. Joe asks for a list of her friends in the area. Ronnie explains they have lots of eyewitness statements they are working on. Ronnie promises they will get him and Albert asks how does he tell Jack he lost his mother.

Ronnie and Albert enter the room where Jack is waiting. Ronnie explains he is a policeman who doesn’t wear a uniform and he has been around a long time, like a dinosaur. He says there are things he doesn’t understand in this world, and sometimes bad things happen to good people. He can’t explain it, but today something sad has happened and…Joe watches from outside the room as Ronnie delivers the news.

At the forensics lab on Sunday December 14, Lilly says the owners prints were on the helmet but found another partial thumbprint and she will email what she has. Ronnie thanks her for coming in and she says no problem, anything for him.

Later, at MIU, Joe and Ronnie look at information on the partial print and Ronnie sees a match in Bobbi Washington, 15 years of age with minor offenses including shoplifting and theft and carrying a knife. Joe finds he is registered to an address in Chadwicke Estate. Ronnie thinks this is why he dumped the scooter close to where he found it. Joe thinks this is an area with lots of ways in and out and they should call for backup. Ronnie questions it since it is a Sunday, saying he promised Jack and he is not hanging around now that he knows where the suspect lives. Joe says he will tell the gov but Ronnie stops him and tells him to wait until they have something. Joe reminds her that Flynn said any news to let her know, and Ronnie knows this but he doesn’t want her breathing down their necks every step of the way.

At the home of Bobbi Washington that same day, they speak with his mother Shonda and boyfriend Warren who is reluctant to help. Ronnie sees Bobbi approach and then stop, and Ronnie begins to chase him. Joe passes Ronnie as they both race down the stairway but loses him, not seeing which way he went on the street. Ronnie, trying to catch his breath, tells Joe not to dare say he told him so.

Later, at the Chadwicke Estate, Flynn asks how a 15 year old got past them. Ronnie says he just did and they are not happy about it. She reminds him she told him to call her the minute they had something, and Ronnie says, with all due respect, they don’t need her looking over their shoulder and says he has a family to interview. He bangs on the door and enters the apartment. Flynn asks Joe if Ronnie talked to DI Leyton like that and Joe says Ronnie just wants the kid caught, and Flynn replies so does she.

Inside, they speak with Bobbi’s mother and boyfriend who says they have no control over Bobbi any more. Ronnie sees a photo with Bobbi and a girl and finds it is his big mouth sister, Zana, who lives with her boyfriend.

At the home of Zana Washington in Tooting on the same day, she hasn’t seen Bobbi and thinks he could still be a good kid. She says his mother’s boyfriend sues Bobbi so they can stay at home and get wasted. Ronnie notices a framed red football shirt hanging on the wall. They explain the stabbing. Zana’s boyfriend Jamal enters and when Zana asks where he has been because she needed the car for work, he says he want to Liverpool street. She questions why he went there, and Joe asks why DID he go there? He explains he was doing Zana’s brother a favor.

At the crowded Liverpool Street Station that same day, Ronnie and Joe look for Bobbi with full police backup. They scan the area and Joe spots him sitting on a bench. As they move down the stairs, Ronnie radios in the information to the other officers. Bobbi sees them and runs, Joe chasing. They quickly catch up and Ronnie nabs him, saying not this time, and to come with him. He begins to walk off with Bobbi.

Outside, they have Bobbi up against a wall and he gives them some lip, but Joe tells him not to do anything stupid, they are going to search him and then arrest him. Ronnie explains they are looking for a murder weapon. Bobbi resists a bit but Joe gets him turned facing the wall and Bobbi wiggles off his pants, asking if that is what they want to see, saying he told them he is not carrying. Ronnie and Joe look away.

Later, back at MIU, Bobbi is in interrogation with his solicitor Namita Cresswell and he says he does not know Sally. Ronnie says Bobbi tried to steal her purse and she fought back and he panicked and fought back and stabbed her. Bobbi denies it but Ronnie says Sally is dead and she leaves behind a six year old son and he has to deal with that loss for the rest of his life, telling Bobbi to admit to what he did. His brief says Bobbi does not have to admit to anything but Ronnie continues to press. Bobbi wise cracks about old people, and says that is Ronnie. Joe says they have a print on the crash helmet and it is not long before they will have him on CCTV. Namita says they don’t have the footage and, about that print…

Later, in Flynn’s office, Flynn asks how the print was contaminated, and Namita tells her to talk to her forensics team, it’s something about smoke damage and clarity of image. Flynn argues this is not about a shoplifter who needs a slap on the wrist, Bobbi is under arrest for murder. Namita says it is an illegal arrest, and Ronnie asks if she is kidding; Bobbi ran away from them twice and now she is going to try to get him off on a technicality? Namita says the Police And Criminal Evidence Act is not a technicality. Flynn asks what does she mean and what happened, and Ronnie says nothing happened, she is just using a tactic. Namita saying it stops him from taking advantage of vulnerable people, and Ronnie gets upset, saying this is a boy who stabs someone in broad daylight. Namita says Bobbi would do anything he asked and it was a public place and Bobbi dropped his trousers because they bullied him. Joe says they were making an arrest, and Ronnie tells Flynn this would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous, saying Bobbi wears his trousers halfway down his backside for a kick off. Flynn says she has heard enough, and Namita claims the search was illegal and they have no evidence to hold her client. Ronnie looks at Flynn and says she can’t be considering letting Bobbi go, and Flynn says if the print isn’t holding up they haven’t got enough. Namita thanks her and storms out of her office. As Ronnie walks off, he says the reason doesn’t matter, they need more time. Flynn asks what century is Ronnie working in, telling Ronnie that this is happening and to deal with it.

Afterwards, Ronnie sees Bobbi as he is leaving, and Bobbi stops to glare at him and give him the finger. Joe also sees it and looks at Ronnie as Ronnie shakes his head.

Later, at the home of Zana Washington, they search Jamal’s car and find nothing. When Jamal says he has work, Ronnie brings up that he saw forms that Jamal is claiming tax benefits and if the authorities find out he has a job it is their duty to report that. Joe comments that Jamal could be evicted and they can cozy up with Zana’s mom and boyfriend. Jamal says they can’t go there, the reason Zana got her own place was because of Warren. They continue to press Jamal and he admits that he and Bobbi stopped on the way and Bobbi rushed out to take a leak behind some bins to take a leak.

At the Supermarket Binstore the same day, officers are searching the outside trash bins and the knife is found. Ronnie holds up the knife to Jamal, who is shaking his head, and says “That is one hell of a leak.:”

Later, at the Chadwicke Estate, Ronnie and Joe, along with other police officers, approach a group of young men playing basketball and they round them up and put them up against the nearby fence. Bobbi claims this is harassment and Ronnie says they haven’t even started yet. Joe tells them all that anyone caught with a blade gets arrested and sent back to the station. Ronnie searches Bobbi as he tells him this is not going away. Joe hears Ronnie say, “What did you say?” Ronnie turns Bobbi around and says it could not be better, his main man here just confessed. He asks Bobbi to repeat it to Joe, and when Bobbi is silent, Ronnie says he did not think so. He tells the other to wrap it up, they are done here, as he walks off with Bobbi.

At MIU headquarters on Monday, December 15, Bobbi is back in interrogation with Namita who says Bobbi said the confession never happened. Ronnie asks Bobbi if he is calling him a liar, and Namita tells Bobbi not to answer that. She brings up the police trying to intimidate the group of boys, and Ronnie counters that one is a murderer and two were carrying knives. She asks if they have any evidence and Ronnie says the fact that Bobbi told him that he did it is a good start. Bobbi says he is lying, and Joe asks what did he say to Ronnie as he did see him say something, and Bobbi says he told Ronnie he was too old to catch him if he ran and he never admitted to a murder.

Later, Flynn, along with Kate Barker, watch from the observation area and asks Joe if he heard Bobbi admit to the murder and Joe admits no. Ronnie insists that Bobbi said “The white bitch deserved it.” When Flynn asks Ronnie what he said to Bobbi, Joe jumps in and says to be fair, Ronnie didn’t have time to say anything, and Ronnie states that Bobbi just came out with it. Kate comments that to a jury, that will seem a bit too convenient, Bobbi suddenly admitting to a stabbing out of the blue. Ronnie tells her no offense, but they are not dealing with a criminal mastermind here, adding Bobbi is just a gobby teenager. Flynn comments that it does not matter, if a jury does not believe him, they have no prosecution. Ronnie asks why they wouldn’t believe him, and Kate replies that they trust him but in a his word versus theirs argument, not everybody believes a police officer – not anymore. She adds it would really help if they had some forensic evidence.

At the forensics lab on the same day, Lilly tells Ronnie, Joe, and Flynn that the knife is clean and there are no prints and none of the victims DNA on the blade or the handle. She can’t prove forensically that this is the murder weapon. Ronnie comments they have nothing, and Flynn adds “again.” Joe sees something on the knife and asks what are these, pointing to some marks on the knife. Lilly assumed they are wear and tear, but Joe comments that he’s seen markings like this on a knife used in a gang stabbing a couple years ago, Flynn states that may be worth digging into a bit deeper, asking if Bobbi is in a gang. Ronnie replies no. Lilly says she will get the scratches checked out but as things stand at the moment, she can’t give evidence that this is the knife that killed Sally. Ronnie comments he swears this used to be a little bit easier. Flynn states they will have to release Bobbi, adding she needs to give an update to Borough Commander Stone, and Ronnie tells her “good luck with that.” She asks Ronnie what makes him think she is going on her own?

Later, in Borough Commander Stone’s office, he asks how do they not have this man in custody yet, then asks to change the question, stating they already had him in custody, twice. Flynn replies each time the evidence fell apart at the last minute. Stone asks if “fell apart” is what she likes to say to the press. He tosses and issue of the Daily Express newspaper on his desk with the headline “Getting Away With Murder” on the front page, stating they want to know why their streets are no longer safe and how a 15 year old scrote is running rings around the finest officers that London can put out on the street. Flynn replies that this 15 year old scrote has one of the best solicitors on his side. Joe adds they know it is him, they need more evidence. Stone sarcastically replies “Oh really? And how do you know?” Ronnie states Bobbi confessed, and Flynn quickly states only Ronnie heard it. Stone asks that Ronnie’s word is not good enough? Flynn says with respect, that is not the point; it won’t work for the prosecution on its own. Stone asked what happened to the knife, and Flynn explains it is clean of the suspect’s DNA. She says the eyewitness reports are still coming in but when a suspect is wearing a motorcycle helmet and gloves they can’t even secure an ethnic identification. Stone asks how is this kid their prime suspect? She says this is not their first time, the circumstantial was enough to proceed with Bobbi and it still is. He tells Ronnie and Joe to excuse them, so they leave the office. After they leave, Stone tells Flynn he can see she is doing all she can but this is her first week and they are already a laughingstock. They are meant to be clearing the streets of knife crime. Flynn says she knows and they will. He asks if her team is giving her enough support, and she replies yes, absolutely. He says if she needs to get rid of some dead wood, she will have his approval. She insists they are fine. Stone says he knows her and loves her loyalty but division intelligence has an opening if she needs to give someone a “promotion” out of harm’s way. She asks if that is like what he did with her? He says nothing.

Afterwards, Flynn storms down the stairwell to Ronnie and Joe who are waiting on a landing. Ronnie tells her “thank you for that.” She tersely replies that she defended him for the team because she doesn’t want anyone thinking she is running a unit that can’t put a case together. Ronnie says they don’t want anyone thinking that, do they? She testily says she does not know what Ronnie’s problem is. Ronnie replies that, with respect. They can put a case together they just need more time. She snaps back at him, saying “Good, because I am not doing that again.” She storms off.

Later that day at the forensics lab, Lilly tells Joe he was onto something about the scratches on the knife handle. All members of certain gangs use the same markings, like a badge of honor. Joe adds they stopped when they realized the police used it to identify them. She explains that the rough edge of the scratched plastic is impossible to keep clean and it picks up trace materials which become ingrained, like skin, grime, and dirt. The DNA she found is older than the crime they are trying to solve – much older. Ronnie asks whose DNA is it? Lilly explains it is Bobbi’s mom, Shonda.

Back at MIU, Joe asks Ronnie how can they arrest Bobbi’s mom if the forensics don’t relate to the current crime? Ronnie says she doesn’t know that, does she? Joe says they bring her in anyway, and Ronnie adds they will put her maternal instincts to the test.

At the home of Bobbi Washington that same day, Warren answers the door and thinks Ronnie and Joe are there for Bobbie. Ronnie explains they are there to arrest Shonda on the suspicion of Sally’s murder. As Joe reads her rights, Bobbie stand behind his mother and shakes his head. The officers come in and arrest her.

Later, at MIU. Jake and Kate are in Flynn’s office discussing the arrest, Kate saying it is a stretch and Jake adding that they don’t want it getting out they have insufficient evidence. Flynn asks what if Shonda admits she gave the knife to Bobbi and that he had it that morning? Kate replies that by the sound of it, Shonda is all over the place and the jury will have a hard time believing anything she says, Jake adding let alone a tenuous connection between a suspect and a murder weapon. Kate wonders how they will convince Shondra to grouse on her own son, all she has to do is stay quiet. Flynn comments they will just have to trust Ronnie.

Meanwhile, near the stairwell, Joe approaches Ronnie and tells him the solicitor is here and they are ready for them. Ronnie calmly tells Joe to let them wait. He thinks time is their friend her and another 10 minutes should do it, thinking Shonda wants a drink; he knows he does.

In interrogation, Ronnie shows Shonda a picture of the markings on the knife and asks how does a 15 year old get a hold of a gang-marked knife? She said no gangs are doing that, but he says that knife has her DNA all over it. Joe asks how the knife got behind a soup market on the way to Liverpool street station. He asks if Bobbi nicked it off her, and Ronnie asks if it was a Christmas present, maybe to show how much she cared. Ronnie takes a drink from a glass and says it is an expensive habit, even the cheap stuff costs an awful lot when they put away as much as they do. He says when you start on the hard stuff, like really good gin, or vodka…Shonda gets more uncomfortable as Ronnie asks how can she afford that on social? He thinks there is extra money coming in from somewhere, because he knows she would do anything for her next drink.. He takes another sip, asking he wouldn’t she, then holds out the glass toward her, adding like having loved ones steal for her. He says Bobbi is her little soldier and still loves his mom and would do anything she asked. But this time, he went too far. Ronnie asks her to tell them where Bobbi got the knife from and she can walk out that door and go anywhere she wants. She gets more unsettled and says nothing.

At the Chadwicke Estate on Tuesday, December 16, Ronnie and Joe arrest Bobbi for Sally’s murder. As Joe reads Bobbi his rights. Bobbi argues that he’s done nothing. He tries to turn away but two officers stop him and hold him.

At the Crown Prosecution Service on Wednesday December 17, Director Henry Sharpe comments to Jake and Kate about seeing whether an alcoholic mother can hold it together to give evidence against her son. He asks if the jury will believe her, and Kate says it is the one absolute link between the murder weapon, the victim, and Bobbi. Henry asks if that doesn’t play what do they have left to work with? Jake replies the confession, and Kate adds that no one but Ronnie heard and which Bobbi denies. Jake asks if he is the only one taking Ronnie at his word, and Henry comments that Jake is the only prosecutor taking any police officer’s word these days. Jake reminds them Ronnie will be under oath, but Henry counters that I is still a tough ask to get the case home. If the jury doubts Ronnie, the whole trial collapses.

At Crown V Washington, trial day 1 on Wednesday, January 14, Shondra is giving evidence and Jake asks how Bobbi’s biological father died. Shondra explains that he was stabbed; they were both members of a gang and they killed him because he abused the rules. It was expected for girlfriends to be shared around – for sex. The rules were they could have them whenever they wanted them and Carl said no and they killed him for it. Jake says the official report said Carl’s girlfriend picked up the knife and used it to defend herself – that would be her – and he describes the marks on the knife handle. She nods. Jake asks what happened to that knife, and Shondra said she was so scared that night, more scared than she had been in her life. She did not want her son to go through that, not ever. So on his 13th birthday she gave Bobbi his dad’s knife to protect himself so he could never feel as scared as she was. She looks over to Bobbi who glances up at her and then looks to the floor.

The defense barrister, Mr. Greer, shows the murder weapon to the jury and asks Lilly, who is giving evidence, about the DNA on the handle, and she must admit that the DNA on the handle is not Bobbi’s. He asks Lilly if she can say with absolute certainty that this was the weapon used on Sally, and Lilly says she cannot with absolute certainty.

Afterwards, Jake tells Ronnie that is not the answer he wanted to hear but it was not a surprise. Jake adds that to be honest, if Greer hadn’t gotten that he would have been disappointed. Ronnie comments that wouldn’t it be nice if Greer slipped up, just this once, and Jake replies that Greer doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes. Ronnie counters than neither does he, Bobbi confessed. Jake tells Ronnie he believes him but the jury read about other situations with officers that undermine Ronnie’s credibility. Ronnie states he would like to string them up, every last one of them, and when Jake gives him a look, Ronnie turns to him and questions if Jake wouldn’t, if any of his mates brought the legal system crashing down on him? Jake admits yes he would.

Later, Ronnie is giving evidence and Greer questions him about his years of experience. Ronnie has 37 years of experience and says he can asses or recognize patters of criminal behavior. Greer says that an officer with this skill would see a suspect on the street and make an assessment in the moment. Ronnie says yes, taking everything into account. Greer asks if it is whether the suspect is in a hoodie or in a wig or a gown. Ronnie explains it is not just about what they wear, and he has known one or two crooks to wear a wig and a gown. Greer asks if he takes into account the context, like local area or color of their skin. Jake stands up and comments he fails to see what this has to do with the defense of Bobbi Washington. Greer states it is indicative of character. The judge asks what is the question? Greer asks Ronnie if he was in active service in the summer of 1985 during the London race riots. Ronnie states yes, he was in uniform. Greer asks if Ronnie read the McPherson report, and Ronnie say no, not all of it. Greer asks if he is aware of the section which relates to the force in London during that time which was suffering from institutional racism. Jake again stands up to voice objection and Greer states that he is asking the jury to do with Ronnie what Ronnie does with assessing a suspect, to put his whole character in context. Jake comments that he still doesn’t hear a question. Greer asks Ronnie when he saw Bobbi, did he not make the assumption he was a criminal because of how he looked. Ronnie says no, the arrested Bobbi because they thought they had the necessary evidence. Greer said they did not have, leaving him to the question of why they repeated arrested Bobbi; was it not because he fit a certain racial profile? Ronnie says his racial background had nothing to do with it. Greer asks if Ronnie suffers from institutional racism and Ronnie states no. Greer counters not that Ronnie would admit it if he did. Ronnie says they will have to take his word for that. Greer comments, “Like the confession.” Greer then says to forgive him. Maybe Ronnie happens to fit a certain profile. The judge tells the jury to disregard that last remark.

Afterwards, with Jake and Kate standing in the cleared courtroom. Greer tells the judge they have one uncorroborated confession and no forensic evidence against Bobbi, and thinks there is no case to answer. Kate states nothing has changed since the trial began. The judge states that the prosecution is angered in this confession and having read the arguments he finds it hard to justify carrying on. Jake counters that Ronnie is a sworn police officer with nearly 40 years standing. Greer said Ronnie has a partner who will not testify in his behalf. Jake angrily states it is because he didn’t hear Bobbi. The judge asks them to stop the mudslinging. He then states all the evidence is circumstantial and there is not enough here to proceed, which is why he is granting a halftime dismissal.

Afterwards, as Bobbi leaves with his sister, Sally’s father Albert approaches Ronnie and Joe and asks if that is it, that Bobbi just walks away. Ronnie says he is so sorry, and Albert says he can’t believe Bobbi gets to kill his daughter and walk free but says Ronnie did his very best. Albert walks off and Joe tells Ronnie not to take it personally. Ronnie asks how can he not, he promised his grandson and now even he thinks he is a liar.

Later, Kate argues with Jake about the dismissal, saying it is outrageous and when she gets back to the office, she will see if she can launch an appeal. Jake thinks it won’t make any difference, any new judge will stand by Lockwood’s decision and they were pushing their luck with the evidence. Kate feels Ronnie doesn’t deserve to be branded a racist, even if it was only implied. Jake says he also shouldn’t be branded a scapegoat.

Meanwhile, Flynn, along with Commander Stone, is having a press conference and a reporter asks if Ronnie is a racist. She states absolutely not, they had a suspect and they pursued him vigorously. The reporter states the case has collapsed and someone must be held responsible. Flynn sees Ronnie approach. Stone says this is a bad day for justice and they need to take a good hard look at how their officers deal with these cases. They walk back into the building.

At MIU on Wednesday, January 14, Ronnie shows Flynn some statements that come in that afternoon and there might be something in there. She tells him she needs him to see something. He says he needs to get on this but she wants him in her office. They sit down and she tells the Borough Commander Stone wants him to take a look at something, and she hands him a sheet of paper with a job offer. She says it is based in Hackney so it is less of a commute for him with better hours and he can be home every night by 6. Ronnie gives her a serious look. He reads that it is a job for Divisional Intelligence, and then sadly looks at her and says this will take him off the street. He hands the paper back to her and says, “So, I’m the sacrifice. After nearly 40 years, I think I deserve better than that, don’t you?” Flynn says Stone wants him to think about it overnight and she needs to give him an answer by 10:00 in the morning. He nods and walks out of her office.

Back at his desk, Ronnie and Joe work the statements, working into the night after everyone has gone. Joe wants to call it a night but Ronnie, playing darts, says they can’t. Joe says they are not seeing anything new here, and Ronnie thinks they’ve missed something,  they have to keep looking. He tells Joe to have a cup of tea or take a break, to give his brain a rest. Joe agrees. When Ronnie pulls out the darts, he notices the number 7 on the dart board. Joe asks if he is alright, but Ronnie races over to the files. He pulls out a file and then grabs Joe and tells him to come on.

Later, Kayla gives him a file and Ronnie shows something to Joe, who says, “Bloody hell!” Ronnie thanks Kayla as he and Joe race off.

Later, with Flynn present, Ronnie explains that when they arrested Bobbi at the Liverpool Street Station he was wearing a red football shirt with a logo that had a generic name. But, an eyewitness stated that on the day of the stabbing, Bobbi was wearing a red football shirt with a gold number 7 on the front. Flynn says there is another shirt.

At the home of Zana Washington, on Thursday, January 15, Joe pulls out a shirt with what looks like blood on it, washed,  but still there. Zana, Jamal, and Bobbi look on with some concern. Ronnie tells Joe to bag it up. Ronnie asks Jamal that Bobbi came around on Saturday morning and Jamal washed the knife for him. Zana asks what was he thinking? Jamal says he was trying to protect him and he did it for her. Ronnie asks if they know when most criminals get caught – because they are even more stupid than the police are. He asks why keep a bloodstained shirt? As Ronnie starts to walk off, Bobbi says his dad bought it for him – his real dad. It is the only thing he has left of him. The police enter and arrest Jamal and Bobbi.

Outside, Flynn is waiting as Ronnie walks out with Bobbi and the other officer. She asks Bobbi what he said to Ronnie, and he admits he told him the white bitch deserved it. Ronnie gives a satisfied smile. As Bobbi is put in the police car, Ronnie, Joe, and Flynn walk off as we fade to black.

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DewieTheBear said...

Such a bummer. I would have liked to have seen what Sharon Small brought to the ensemble beyond this one episode.

Ry A said...

Yeah, a true waste of Sharon Small. Sad to see the series end, it was producing some great stuff.

Cath T said...

I hope this isn't the end for L&O UK but I fear it might be.

Very disappointed that we may not get to see what Sharon Small will bring to the series.

If this is to be the end then the show went out on a high note.

Always good quality and worth watching. When it comes to the crime genre the Brits do it best always.

All the best to Bradley Walsh.

janethyland said...

Best to end on a high note than go on and on and deteriorate.
I think "resting a series" is a new euphemism.