Saturday, June 16, 2012

Law & Order SVU Mapped: Locations Seen and Heard

Provided by, here’s a handy map of the locations seen and heard on Law & Order SVU. (Nice work!) The map is embedded below: clicking on any red dot will show the location details.

Read the full article here: ”Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” Mapped: Walking the Beat with Benson and Stabler .

Access the full size map here: – full size Law & Order SVU location map

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Claire said...

wow it's a huge work!
I had no idea there are so many places seen on Law and Order, it's A LOt. Nice work!

fil di voce said...

I love this — thank you!

Was an address/location ever given for Hudson University?

Please don't forget Mercy General Hospital, at 365 West 32nd Street — which really means that it's in the middle of Penn Station!!

Chris Zimmer said...

I did find an address of the office of the president of Hudson University, which was at 504 Riverside Drive. (It was in one of my SVU recaps here: That was the only on I could find from my own records!