Friday, April 12, 2013

Notice: My Coverage of Ice-T Has Discontinued

I am discontinuing any active coverage of Ice-T on my web sites All Things Law And Order and These Are Their Stories. There are several reasons for this, but the decision was made easy when he blocked me from his Twitter feed yesterday. Those of you who don't have Twitter have asked for the details on what happened, so here they are:

It started when Ice-T posted a photo with someone called 2 Chainz, both holding glocks. 2 Chains held a glock to his head,  Ice-T pointed his at the camera. I am supporter of the Second Amendment, but I also believe in responsible gun ownership. While I felt that photo was in bad taste, I considered the source and let it go.

Yesterday, I saw the following tweets show up in my Twitter feed for Ice-T (caution: expletive):

Growing very tired of grown adults acting like juveniles, I replied with the following:

Ice-T blocked me from his Twitter feed in a virtual nanosecond.  (Mind you, all that does is keep his public tweets out of my feed and keeps him off my followers list, but I can still go to his Twitter page and see all his public tweets.)  It was very disappointing that he would take such action, considering all the coverage I've given him over the years, at great cost to me (and none to him).  As he apparently felt the need to make a statement by blocking me, I feel I must also make the statement by discontinuing covering him.

His hypocrisy became evident when he later tweeted this:

Ice-T may think he’s writing this to apply others who diss him, but it also applies to himself. He needs to take a serious look in the mirror;  his often angry replies and swift use of blocking people who speak their minds to him means that he’s the one who is thin-skinned.

This morning, he added this:

Again, Ice-T should take a look in the mirror. He may feel like his reaction and response to the first tweet (the tweet where a woman called him a name) was justified, but he forgets the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right.” His response to the name calling was to take the low road and call names right back. That behavior belongs on the preschool playground. (By the way, my "two wrongs" example actually sounds more like simple math than his example.)

I really shouldn’t care what those two people masquerading as adults have to say. But when one of them makes a point to tweet his response to a few hundred thousand followers, can he really be that na├»ve to think someone wouldn’t talk back to him? Apparently Ice-T can dish it out but he can’t take it.

After getting many emails of support when I announced on Twitter and Facebook that I won’t cover him on my blogs any longer, I decided that it was the right time to do a little housecleaning and scrub my web sites of Ice-T. Readers will likely see the effect more on “These Are Their Stories” where I’ve given coverage to his activities/TV shows outside of Law & Order SVU. I’ve removed all photos and videos of Ice-T from that site and won’t be adding any more. On All Things Law And Order, I will eventually remove many (if not all) individual photos of him, unless he’s in a photo with another person or if it is a publicity still from NBC. Video interview clips of Ice-T on my YouTube channel are no longer available for viewing. Clips where he’s featured with other cast members will likely remain publicly available. While I can’t avoid mentioning his character in recaps and reviews, I won’t be including photos of his character in those recaps. Last but not least, don’t look for his photo on my blog headers.

Thanks for your understanding and your support!


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xfool said...

No great loss, I say. The gun photo he tweeted the other day was stupid. I don't think the guy is very smart, anyway. He's also a horrid actor and I wish SVU would drop him.

The woman who called him a jackass was wrong and he went even lower than her. He deserved to be called out on it. He is a bully and you're 100% correct - he can dish it out but can't take it.

I think you're right not to spend any more time on him - he's not worth it! He won't be missed.

SC L said...

When I first saw the blog post title, I thought he had died or something. But after reading the post, I get it.

No one watches SVU for Ice-T anyway.

Unknown said...

Ice-T acts like a thug but is nothing but a big baby. I agree with SC L, I don't watch SVU to see him either. He can't act.

He is alienating a lot of fans. His wife's behavior and the gossip around all that doesn't look good for his "Ice Loves Coco" series either. Could be that E! network is growing tired of their antics. Maybe that will get canceled. He also got a house out in Vegas so he can be with Coco in his "off SVU" time - TRANSLATION: he can't trust her and has to be there to control her. SVU should do an episode covering people victimized by control freaks?

Back to his behavior about the guns and his comment to that woman and also blocking you. He has his THUG image to live up to and he thinks that tough talk will help him to keep up his tough guy persona. It's shown he isn't tough at all if he can't tolerate any dissent from his followers. WIMP!

Jeannette said...

I don't think it was right for Ice-T to always block anybody who doesn't agree his point of views and opinions. It's not fair either. There's always gonna be someone out there who'll disagree with you.
I do think that the girl calling Ice a jackass which resulted him calling her a bitch was going too far- there's no need to name call. But then to block you for being reasonable yet for no reason was absolutely stupid. Because he ignores different opinions and blocking those, I won't be too shocked when he doesn't have any followers left in the next couple of years.

Sometimes Ice is right- especially when annoyed with the constant "Is Chris/Elliot coming back?" question.

Kittukat1978 said...

Ice-T has called himself a "gangsta rapper" for years but last time I checked he hasn't had an album in a decade so that persona should die, like his acting career.

That picture was in bad taste. The last thing we need is a celebrity making guns look like toys. That sends a horrible message to the impressionable youth of this country. And we wonder why we have a gun control problem.

He is a father, he should act more responsibly! I think that woman had every right to say what she did, freedom of speech and all. I think Ice-T has an issue with anyone who has an opinion that differs from his. The way he handled the whole situation was childish and stupid. Especially by blocking you Chris. You have given him so much good press and support over the years it's horrible that he did that. I guess he just doesn't care about his fans!

I never watch an SVU episode that focuses on him, his acting is worse than Kim Kardashian's.

LL said...

Good Decision!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Ice-T was doing the right thing. But - the pic of his photo burning is not exactly classy either.

Chris Zimmer said...

stoppelhopser, it is an artistic representation of all his files being deleted from my site. Maybe it's because of my age (I'm older than Ice-T)that I think this image is appropriate. In the years before digital photos (I call them the "old days"!), when people would "break up", some used to burn or tear up the photos. I couldn't find a good photographic representation of deleting a digital photo so I went back to the next best representation. It was actually intended to be amusing. Sorry you didn't like it, but I appreciate your feedback.

Chris Zimmer said...

Kittukat1978, for some reason, all your messages were showing up in my spam folder. Not sure why! I released your most recent post and deleted all the duplicates. It was like the Blogger spam filter went nuts. Sorry for the problem!

Lisa said...

Chris this is your site You can do what you want like stop covering him, Just like its Ice T's twitter he can block who he wants I seriously doubt he even knew who you were when he blocked you.
The whoke thing from th enamecalling to the blocking to the People calling Ice a Mygonist because he called her the B word is stupid and petty He was defending himself she called him a nasty name first But its ok she did that to some But a man can never defend himself I guess.

as for the picture Meh whatever no one raised a eyebrow when Mariska and Chris were pictured flipping off the Camera on the set, They regualry were also pictured making out which I thought was very disrespectful to there respective spouses I thought Those pictres were tastless and unclassy But since it was Mariska and Chris it was ok and fans actually cheered tem both on But its ok when THEY do tastless things but not when Ice Does it.

I like Ice I dont like everything about him but I do know he is a Man who has two sides, I understand how he was brought up and why he clings to that Gangsta persona but he is also a Man who has a big heart Does a Lot for Charity and loves his wife and his kids and grandkids.

I wont be boycotting or any of that silly stuff Ill just go elsewhere for my Ic/Fin news No biggie Im sure another blog will be sufficiant.

And for the Poster above who said Ice is moving to Vegas to control his wife, HELLO every sumer when filming stops they moce to AZ to be close to both their families This summer he is Going to Vegas to be with COCO until finishes her Gig on peep show. Put down the national Enquirer and do some research instead if he was in control over her He would have forbid her to Extend her contract to July and insisted she come back in March as planned.

in closing Ill say it agin the whole thing is stupid and Petty.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BensonFan said...

Chris, I think you did the right thing. Ice T has proven again to be quite immature. It's like he hasn't learned anything about respecting women from being on SVU!

Thank you again for all your dedication to covering the L&O franchise. Your sites are terrific resources for us die hard fans.

Lisa said...

Ok let me try this again.

Why is it ok That the women called Ice a Jackass and when he defending himself and used a equally harsh name its not ok? Its not both are wrong The freedom of speech goes both ways.

Chris this is your site if you want to delete Ice go ahead Other blogs cover him I can go there instead for my Ice news
I love Ice do I love everythig about him nope I dont.
I dont care if he poses with a gun
Its his business, But why we are on the subject of unclassy pics where was every ones Moral Indignation when Chris and Mariska posed flipping the Middle finger to the camera or the countless pictures of them making out which i found disrespectful to thier spouses. Answer It was ok because Chris and Mariska can do nor wrong.

Yes I am a Ice Fan, If no one is going to defend Him I will. He was defending himself from a woman who attacked him, Why is that wrong ? I do not know why He blocked you Chris Its likely he didnt even know You were You.

The whole thing IMO is stupid and Petty Yes even Ice's blocking You Chris and the name calling all of it.

Maybe its my age But these days things bother me less.

One last thing to the poster who said Ice is Moving to Vegas because he dosnt trust COCO. Ice and COCO move to AZ to be with family every summer when filing stops He is going to vegas this time because coco gig on peep show isnt over untill July. If he was truely contolling he wouldnt have allowed her to extend her contract to July and made her return in march as planned..Just saying.

Chris You have a good site here Do with it as you wish.

Chris Zimmer said...

Lisa - my tweet calling them out for their lack of civility was directed at BOTH of them, not just Ice-T. Neither behaved like adults and their name calling served no purpose. My post noted that his pose with the gun lacked taste but chose to say nothing at the time since he can do whatever he wants with his firearms. But Ice-T decided to block ME for stating my opinion about his arguement with the woman. If he is going to foist his opinion about this fight onto his followers, and then block me for commenting on it, then I have every right to refuse to direct any more of my energies to covering his work. Remember, had he just responded directly to her, it would not have shown up in his twitter stream to ALL his followers. In my opinion, he wanted people to know about what this woman said and he wanted people to know how he responded. He can do and say whatever he wants, but he also has to know that his actions have repercussions. Some of the photos (like those for his activities outside SVU on photos on location) I have to PAY for. These things are not free. Why should I continue to pay one more cent to cover someone who clearly doesn't want me following him? It's a simple business decision on my part. As far as I am concerned, it's Ice-T's fault that I am not covering him any more. I feel badly for the fans because I know they enjoy the photox. I will still cover the character (Fin) as it relates to SVU and likely post his SVU publicity photos, but that will be it. I really am so sorry for all this but I hope you can understand how I feel about him blocking me, considering I have been such a supportive fan of his career.

Lisa said...

Chris I understand why you did what you did really, i was really more comenting on others who were commenting about it, like i said its your site you make the rules and i know u scolded them both which was apprropriate.

I feel people are unfairly making him the bad guy when the other woman started it and he was defending himself people are actually defending her when she started it thats unfair, but yes u are right he didnt have to RT to everyone.

Chris Zimmer said...

Lisa, thx for your feedback. I actually feel very sorry to do this as I know it hurts the fans most!

Lisa said...

You know the old saying "if you dont stand up for something you will fall for everything"

Anonymous said...

Chris, thank you for your answer. I'm older than Ice, too and burning pictures do remind me of (for example german) history.

After all, it was nothing but the cyber version of a bar brawl that happened between Ice and some twitter followers.

Where is the need to post an image of a black mans photo burning on your internet site, considering that you are caucasian? What does it mean in your country's history context?

I'm just asking.

Chris Zimmer said...

stoppelhopser, the burning picture symbol does not have any historical context overtones here as did the German history of book burning. As I explained in my earlier response, burning a photo in the US is a very accepted symbol of a relationship breakup. For example: take a listen to Taylor Swift’s very popular song from a few years ago, “Picture to Burn”: (some lyrics: “So watch me strike a match / On all my wasted time / As far as I’m concerned / You’re just another picture to burn”. ) Understand that the angry tone of her entire song is not what I had in mind when I posted the photo; I only list it as an example to show you that burning a photo is very accepted symbol of a break up and nothing more.

Let’s not even bring race into the issue of the photo, or into the whole argument Ice-T had with that woman. While I can’t be sure of this, I suspect that race had nothing to do with their argument and name calling, and also nothing to do with him blocking me. I can tell you with certainty that race has nothing to do with me deciding not to cover him. He made his decision to block me and subsequently , I made my decision to drop him from my site. Think about this – if race were an issue, I would have never covered him at all in the first place! In fact, I believe that I gave Ice-T MORE coverage on my “These Are Their Stories” web site than most other Law & Order cast members.

It may also help you to know that the photo I used is simply a “stock” GIF photo where the service I use allows me to change the FACE ONLY in the picture. I couldn’t change the color of the hand holding it even if I wanted to. To paraphrase Freud – sometimes a photo is just a photo.

I do appreciate your feedback and our dialog on this issue!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame ya Chris. I called him out for something I considered a homophobic remark and he blocked me. He said that he didn't mind gay guys as long as one didn't try to hit on him and I replied that was like me saying one of my best friends is black....he got his panties in a twist and blocked me. My life hasn't been affected one iota and neither will yours.

OhSusannah said...

Ice-T routinely blocks anyone who doesn't agree with him or approve of his gangsta rapper persona. He's a grown man who should be trying to set an example for younger people to look up to; all he does is perpetuate the stereotypical male rap artist with his demeaning comments to women.Being on SVU has taught him nothing ,as far s I can tell. its shocking to me that Mariska Hargitay and he work on the same tv series.Even during that whole Mike Tyson debacle, it was Ice-T tweeting a photo of himself and Mike Tyson, saying how great the convicted rapist was,and that they were old friends. He adds very little to the whole cast of SVU and I honestly wish they'd ditch him as a series regular. He's not a great actor,maybe he should stick to rapping or whatever else he does to make his much-glorified money.Its your blog and you can follow anyone you like and wish to promote.I say it looks good on him. I find it curious that Mariska just started following you very shortly after you blocked him..