Thursday, February 21, 2013

Law & Order SVU “Deadly Ambition” Recap & Review

Law & Order SVU “Deadly Ambition” brought Detective Amada Rollins’ troubled sister Kim back to town, and this time, it meant BIG trouble for both of them. Rollins has a huge blind spot when it comes to her sister, and this time Kim uses it to arrange for her abusive boyfriend to be shot by Rollins in the hopes that Kim can cash in on a big life insurance policy. But Rollins' blind spot can only be exceeded by Kim’s stupidity, as she fails to catch a clause in the policy which won’t allow her to cash in. Of course, and officer involved shooting means that Rollins will face IAB’s Lt. Tucker – the evil villain of the SVU universe – and in this process it becomes apparent that stupidity runs in the family. After being warned talk to no one about the shooting incident – and even after she is assigned a delegate – Rollins continues to talk to Tucker without appropriate representation, and it ends up in her being charged with murder. Worse yet, after Rollins is warned by her lawyer of the dire consequences of contacting her sister, she does it anyway. This behavior seems at odds with Benson’s description of Rollins as being by the book; apparently Rollins only goes by the book when it doesn’t involve family matters. Sure, many people have blind spots when it comes to family, but Rollin’s over-confident attitude that this was a "good shoot" struck me as being far too naïve for her character. That same over-confidence, and another kind of blind spot, got Rollins “shot” in a training exercise. Despite Rollins being accurate on the firing range, her aim was clearly poor when it came to attacking her personal problems.

I’m on the fence regarding this episode. I’ve never been a fan of too much focus on the detective’s personal stories. When an otherwise rational detective goes completely off the rails when faced with a family problem – like a sister known for attracting trouble – I like personal stories even less. Couple that with the usual evil IAB story line and the trite psychobabble from the resident shrink, there was really nothing new to see here. (It WAS nice to see Carolyn McCormack and Robert John Burke, though.) The fact that we SAW Rollins shoot Jeff and what led up to it, all the suspense was gone. Viewers knew the truth and knew that Rollins would likely come out of this OK, and hopefully a little wiser about her sister. Had we not seen the shooting, it may have brought a twinge of uncertainty to Rollins' fate.

I don’t recall an episode where we ever saw Fin’s apartment. It’s nice to know that he actually has a home outside of SVU.

Kelli Giddish did an exceptional job in this episode. In the ending scene where she finds Kim has cleaned her out,  Giddish made Rollin’s hurt seem very real. For some reason, though, I didn’t feel sorry for Rollins during most of the episode. She ignored sage advice given to her by her captain and her peers, which only dug her deeper into trouble. And after they bail her out of jail, she goes against her attorney’s advice and contacts her sister. If IAB would have had Kim’s room under surveillance, it would have been over for Rollins. She deserved some of the trouble that came her way. Let's hope, as with the training session, she's learned a few lessons.

Here is the recap:

Mariska Hargitay – Detective Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Richard Belzer – Sergeant John Munch
Dann Florek – Captain Don Cragen
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro

Guest stars:
Lindsay Pulsipher - Kim Rollins
Carolyn McCormick.- Dr. Elisabeth Olivet
Robert John Burke – Lt. Ed Tucker
Joe Grifasi - Hashi Horowitz
Isiah Whitlock, Jr. – Captain Reece
Mary Mc Cann – Didi Denzler
Jayne Houdyshell - Judge Linden
Michael Mastro – Judge Serani
Rafael Sardina
Theis Weckesser – Jeff Parker
Joel Brady – Officer Nolan
Gabrielle Ruiz – Tina

Fin and Rollins arrive on the scene of a domestic disturbance where shots were fired. Rollins radios they are waiting at the scene for ESU but when Fin hears shouting from inside he decides not to wait and breaks down the door. The enter with guns drawn and when the attacker gives Rollins some lip, Fin pushes him against the wall and says “We’re the guns, bitch!” Rollins shouts for the man to back up and not to resist. But the woman who was being attacked calls out to Rollins and then fires two quick shots at her. But Rollins is unharmed, it is a training session. Fin laughs that they got her, but Cragen, who is sitting on nearby bleachers observing, tells Fin not to laugh, he was next. The man who was playing the attacker explains that SVU tends to see women as victims and they turn their backs. Amaro, also watching nearby with Benson, says he gets it and ask if they are next and adds “Let’s rock and roll.” Benson gripes to Cragen, asking if she has to go in with him. Cragen smiles.

Afterwards, the SVU team practices at a firing range,. The trainer tells them to stop but Fin fires a few extra shots. Cragen tells Fin they want to avoid civilian casualties, but Fin counters that if he is shooting, he is emptying the whole gat. Cragen asks how they did, and the trainer says Amaro had a nice center mass grouping, Benson was dead on, but Rollins is Annie Oakley – close to perfect.

Later, Rollins approaches the door to her apartment and sees it is cracked open. She pushes open the door and steps in, putting her hand on her gun. She asks who is there, and turns on the light to see her sister Kim standing there. Rollins says “Oh my god, Kim” and Kim replies “Hi to you too.” Kim says she called, but….and Rollins puts her off and asks how did she get in? Kim explains she made a key the last time she was there and she hoes she doesn’t mind. Rollins comments to Kim that it is 10PM and asks why does Kim have her sunglasses on? Kim removes them to show bruises on her face. Rollins asks if it was Jeff, and Kim doesn’t answer, so Rollins asks if he hit her. Kim tells her to stop being a cop for a second, she has good news: she’s pregnant and Rollins will be an aunt. Rollins gets a look of disbelief with a forced smile.

As Kim sits on the couch, Rollins asks if Jeff is that father, adding that Kim told her she was done with him. Kim, holding an ice pack to her face, says she was, until Thanksgiving. He knows about the baby and Kim insists he did not mean to hurt her, he just lost his temper. Rollins asks if Jeff knows Kim is in New York, and Kim says yes, he told him it was over but she thinks he is on his way there. Kim feels that Jeff will not listen to her, but Rollins mutters, “He’ll listen to me.” Rollins tells Kim to get some sleep, and she will take the couch. Kim tells Rollins she is so lucky to have her.

The next day at SVU, Rollins arrives late and Fin says he covered for her. Rollins explains her sister’s arrival and situation. Benson suggests that is Jeff is stalking Kim that Rollins should get a temp order. Fin asks if she knows where he is, and Rollins says Kim can find out. Amaro suggests they talk to him, man to man. Rollins thinks they do not need to get dragged into her family business, but Fin says forget it, they have her back.

Later, at Kevyn’s Place bar, Fin and Rollins meet up with Jeff Parker. They explain Kim is not coming. Jeff thinks Rollins put them up to this, saying she is crazy. Amaro says Kim has moved on and so should he. Jeff said Kim called him and misses him, and Fin asks if that was before or after he gave her a black eye. Fin says if Jeff touches Kim again, they will send him back to Georgia with his ass in a sling. They leave Jeff to his drink.

Meanwhile, Rollins is shopping with Kim for baby clothes and Rollins explains that Fin and Amaro talked to Jeff. Rollins asks Kim if she wants a boy or a girl and if the doctor told her yet. Kim says she did not really want to know. Rollins reminds her having a back on her own will not be easy, but Kim says she has Rollins. But Jeff barges in the store and begins to bark at her and Rollins wants to know how he found them. Jeff tells Kim if she does not want to be found, don’t check in on Four Square. Rollins tells him to get out but he tells Rollins to butt out, he wants to talk to his fiancée. Kim says that is not happening. Rollins tells Jeff he is done and to stay away from Kim. He asks or what, and shouts, asking if she is going to pull her gun out on him in the middle of a baby store? Rollins calmly tells him he is not going to get another warning. He tells Rollins it is not over, then leans past her to tell Kim “not by a long shot.” He leaves the store.

Back at Rollins’ apartment, she tells Kim to get back to the questionnaire which they are doing to get the restraining order. When Rollins asks Kim if Jeff brought his gun with him, Kim says he knows all the new gun laws up there and he is not dumb. Rollins takes a photo of Kim’s injuries to use as proof for the judge.

On another day, Rollins and Kim present the information to the Judge Linden, who asks if this involves two out of state residents. Rollins explains Kim is staying with her and she is taking responsibility and Jeff followed her. The judge is concerned that all the incidents happened out of the state but that Rollins' sworn statement does carry weight. The judge approves it, but tells Rollins not to serve that herself.

Later, Rollins gets off the phone and tells Kim that Benson and Fin are serving the papers. Kim wanted to call Jeff first but Rollins says absolutely not, if Jeff gets within spitting distance of her, he gets arrested and she will explain how all of it works later. Kim suggests they go get dinner, and Rollins says it will only be a few hours.

At the downtown YMCA, Benson and Fin serve Jeff with the temporary order of protection. Jeff asks if everyone in New York is in cahoots with Kim’s sister? Benson tells him not to violate the order, but Jeff questions this, saying HE needs the order of protection, against both of them. Fin tells him to quit while he is behind, and go home. As Benson and Fin leave, Jeff tells them that Rollins can’t keep him from his baby. Benson walks back to him and asks him if he wants them to bring him in right now. Jeff doesn’t answer, and Benson replies that she didn’t think so.

Back at SVU, Kim walks up to the desk officer, asking if Detective Rollins is there. Amaro, walking by, asks if she is Rollin’s sister. She introduces herself, saying Rollins did not tell her how cute Amaro was. Kim says Rollins said she would be there, but Amaro says he has not seen her, asking if she tried her cell. Kim replies that she left her a message but is it OK if she waits for her here? When Amaro points her to where she can wait, Kim asks if they have any change there for a vending machine, her singles are too crumpled and she hasn’t had a chance to eat anything today. Amaro suggests they get her a real meal and asks if she likes Chinese. Kim says she loves it.

Meanwhile, Rollins is at her Gamblers Anonymous meeting and explains her sister pushes all her buttons and because Kin doesn’t worry about anything,  Rollins worries about everything.

Back at SVU, Kim is eating Chinese food with Amaro and talking about Rollins as they grew up. Rollins walks in and asks what Kim is doing there and apologized to Amaro, who says they were having a nice time. Kim tells Rollins she doesn’t do so well sitting alone in her apartment. Cragen walks in and says their pizza delivery rapist struck again and switched to the west side and the vic is on the way to St. Luke’s, He asks who is up, and Amaro steps up, saying he will call Benson and have her meet him. But Rollins says no. she’s got it, she is good to go. She tells Kim to head home, she has a DVR now and she will call her on her way back. Cragen tells Rollins they will make sure her sister gets a lift to her place. Kim thanks him, saying that Rollins always hold her that he had her back. Cragen gives as uneasy smile.

Later, Rollins arrives back at her apartment and when she unlocks the door, she opens it and realizes the chain is still on from the inside. She calls out to Kim and she can hear her shouting. Rollins draws her gun and pushes in the door. She sees Jeff on top of Kim on the floor, looking ready to punch her. Rollins tells him to get off her, and Jeff holds out his hand, telling Rollins “whoa, whoa, whoa! She called me!” Kim says he didn’t, and then Jeff reaches for a gun while Kim yells that he has a gun. Rollins fires twice before Jeff can get off a shot. Kim, blood on her face, looks stunned and Rollins looks stunned as well.

Afterwards, with police at Rollins’ apartment, Rollins tells Cragen he had a gun and she was screaming. it was a good shoot. Cragen tells her not to make her first mistake by answering questions. Benson advises her to speak to no one but her delegate or a lawyer. Captain Reece approaches and he asks if Rollins is one of Cragen’s. He says yes, and Benson adds that Rollins won’t answer any questions unless she has a delegate. Lt. Tucker from IAB enters and confirms Benson is right, instructing them to get Rollins a delegate, and if she says anything, Mirandize her and make it stick. Benson asks Tucker why is he here, and Tucker informs her it is an officer involved shooting, her second in a year, routine. As he walks past he, he mutters to Benson “I see you haven’t changed” and she retorts “save it.” Tucker asks what they have, and Reece says Rollins walked in and sees her sister being sexually assaulted by the deceased; the assailant had a gun and the sister confirms. Tucker asks if they know how he got in the apartment and if he broke the chain. Rollins says that was him, and Tucker asks if she knew he had a gun. Cragen tells Tucker that now is not the time. Tucker says he will need Rollins for questioning. Benson says AFTER Rollins gets checked out. Rollins whispers to Benson that Kim needs an exam, she’s pregnant. Cragen tells her that Captain Reese will be sure she gets there. Benson moves to take Rollins out of the room.

At Queens Mercy Hospital, while Rollins is being treated and Benson is by her side, Rollins’ delegate Didi Denzler introduces herself. She tells Rollins they will do a complete tox screen and blood alcohol levels and if there is anything they need to deal with…and Rollins says there is not. Didi says Rollins should also talk to the department psychologist ASAP. Rollins thinks she is making way more out of this than what it is, he was raping her sister and he had a gun, Benson tells Rollins Jeff is also the father of Kim’s baby and a year from now at Christmas she may not feel the same way. Rollins says she doesn’t go home for Christmas. Didi reminds her to see the psychologist first think tomorrow.

Afterwards, Benson walks into the waiting area where Cragen is waiting. Fin walks up and asks that Rollins killed Kim’s boyfriend and asks how she is doing. Benson says that Rollins is by the book and she is not losing any sleep over this. Fin thinks it has not sunk in yet. Cragen asks that Kim was pregnant and the ex was the father? Benson nods.

In another bed, Kim is being treated and Amaro, calling out to Rollins, opens the curtain and sees Kim, who thinks he came by to see her. He explains he was looking for Rollins and Kim says that is the story of her life. Kim explains they want to do a rape kit but she doesn’t want hurt the baby. He explains it would help Rollins if they had evidence of the assault. She says he wasn’t really raping her, he tried but he didn’t…Amaro says they will document any injuries for her sister’s sake. Kim thinks her sister will be fine, she is always fine.

At the office of Dr. Elizabeth Olivet, she explains to Rollins that when she comes down from the adrenalin rush she may have trouble sleeping. Rollins says she won’t, she won’t be depressed, or second guess her actions, or wonder what kind of life the guy would have had if he lived. Olivet explains she knows Rollins has been through this before but this session…and Rollins cuts her off, finishing that it is to make sure the department is covered if she eats her gun, and she won’t. Olivet thinks they should talk about what Rollins just said, and asks if Rollins has had suicidal thoughts. Rollins quickly answers no, she is annoyed. The guy she shot had it coming her sister didn’t help and she invited him into her life and dragged her into it. Olivet asks if Rollins is saying she cleaned up her messes before and it is her fault. Rollins counters that she didn’t say that, but it is not hers. Olivet asks what else Rollins is feeling, and Rollins says she just wants to get back to work. Olivet explains that department policy will not allow a return to active duty until this investigation is closed. Rollins says she passed her psych. Olivet says she can state that her reaction to the situation is well within the norm but they should have a follow up session. Rollins says whatever she needs to do. Olivet says in the meantime, call her if she has any anxiety or trouble sleeping. Rollins counters that she will sleep when she gets her gun back, and she gets up to leave.

Back at SVU, Amaro explains to Cragen that Jeff’s gun was an M1911-45, sold through the Internet and sent to his address 2 years ago, one of 6 guns he bought that way and as per Georgia law, unregistered but completely legal. Fin says the neighbors confirmed the rest of the story; Kim screamed, the door is kicked in, double tap and Jeff is dead. Benson says it will not stop Tucker from trying to take her badge away. Amaro asks how, there is nothing here. Cragen explains they have a lot of history with Tucker and Benson adds that Tucker tried to take his badge away. Benson explains they are not being paranoid, Tucker has it in for them.

At Internal Affairs Bureau, Kim tells Reece that she heard a knock and though it was Amanda, admitting she opened the door and she forced his way in. He was yelling and screaming that he would take back what was his, meaning her. Tucker asks how long after did Rollins arrive, and Kim says pretty quickly, she was screaming and the next thing she knew, she heard the shots. She thinks two or three shots were fired. When Reece asks if the officer identified herself, Kim says Jeff knew who she was. Tucker asks that they knew each other, and further asks what was the tenor of their relationship. Reece tells Tucker to stick to the incident, and then Reece asks Kim after the shots were fired, then what. Kim said Rollins told her not to touch anything and to call 911 and Rollins checked on Jeff.

Later, Rollins, accompanied by Didi, is being questioned by IAB and explains she entered and saw Jeff on top of Kim and she believes he was attempting to rape her. Tucker asks if it was bright enough to see this, and Rollins says yes Kim was struggling and screaming. Rollins explains she said hands up, get off of her, Jeff turned and Kim yelled that he had a gun, and Rollins fired. Reece asks if she saw the gun, and as Rollins explains he grabbed it from the floor, Tucker interrupts and asks if she saw the gun. Rollins said yes, and Kim gave her a warning as well. Reece says if ballistics and forensics match her story, she should be fine here.

Later, Fin welcomes Rollins and Kim to his apartment. Rollins says she hopes CSU can work fast so they can be out of his hair soon. Fin tells her not to worry, they can take Ken’s old room down the hall. Kim feels they should but Rollins up if her place is a crime scene. Kim walks off to take a phone call, and Rollins tells Fin if Kim gets to be too much, to let her know. Fin says Kim will be fine, and wants to know how is Rollins.
She replies that the sooner the paperwork is done, the better.

Kim is in the bedroom on the phone, asking the caller what if that is not the way it happened? When Rollins walks in, she asks the other person on the phone if she can call back. Rollins asks if everything is alright, and Kim says she is fine, she likes it here. Rollins says she has to get back but maybe they will get supper when she gets home. Kim happily suggests Chinese again. She tells Rollins she loves her, and Rollins answers that she loves her too.

Sometime later, back at IAB, Tucker is at his desk and Kim walks in and apologizes for bothering him, and she hates to go being her sister’s back but there is something she needs to tell her. He tells her to have a seat.

Afterwards, Tucker brings Rollins back into the IAB interview room and he thanks her for coming in, confirming he had a few loose ends. He asks about her relationship with Jeff Parker, asking when did they meet. Rollins said Kim brought him home for Easter 2010 in Loganville, GA. Tucker asks her general impression of him and Rollins says she doesn’t know, she didn’t think about him one way or the other. Tucker asks how Rollins felt about him 6 months later in Atlanta? Rollins replies she does not know what he is referring to. Tucker says when she slammed him against the wall and threatened to arrest him. Rollins asks who told him that, and Tucker glares and does not answer. Rollins says Jeff had beaten his sister and she had to take her to the ER. Tucker says so yes…and Rollins asks yes….? Tucker says yes, Rollins has a history of physical force and threats with the deceased. Rollins explains Jeff was a danger to Kim. Tucker asks about 4 months ago, in her apartment in New York, she pulled a gun on Parker. Rollins says Jeff was attacking her sister, and Tucker asks if Kim said that. Rollins says she saw it. Tucker asks how he got into the apartment, and Rollins explains that Kim invited her in. Tucker adds that Rollins said if Jeff was not out that door in 30 seconds she will shoot him. Rollins admits she may have said something like that. Tucker raises his voice and asks if Rollins did she also say if Jeff shows up again, no warning. Rollins does not answer. Tucker asks if Jeff was really attacking her sister or did she just not want this guy in her house? Rollins looks stunned and does not answer.

Back at Fin’s apartment, Kim is on the couch and Rollins shuts off the TV and throws the remote, asking Kim what in the hell did she tell Tucker. Kim tells her to just listen, but Rollins loudly asks if Kim told him that she pulled her gun on Jeff last year. Kim insists she had to.. Rollins states that Kim changed her story about the night of the shooting, saying Jeff did not try to rape her, and Rollins asks why. Kim said she had to make it seem like an accident. Rollins shouts that it wasn’t an accident, he was raping her. Kim says yes he was about to, but it would be better if they said that he wasn’t. Rollins is incensed, telling Kim she could lose her badge and she could go to prison. She tells Kim she has to go and straighten this out right now. Kim says Rollins is not listening to her, she can’t. But Rollins angrily says yeah, she can. Kim replies then the ain’t gonna get the money. Rollins asks what Kim is talking about, and Kim explains that she kind of took a life insurance policy out on Jeff.. Rollins testily asks “Kind of?” Kim informs her that actually they both did, Rollins’ name is on there too but they have to make it seem like an accident, not while he was committing a felony. That cannot go on the police report or they won’t pay. Rollins is incensed, asking when did Kim buy this policy. Kim tells her it was 2 months ago when she found out she was pregnant. Rollins asks to see a copy of it and when Kim says she does not have one, Rollins barks for her to get it NOW. Kim pulls paperwork out of her purse, saying that Rollins is a smart girl and she doesn’t know why she can’t just roll with this. Rollins grabs the paperwork and Kim says they will finally be rich. Rollins shakes her head in disbelief.

Rollins is back in Tucker’s office explaining that Kim forged her signature on the policy. Rollins says Kim has impulse control issues, Kim thought she was helping her out. Tucker asks if he can keep the paperwork, and Rollins says yes, it is no good anyway. Tucker says they will be in touch with Atlanta Fidelity to verify that. Rollins explains that is why she is here without a lawyer, she just wants to get the truth out. Tucker replies that he appreciates that. Rollins says Kim will confirm that she was attacked two days ago and she warned her that Jeff had a gun and it was a good shooting. Tucker comments that Kim will change her story again, and Rollins said she came in right away when she found out about the policy, she has nothing to hide. Tucker says he went over Rollins’ jacket and understands she had a gambling problem. Rollins replies she was forthcoming about that with her Captain and took discipline and 10 days vacation and has been in Gamblers Anonymous ever since. Tucker says she was forthcoming AFTER the man she owed money to, Connor Murphy, spoke to the DA about her. Rollins admits yes. Tucker adds that at that time, she owed $20K. Rollins says that is correct. He asks if she paid it back and she says both of them are in Attica, and Tucker counters that she still owes the money. He adds that she has gambling issues, outstanding debt, and now she is telling him she had no idea the man she shot had a policy that named her as a beneficiary. Rollins stresses that she came to him – and he says she means AFTER her sister did. Rollins says nothing.

Back at SVU, Rollins is on the phone saying she left 5 messages for Mr. Graber and asks when will he be back? She says it is urgent so have him call her as soon as possible, Fin walks up to her and asks if this is still about IAB, saying not to fool with them to get a lawyer. She insists she hasn’t done anything wrong and if she gets a lawyer they will hang Kim out to dry. She sits down at her desk and goes on to say she is Kim’s big sister and they didn’t really have parents that took care of them so if something went wrong she was the one who fixed it. Fin says Kim never had to grow up because Rollins was always there. He asks her to tell him what is going on, and Rollins says she is not sure. Fin walks off leaving Rollins there to think.

Back at IAB, Kim is waiting in the interview room and Tucker walks in. He apologizes for keeping her waiting, and then asks to talk about the life insurance policy and whose idea was it. Kim says she wants him to know that she loves her sister and she doesn’t want to say anything that will hurt her. She is unsure of what to do, and Tucker says to just tell the truth, asking if she can do that. Kim says she wants to, and Tucker replies good. He asks if the policy was her idea or Detective Rollins’? Kim says she does not want Rollins to be mad at her, she is all alone and does not have a place to stay. Tucker advises her to just tell the truth and they will take care of all of that.

Back at SVU, Rollins races into the squad room, on the phone, leaving a message begging Kim to call her back. She asks Amaro if he has seen her sister, and Amaro informs her not since the other night. Rollins questions this, saying the last time she say them together they seemed pretty cozy. Amaro is surprised at Benson asks what is this about? Rollins says Kim is gone and she is not answering her phone and her stuff is cleared out of Fin’s apartment. Fin explains that Kim didn’t say anything to him, and he will make some calls. Benson asks how they can help. Cragen calls Rollins into this office.

In Cragen’s office, he asks what is going on. Rollins says Kim went to IAB and she backed off the details of the shooting and the attempted rape. She explains that Kim took out a life insurance policy on Jeff with both their names on it. She didn’t read the fine print about what happens if the deceased is killed while committing a felony. She tells Cragen she told IAB as soon as she found out. Fin knocks on Cragen’s door and then tells them that his neighbor saw Kim getting in to an unmarked police car. Cragen says first things first, he is calling a lawyer. Tucker walks in to Cragen’s office and arrests Rollins for the murder of Jeff Parker. She looks stunned and Tucker adds that Cragen will take her shield. They cuff her and lead her out, Cragen advising her not to talk to anyone without her lawyer – not the DA, IAB, her sister. Tucker sarcastically thanks him and asks that he let them do their jobs now.

Later, Rollins has her mug shot taken and she is fingerprinted. She checks all her belongings, including her belt. On the phone, she tells Fin that she is OK. She is put in a cell and her cuffs removed. Later, her lawyer, Hashi Horowitz arrives.

Back at SVU, Cragen is on the phone with the Commissioner, saying he knows exactly where he stands and they will stay out of IAB’s way. Benson, Amaro and Fin walk in and Cragen tells them that One PP has covered their ass and asks where are they? Cragen adds that the insurance policy have given IAB probable cause. Amaro says Atlanta Fidelity says they can’t talk to them. Cragen says Rollins told him her signature on the policy was forged and asks if they can verify that. Fin says Rollins got the policy from her sister and gave it to IAB. Cragen gripes that he told her not to go in there without a lawyer. Benson adds they all did, they are way past that. Cragen says point taken, and asks if anyone think Rollins knew about the policy before the shooting. No one says yes. Cragen asks why would Kim take out life insurance on Jeff? Amaro says Kim told him Jeff was into shady stuff and he took that to mean drugs. She could have been trying to secure her baby’s future in case something happened to Jeff. Fin adds maybe she was going to make something happen to Jeff. Benson wonders if Kim set up Rollins, and Fin says he checked her cell phone records, Kim called Jeff 4 times after she got to New York. The last call was 2 hours before he got shot. Amaro wonders if they could have been arguing and she could have told him to stay away. Fin says she invited him, and Benson thinks she lured him up to the apartment and knows he is armed and cries rape when she hears Rollins coming. Amaro thinks Kim staged a death by a cop, adding they all met this girl and she is no criminal mastermind. Benson says Kim is crazy. Cragen says the policy doesn’t pay off if the deceased is killed committing a felony and Benson thinks this is why Kim went to IAB and withdrew the rape accusation. Fin says it is also why Rollins went to jail.

At arraignment, Horowitz makes his case for Rollins to be released on her own recognizance. But the judge grants bail for $250K. Horowitz tells Rollins to take that as a win. Cragen and Fin walk up to Rollins and she says she does not have that kind of money. Cragen says it is taken care of.

Later, as she picks up her belongings at release, she tells Cragen she does not know how to thank her. He tells her just don’t jump, or they will all be living with Fin. Fin says he will take her home. Horowitz tells her they have a lot of work to do, and she says starting with straightening out her sister. He tells her under no circumstances should she speak to her sister. Rollins says Kim just wants the insurance money and she is like a little girl. Fin tells her Kim set her up, she planned this whole thing. Rollins scoffs, saying Kim never planned a damn thing in her whole life. Fin explains that Kim is a cooperating witness with IAB. Horowitz says Rollins is in trouble, with Kim’s testimony they have a solid case against her, and repeats for Rollins not to contact Kim. They will slap her with witness tampering an coercion. He asks Rollins to nod if she understands. Cragen adds that he knows this is painful but Kim is not her sister any more.

Kim is in a hotel room and there is a knock at the door. She thinks it is a food delivery but it is Rollins, who pushes her way in. Kim asks how she found her, and Rollins says she is a cop.  Kim says she is not supposed to talk to her. Rollins says they need some sister time. Kim says she knows Rollins is upset and she is sorry. Rollins questions that she is sorry, Kim put her in jail. Kim says she did not mean to, Tucker said it was her or Rollins. Rollins asks if she told Jeff to come to New York. Kim says no, then says maybe. She was lonely.  Rollins asked if Kim called her that night and told him to come over and asks if he was even trying to rape her. Kim shouts for Rollins to stop it, Rollins always does that, making her feel like everything is her fault. Rollins shouts back telling Kim she doesn’t get to do that now and she doesn’t get to go there. Rollins says it is true, Kim set up her and Jeff and she wanted her to kill him. Kim said Jeff was a bad man. Rollins says oh my god – and Kim says he beat her, when she walked in he was hurting her. Kim tells Rollins her problem is that she is too big for her britches and always thought she was better than them. As Rollins says this is not happening, Kim goes on to say that their momma always said that all that ambition would get her in trouble someday. Rollins stands up and moves to leave the room, then turns around and asks Kim if she is even pregnant. Kim asks how Rollins can even ask her that, As Rollins leaves the room, Kim goes on to says she thought she was, she was a week late. Rollins leaves the room and stands outside the doorway, looking stunned.

Dr. Olivet opens her office door to see Rollins standing there. When Olivet says she was just about to start a session, Rollins tells her that her sister set her up and she is being charged with murder. Rollins reminds Olivet if she said she felt any anxiety, and Olivet says they can set up an appointment. Rollins understands and Olivet reminds her that she works for NYPD but she can recommend someone outside the department. Rollins walks off.

Outside SVU, Kim approaches Amaro after he gets out of his car. She explains she did not mean for any of this to happen and that Tucker twists everything he says. Amaro says he cannot talk to her. As he walks off, she says nobody can, and she guesses this was a bad idea. As she walks off, he calls back to her and asks if she has been eating.

Later, at a restaurant with Amaro, Kim orders lobster. He fiddles with his phone, saying his daughter just learned how to text. She says he is a good dad. She asks if Rollins told him she lost the baby. He says no, and says he is sorry. He explains IAB told them not to talk to her. Kim asks if Rollins will be OK and that she didn’t want her to go to prison. When he says he can see that, she tells him he is a good detective, adding her sister underestimated her and that she always has to be the smartest person in the room. Amaro says this is why he doesn’t know how she got in this situation. Kim thinks Rollins does not want to admit she made a mistake. Amaro asks if she means the shooting, and Kim nods. Amaro said Kim told her that Jeff was raping her, and Kim says he was,, but after she found out about the felony clause, she told Rollins to say the shooting was an accident and they would both be rich. Amaro says Kim was looking out for her, and he gets that. He asks if that is why Kim put Rollins name on the insurance policy, and Kim says she thought it would look bad if it was just her, and that Rollins has gambling debts. Amaro said he heard that, but the way looks now, she came in and shot Jeff in cold blood. Kim admits Jeff did have a gun but Kim didn’t want Rollins to get shot, she just wanted him…and Amaro asks that she wanted Jeff gone. Kim nods and says he was a bad man and what he did to her…he only knows the half of it.

Back at IAB, Amaro plays the recording of Kim’s conversation he recorded on his phone while Rollins, Tucker, Cragen, and Horowitz listen. Horowitz tells Tucker that Kim went on to implicate herself and exonerate his client. Tucker says if that recording checks out – and Amaro asks if he is serious – Tucker tells Rollins they will be dropping the charges against her and pursuing her sister, Rollins sneers, telling Tucker he can clearly hear what happened on that recording; Jeff threatened Kim and he abused her. Tucker replies that Kim will be arrested and he will ask the DA to pursue murder charges. Rollins shouts that she does not want that, but Cragen tells her she has to let Kim go. Rollins begins to cry, saying Kim is still her sister, and then she begins to sob. Cragen prompts them to leave.

Later, Tucker and other officers arrive at the hotel where Kim is staying and when he knocks on the door and gets no answer, they open the door to find no one there. It looks like Kim is gone. Tucker, exasperated, says, “You gotta be kidding me.”

Back at home, Rollins arrives to find her refrigerator and cupboard doors open and empty, and all her belongings – furniture and all – gone. A note is on the floor from Kim, saying she helped herself to some things and she is sorry and she loves her. She begins to cry as we fade to black.

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gangstila said...

Kelli giddish nailed it and showcased her rich acting skills that some of us knew she had but the general audience didnt.

janethyland said...

Great episode;light hearted and heavy hearted at the same time.

And great ratings this week, up 13% to 1.7 key demo. Thats brilliant considering NBC ratings have been falling like lead on most of its shows,Smash comes to mind at 0.9 key demo this week.

I really liked Giddish acting,Fins apartment, deceptive opening and surreal ending. Lots of deception.

Lisa said...

Fin has a Cactus and a tiger statute, I expected a bear skin rug and a stack of nudie magazines..hahah!
But he does have a nice pad.

The episode was good maybe the top one of the season.

Jules said...

Thumbs down. First of all, not enough MH. Secondly, the entire episode focused on a main cast member. I'm not really into that, but if they're going to do that, have it be about Olivia. Rollins was just plain stupid in her actions and wasn't it Fin's place that got cleaned out in the end? I thought he was in the scene. Thought it was his place. That makes it even worse!

Chris Zimmer said...

Jules - It was definitely Amanda's place that Kim cleaned out. (I rechecked the first scene in her apartment with the last scene, and the kitchen cabinets and the windows match.)

Jules said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Chris! Fin's apartment looked nice and he doesn't deserve that. I liked seeing his apartment. I wasn't too surprised. You can tell the guy's got class by how he dresses. Now, let's see Munch's apartment. Oh, waitaminute! First, we'd have to see Munch. Where is Munch? :(

lois said...

I'm once again in the minority. I really liked this episode. The show was getting kind of boring but this one had me on the edge of my seat. I was SO GLAD to have an episode where I did not have to look at Olivias miserable facial expressions. Kelli giddish is a great actress and they finally wrote something where she could show off her talents. I had a Cold Case flashback when Amaro seemed headed down the path of falling for the troubled sister like
Valens did with Rushs sister. I like the more personal stories where the detectives act human instead of like a bunch of robots

Linda F. said...

I was the same way, lois! I kept yelling at the screen, "Don't go there, Nick! Don't you ever learn?" Obviously I was having Scotty flashbacks. I'm SO glad the writers listened to me, LOL.

And I also liked this episode, very much. It annoyed me that Rollins was so stubborn and wouldn't listen to anyone, but I was absolutely riveted by the story and ready to smack the bejeepers out of her and her sister.

Again like lois, I do prefer the more personal stories, and I like to see everyone have their turn. It doesn't always have to be about Benson--all the actors in this ensemble are good enough to carry their own episodes. But I agree with Jules: Where's Munch?

And on a completely, totally shallow note, Danny Pino in that black shirt and gray tie? Rrrowr!

janethyland said...

yes ,more Munch...and also Munch's dog. Have they ever brought his dog on an episode.Saw a photo of him with his dog on this site and i think it could be another Uggy.

xfool said...

Too predictable. I agree no suspense. Everybody saw that it was a good shoot so there was no suspense there. We all knew her sister was crazy so no suspense there. We know Tucker is a jerk, so no suspense there. I don't really care what happens to Rollins, either. She hasn't been with the squad long enough for me to care when her career is put in peril. Now if that were Benson, Munch, Fin, or Cragen in a similar siutation, I WOULD care.

The only surprise was seeing that her sister stole all her stuff.

SVU is losing the edge. The stories areb't compelling any more. I can't believe I am going to say this but they need Meloni to come back. Benson's character has become dull and boring without him. I was one who thought that Stabler was stuck in a rut, but now that he's gone for almost 2 seasons, I'd take Stabler in a rut back any day, especially over Amaro and Rollins.

CLA said...

I'm excited to see this episode. Because so far I have not seen the talent of Kelly Gidish. Excuse me Lois, but I always prefer to see the expressions of Olivia miserable than much of Amanda Rollins. I like the character. But not in a position to see Amanda alone, making a great show.

Petra Sundström said...

I loved this episode but then I'm a fan of the ensamble show not the Benson show so I didn't mind MH having a less center role this time around. She's always in the middle otherwise so.
Kelli Giddish was amazing. I liked that she sorta lost her cop-mode and got into human/sister-mode even if it meant she dumbed down. I would have loved to hear Kim tell more stories about their childhood, like Nick said it seems they had it rough.
But that's all I wanted to hear come out of Kim's mouth. I wanted to smack her. And to hear your mom say that "ambition would be your downfall" ouch! Seems no sister-award or mom-award will be headed the way to the Rollins family.
I loved that Fin showed concern about her, but then again I'm a huge shipper. I could have taken even some more conern'ing ;)
It was nice to see Nick standing up, and going beyond, to help Amanda since they seem to have a little sibbling rivalty going on in the squad room otherwise.
GA meeting was a little treat, the gunrange was fun to see and I loved Nicks cockiness.

CLA said...

I saw many complimentary comments on this episode of SVU on site at Universal Chanell. But unfortunately, many people did not like. I fear that this may influence the rankings next week.

Jules said...

I completely agree with you, xfool.

janethyland said...

Yes, I love the fact Olivia Benson is the lead detective of this ensemble, that she is a woman fronting the last remaining Law and Order.Its always been men who front the shows as detectives/lawyers. This is different. This is a woman fronting the show. She is better off without Meloni who always took the limelight.

BensonFan said...

I liked the story line of this episode, even if there weren't many surprises.

I'm not a fan of Giddish. When she cries in this episode it is the first time Rollins seems at all human. Despite a decent back story and good lines for her character, Giddish hasn't made Rollins memorable. She reminds me a little of Kathryn Erbe: flat affect all the time.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

BensonFan said...

I agree with XFool that Olivia seems emotionally checked out since Elliot left. She's not invested in the cases or the victims anymore. She seems sad and tired most of the time. (I've accepted that Meloni isn't coming back and I've moved on, but I have noticed Olivia isn't the same anymore.)

I don't know if the director is telling Mariska not to act with such emotional intensity or something, but I'm sick of how they all under react to everything now. I get not being overly dramatic but show a little reaction!

apc said...

This has to be the worst SVU I've ever seen. Every episode that Kim is in lowers the quality of the episode because of her presence, but oh man, this took the cake. I do believe that Kim is too stupid to concoct this rouse by herself.