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Law & Order UK “Dawn Till Dusk” Recap & Review

Law & Order UK “Dawn Till Dusk” was based on the original Law & Order episode “Mayhem” from season 4. The only thing that these two episodes had in common is they both showed a day in the life of the detectives and the prosecutors, with a clock ticking off the time that has passed. The cases themselves were not similar at all.

We get to see a little bit more of how these characters go through the day, and we learn the most about Sam Casey. Sam's temper, which has been evident in every episode, comes back to haunt him when one of Jake’s cases is almost tanked because Sam is accused of intimidating one of the men on trial. Maybe this will be the wake up call for Sam to simmer down and cool his jets? We also see that Sam has a problem with an ex, and also has a son. Sam’s short fuse is evident when his ex calls him and asks him to watch their son for the night, and he hangs up on her. In the end, Sam’s apparent love for his son seems to win over his annoyance with his ex. While I do miss Jamie Bamber, Paul Nicholls – as Sam Casey – is an excellent replacement and I find myself becoming interested in his character. I also noticed that towards the end, Ronnie called Sam “son” (which is what he called Matt) and I am not sure if Ronnie had referred to Sam as “son” in earlier episodes.

I have to admit that with more than one case going on and the detectives and the prosecution being involved in various stages in these cases that I started to lose track as to which solicitor represented which defendant. The fact that they all wear wigs in the courtroom doesn’t always help especially when there is more than one defense solicitor of the same sex. Alesha is a much stronger character than she was in the first series, and she takes charge very easily.   (I enjoyed the brief banter with Jake about her filing skills.)

Poor Ronnie – his day gets ruined when he can't make the game that he was so hoping to see, and despite his attempt to not know the score, someone unwittingly blurts it out at the end. While Jake seems to have finished the day in the win column, there still appears to be a murderer out there. But, as Ronnie says, that is for tomorrow.

Here is the recap:

Bradley Walsh: DS Ronnie Brooks
Paul Nicholls: DS Sam Casey
Harriet Walter: DI Natalie Chandler
Freema Agyeman: CP Alesha Phillips
Dominic Rowan: Senior CP Jake Thorne
Peter Davison: Director CPS

Guest stars:
Adrian Rawlins – Roland Hextor
Patricia Potter – Yvette Dyer
Jessica Gunning – Angela
Walter Chubb – Jonathan Carlton
Ralph Laurila – Gareth Markham
James Weber Brown – Julian West
Robert Morgan – Donald Walker
Helen Blatch – Mrs. Hextor
Jessica Turner – Amanda Granger
Andrew Brooke - Abraham Roach
Crispin Redman - Judge Redman
Ebony Gilbert - Cathy

With the sound of a clock ticking, and with the time at 6:24 AM, two officers walking the street in the financial district see a man staggering down the street, and another man apparently sleeping in a parked car. They attempt to wake the man in the car, but he is dead from an apparent shot to the head,

DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Sam Casey are called to the scene. The dead man has been identified as Derek Strachan. It does not appear to be a robbery. The detectives speak with the staggering man – Clive Cooke – who tells them their company closed a big deal and they were celebrating. A bra and a torn blouse were found in the car, and it looks like the bullet wound may be from an air gun. Ronnie thinks it shouldn’t take too long to find a half naked woman running around in London.

At MIU headquarters at 7: 18 AM, DI Natalie Chandler says the woman was Louise Dawson and this was her first date with Strachan. She ran to the market as she knew there would be people there. Natalie tells them to get her story and she will notify Strachan’s next of kin.

The detectives speak with Louise who says Strachan seemed nice but admits she lives with a boyfriend and they are working through some issues. She says he is not the jealous type and said it wasn’t him who killed Strachan. She says some bloke just shot Derek from across the road. Sam suggests Louise get with an officer to get an eFit of the man who shot Derek.

Later, Ronnie shows the sketch to Natalie and she says it looks like Harry Hill. Ronnie says he will ring his agent and have him arrested. Natalie says “Excellent. Case closed, I’ll tell Derek’s family.” She asks Ange how she is getting along, and Ange says there are hundreds of CCTC cameras but they belong to private businesses and it will take her all day. Natalie is surprised that considering the area no one saw a man getting shot in a car. Ronnie says at that time of the morning the area is deserted. Sam adds this means they will have to get out and pound some pavement.

At the Asia Fusion Wine Bar at 8:12 AM, a man working there says Derek left about 2-2:30 and he had hooked up with a city chick. He also said Derek has a girlfriend,

Ronne and Sam speak with Derek’s girlfriend Chloe, who finally admits that Derek is a cheat. She thinks he would have stopped once they became engaged, and  Ronnie agrees with her despite the looks on his and Sam's faces which means they don’t think that for a minute.

Afterwards, Ronnie thinks Chloe is just hurt and wouldn’t have Derek shot. They wonder about the office party and Clive Cooke, and Sam wonders if maybe Clive wasn’t the only one who missed the last tube home.

At Hooperwood Associates at 9:02 AM, they speak with Miss Hayes at the company who said she left about 4 and took a cab and didn’t see anything unusual They show her the sketch of the man and she said she saw him a few weeks before. He was following her and she thought he was a pervert so she was ready to do some serious damage with her stilettos. She gets flirty with Sam and he seems to flirt back. She said the man jumped into a Mondeo and then drove through a red light. As the detectives leave, she tells Sam that if he wants to know anything else to just call her.

Outside, Ronnie tells Sam she would eat him for breakfast and Sam quips that he would let her. Ronnie wants to get Ange on the traffic cameras and hope with all the Mondeos in London they can catch the one going through the red light. As they get into the car they hear a frantic call coming over the police radio. Ronnie realizes the location is right around the corner so they race to the building,

When they get inside the lobby and are at the elevators, they aren’t sure which floor the call came from. Ronnie heard 5th and Sam heard 15th. They decide to take the stairs, with Ronnie trying hard to keep up with Sam while running up the stairway. They get to the 5th floor and see a commotion – a man is laying on the floor with a wound on his head and another man has what seems to be a stab wound on his chest. Sam tries to calm the man who was stabbed. The man on the floor is unconscious but alive so Ronnie asks someone to call for an ambulance.

Later, the stabbed man, Abraham Roach, say the man who stabbed him is his brother Carl. He hit his brother with a paperweight. Sam tells him once that is stitched he will have to come down to the station, and Abraham says he was just defending himself. He asks his is his brother and hears from another office, Tommy, that his brother is critical but stable. Ronnie asks Tommy to be the officer in charge and Tommy says just this once. Tommy asks Ronnie to email him his witness statements as soon as possible and he will take it from there. As Ronnie races away with Sam in tow, he tells Sam he has to be clocked out a 6:00 at the latest. Sam asks if he has a date, and Ronnie says yes, with a leather chair in the Director’s box at Upton Park. Sam asks him how he swung that, and Ronnie answers friend who know friends. Sam then asks him why did he swing that? Ronnie says that is totally unnecessary.

Back at MIU, Natalie asks Ronnie and Sam if they left a City DC to mop up a job this morning. Ronnie admits he did, saying it was a family argument that went wonky. She tells Ronnie they are pushing for it to come here and he will have to investigate. Ronnie squawks about all his paperwork and Sam says it was just a row with brothers. Natalie testily explains that Carl Roache died when he reached the hospital, and that makes it murder and puts it on his desk.

In the interrogation room, Ronnie and Sam are questioning Abraham Roach with his solicitor Amanda Granger present, telling her Abraham admitted to hitting his brother with a paperweight, Sam says that witness said it was a heavy metal paperweight that Abraham stuck his brother with great force. Against Amanda's advice, Abraham says he and Carl run a catering company with corporate clients which has been faltering the last few months. He did a deal for someone to buy them out and they would have lost some money but most people would keep their jobs but his brother thought he betrayed him. When his brother found out he stabbed him with a letter opener and Abraham hit him with the nearest thing. The solicitor says it was self defense, and Abraham sobs that he killed his brother.

At MIU at 10:40 AM, Ronnie is on the phone trying to get information on cabbies. Sam in on the phone with Cath who says he is at work. She asks who is going to have Ben and Sam says he can’t look after Ben tonight and he already told her. He adds he has two murder cases. Ronnie hangs up with his call and Sam picks up on another call and tells them to hold. He gets back with Cath and she says they have to sort this. He says he has to go and she sternly tells him not to hang up. He hangs up anyway and throws the phone down. Ronnie asks if there is trouble and strife, and Sam says she can’t expect him to drop everything every time she needs a babysitter.

Ange tells them that she got a call from Camden and they have a Roland Hextor at their station who drives a blue Mondeo who just went through a red light at Camden Loch. Ronnie said if he has thick rimmed glasses she can come to the West Ham match tonight. Ange says he does have thick rimmed glasses, “but you’re all right – Ta!”

With Hextor in interrogation, they tell him he is there for questioning about a murder but he says he didn’t see anything. No one at Camden Station told him why they wanted to see him. Sam tells him they are arresting him for the murder of Derek Strachan and Sam reads him his rights. Ronnie offers to call him a solicitor but Hextor insists he hasn’t done anything. He denies being near Bank station that night. When Ronnie asks if he can tell them where he was, he says that is none of their business. He says he hasn’t killed anyone and they have no right to ask about his private life, citing article 8 of the European Convention on human rights. Sam says a murder inquiry trumps that, but Hextor says he is not telling him where he was. Ronnie shows him a photo of Derek and Hextor says he does not recognize him. Ronnie tells him he was shot this morning and someone matching his description pulled the trigger. Hextor says he wants the solicitor now.

Later, while Natalie observes the video feed, Sam tells her all they have on Hextor is a traffic offense. She tells him to organize an ID parade and she will get Louise Dawson back in. Ronnie asks for a section 18 to search his home. She says, “Consider it done.”

At Hextor’s home, Ronnie makes small talk about sports as they search. Sam interrupts to show him an air gun he located in a cabinet.

In the forensics lab, the technician tells them to run an air pistol without a license it can’t have more than 6 foot pounds of muzzle energy. Sam questions whether that could shoot someone from across the street. The technician says this gun is old and the gun in Hextor’s flat predated the law and is a lot more powerful. It would not go through bone but could damage internal organs. She will know for sure if this is the gun once she gets the bullet back from the PM.

Later, Sam and Ronnie are in interrogation with Hextor and his solicitor Mr. Carlton. Carlton questions the witness statements and ID and says this is all circumstantial. CP Alesha Phillips, who is observing via the video feed, says she hates to say it but he is right. Natalie tells her not to start. A woman walks into the room and hands Natalie a file, saying she will want to read this. Chandler shows Alesha the file and then says “shit" and walks out of the room. Natalie walks into the interrogation room and halts the interview, and Ronnie notes he is stopping it at 11:55. Natalie says Hextor is free to go. Carlton says she will be in touch with her about wasting his client’s time, and Natalie says she looks forward to it. When Hextor and Carlton leave, Natalie shows them the ballistic report which says Strachan was shot with an air rifle, not an air pistol, and this means their prime suspect is free to leave and the killer is still out there.

Back at CPS, Alesha explains to Senior CP Jake Thorne that the witness picked Hextor out of the ID parade. She was sure at first but then picked up someone who looked similar. Alesha said it is circumstantial and tells him DI Chandler wants Hextor locked up until they can prove it one way or the other. Jake is pacing and says he is not sure they are allowed to do that. Alesha tells him to please sit down. He says he is sorry, he always gets like this when the jury is out. He tells her Yvette Dyer made an impressive closing speech. Alesha asks if this is for the kids who stabbed the teacher, Gareth Markham and Geoffrey Greene, adding she thought he said it was a “back of the net”. He said they always make him more nervous. She offers to do the PCMs but he wants to be around court in case the jury comes back. CPS Director Henry Sharpe enters the room and says he got a call from Yvette Dyer and he is going to see her now. Gareth Markham is claiming he was intimidated – by a detective.

At Dublin Lane Chambers at 13:04, Dyer argues the issue with Thorne and says this may mean he has no case. He says she is just looking for a way out. Dyer wonders what if he is telling the truth, and tells Jake she is going to argue that the jury be discharged and the case thrown out. Jake is incensed and says he thinks her head of chambers is enjoying this as he knows he is about to lose and hopes this about face will save him. Dyer says Donald did nothing to encourage this – and Jake counters he did nothing to stop it either. She says they are taking their client at his word, and Jake moans that they have to do all the legwork. Alesha calmly says the answer is to sort this as quickly as possible and asks which detective did this. Gareth says it was Sam Casey.

Back at MIU, Natalie complains that she has better things to do than digging through old case files, but Alesha says they have to go through the original evidence to prove it is a bogus claim. Sam moans “bloody hell.” Natalie gives in and asks Sam if it is bogus. Ronnie starts to joke that Sam slapped around to get a confession, and she tells him not to even joke about it and says he has a busy enough day as it is. Sam says he will do it but it is absolute bollocks, he interviewed Markham who grassed up his mate and that us all there is to it. Ronnie gets up to leave and Natalie asks where he is going. He said he is going to lead on the Harry Hill case, something 6 months ago is ringing some bells. Natalie asks Alesha if she has a minute.

Alesha follows Natalie into her office where Alesha tells her the whole case will collapse unless they can show Gareth is lying. Natalie asks why this is coming up now, and Alesha says he is desperate and defense is pushing it. Natalie says if there is any truth to this it will have to go to internal affairs, and Sam could lose his job. Alesha says yeah and then she asks Natalie how well she knows Sam. She heard from his superintendent in Manchester that he could lose his rag occasionally, but she does not believe someone from MIU could do this. A reputation like that reflects on everyone and she is not having it. Alesha asks how long does she have. Natalie explains she can pretend she came to her tomorrow morning but then she has to make the call.

At Crown v Markham at 14:12, Dyer is making her case for intimidation. Jake says they are going through all the relevant papers and this claim could be dismissed by the end of the week. The judge thinks Jake can dig out the relevant details this afternoon. Jake reminds the judge a policeman’s reputation is at stake as well as the trial. The judge gives him until the end of the day, and tells him time is ticking.

Afterwards, Jake tells Alesha he needs something within the hour, and when Alesha can’t believe it Jake says he thinks Judge Richards fancies Yvette, and Alesha says he is not the only one. Jake says she won’t let it lie, and she replies she will do what she can but Sam doesn’t file like she does. Jake tells her NO ONE files like she does. She agrees and he tells her to hurry up. She tells him to get off the phone.

Elsewhere, Ronnie talks to another detective about another case involving an air rifle where Roland Hextor was picked out of an ID parade. They brought him in an questioned him and had to let him go as nothing stuck. All he cared about was getting home to his mom because he lived with her. Ronnie said they have him living in a one bed flat in Wapping. The detective thinks he could have moved since but then he loved in a semi in another location.

Ronnie and Sam speak with Hextor’s mother who said he cooks for her because she has arthritis. She says he has a another place where he lives and commutes to his job in Westminster. He gets a boat every day, St. Catherine’s to Embankment Pier. She says he is a writer. He never talks about it. Ronnie notices a photo on the mantel which she says was Roland’s dad who died of lung cancer and who had fought in the Falklands. She thinks he wanted Roland to follow him into the Army. They took him to the firing range and taught him how to shoot a gun and a rifle. She doesn’t think there are many writers who can strip and M15.

Back at MIU, Alesha is with Natalie saying she has all the paperwork but she will need a big space to go through it. Natalie suggests an interview room. As she walks out of Natalie’s office she runs into Ronnie and Sam, and Sam asks her if she has everything sorted. She tells him not quite and she walks off.

Ronnie tells Natalie that a blue Mondeo was nicked for speeding in Epping Forest 20 miles after the shooting six months ago. He adds Roland also knows how to use a rifle. Natalie tells him to see if a second interview in one day will shake him up a bit. Sam is standing at the doorway looking at Ronnie and Alesha go off, and Natalie asks if he is still with us. He says yes and he will go pick up Roland Hextor.

With Hextor back in interrogation, Hextor denies anything but Sam brings up the old shooting of a couple who got “steamy,” accusing him of shooting one of them in the chest, asking if he has trouble with public displays of affection. Hextor says he hasn’t been to Epping Forest. Sam says it check out and to stop lying to them. Carlton thinks they don’t really have anything and Sam threatens Hextor that the next step will be his mom and they will be in her place and turn her life upside down. Hextor says they wouldn’t. Ronnie says for Hextor to tell them where he was so they can eliminate him from the inquiry. Hextor says he can’t, and the solicitor says his client will say nothing more until he talks to the CPS. Ronnie tells him to do that and they will introduce Hextor to the custody sergeant and Sam adds it will be to charge him for the murder or Derek Strachan this morning and for Peter Spencer 6 months ago.

While Alesha and Natalie watch via the video feed, Sam continues to press Hextor to tell the truth, and Alesha notices that he does have a temper. Natalie says so does she and it is not enough to discredit an experienced detective. Alesha says she is worried that there is 17 minutes missing from one of the taped interviews. Sam terminated the interview and the uniform did get Markham until 17 minutes later. Natalie says he could have been doing anything, and Alesha says including intimidating the witness. In the next taped interview, Gareth admitted to being at the scene of a crime.

At CPS, Sam tells Jake and Alesha that nothing happened. She asks how he can account for the 17 minutes. Sam says Gareth wanted a fag before he went back to the cells and he went with him to the cage and a few uniforms on the way saw them. Sam says no one saw Gareth have the cigarette, Natalie says that does not mean a thing, they will have cameras on the cage for that period. Jake asks if that is with sound. Sam pounds his fist on the desk and says this is unbelievable. Jake says yes it is but he doesn’t care if he lit his cigarette or beat him senseless with an iron bar, right now a respected head teacher is waiting outside court for a jury to return a guilty verdict for two teenagers who stabbed him and left him for dead. Sam says he wants those kids just as much as he, and Jake says good, because if he finds Sam did anything to jeopardize the verdict, he will be calling internal affairs.

Later, as Jake and Alesha walk down the street, Alesha says she will check the CCTV for when San was at the cage with Markham. Jakes says it doesn’t matter, there is no recording of what was said so the accusation still stands. Alesha thinks it will at least show that Sam was telling the truth about where he was. Jake asks what if Markham says Sam knew there were cameras so he chose his words carefully. He says it makes no difference, Markham still has to retract his statement.

Back in court, Crown v Hextor is up and Hextor pleads not guilty and Jake asks for remand. Carlton asks for bail, saying the only thing against Hextor is a traffic offense. Judge Richards holds him on remand. Up next is Crown v Roach, and Abraham Roach pleads guilty. Everyone looks shocked. Judge Richards ask Jake for the selected highlights and Jake does not seem prepared and then tells the judge that, along with the defense, expected the plea to be not guilty. The defense - Amanda = asks for a brief adjournment.

In another room, Amanda asks Jake for help, saying that Abraham is not guilty and that Abraham defended himself and did not mean to kill his brother, He feels guilty but is not guilty in the eyes of the law. He asks her is she is in Donald Walker’s Chambers, and she says yes. Jake adds that she has influence over the decisions he males. She asks what he wants, asking if this is about the teenager crying foul. He says yes, Gareth Markham tried to get away with attempted murder because he is terrified doesn’t realize the seriousness of what he’s done. Jake says Donald is letting it ride in hope to derail the whole trial for the sake of a win. Jakes says this is not why we do this and Amanda says Donald can be a little – Jake says stupid – but Amanda says myopic when it comes to the chamber’s reputation. Jake says this will damage it and trash a policeman’s career. She asks what he needs. Jake says he will put in an offer of manslaughter to Roach which he will happily plead guilty to, if she gets him a meet with Donald – today.

At CPS, at 16:47, Jake meets with Donald who tries to blow Jake off but Jake says Donald’s client should stick to telling the truth. Jake tells Donald to sit Gareth down and explain in small words what it means to lie to a court of law. Donald does not think he is lying. Jake thinks he is playing the system. Donald says he is sure Judge Richards will be happy to bring the jury up to speed with his suspicions tomorrow, Jake says he wants this sorted out in the next 10 minutes of the case could be thrown out. Donald says that is Jake’s problem. Henry Sharpe walks in and asks Donald how is he and Donald says he thinks Henry’s senior prosecutor was trying to accuse him of something but he is not sure what. Henry says he thought he gave him clear instructions for Donald to have a word with Gareth Markham and to drop the claim or they will pull his chambers in front of the standards board. Henry said if they did that he would have to review all their barristers to make sure they are competent to be on the Attorney Generals list. Donald is aghast. Henry adds that all the outsourced prosecution work would have to go elsewhere. Donald says “you wouldn’t” and Henry replies, “I would. And I will.” Donald says that is tantamount to blackmail. Henry and Jake look and each other and answer in unison. “yes.”

In court, the judge asks Markham if he is now saying he was not intimidated and if there was a reason for his change of heart. Jake indicates that the defense explained the seriousness of perjury. Markham apologizes to the court and the judge considers the matter closed and they will resume in the morning. He tells Markham to count himself lucky.

Afterwards, Dyer tells Jake that Donald is spitting blood, and Jake says he is not surprised. Jake asks to meet at the Cheshire in an hour, and Dyer says “a pint of pride.?” Jake says “always.” Alesha apologizes for interrupting but says Mrs. Hextor is camped outside their office.

Back at MIU, Ronnie and Sam are looking for any evidence that Roland is a serial killer. Ronnie moans he is never going to make the kickoff. Sam suggests he could get there for halftime, and when Sam’s phone rings, Ronnie asks if it is Cathy. Sam says he doesn’t think she believes he has a job. Ange tells them she got the CCTV from this morning but she couldn’t find the Mondeo registered to Hextor anywhere near the crime scene. Sam asks what about the CCTV from Embankment Pier. She says it is ready to watch on her computer but she has to go. Ronnie asks if it is a second date and he hasn’t led on he is an ax murderer? She says with his pecs she forgives him. They say goodnight and she leaves. Sam goes off to look at the footage.

At CPS at 18:23, Hextor’s mother said her son would not hurt a soul. Jake says he has no alibi and the evidence matches, and he mentions Epping Forest. When she asks about that, Alesha says his car was spotted there speeding, heading away from a crime scene. She said that was her, she took the car to Essex. She was picking up his birthday present and she did not want him to know she took the car so she paid the fine.

At MIU, Alesha tells Sam the news and that she wanted to tell him first hand. He asks if Jakes hates him and she says he just does not want to lose. She says she doesn’t hate him either. Ronnie said he will if he doesn’t get his backside in gear and help him with this. Alesha says that it is his way of saying he likes you too. As she leaves, Ronnie and Sam say goodnight and Sam thanks her. Sam says it was Mrs. Hextor driving the car in Epping Forest but everything else leads to Hextor. Ronnie shows him the video from about 8:30 last night and they see Roland and Ronnie recognizes the guy behind him but doesn’t know where from. Sam says if that is a routine, they can get down to the pier in time to meet them. Ronnie says maybe the game will be nil-nil draw and he will be there in time for the replay, and asks no one to tell him the score.

At Embankment Pier at 20:27, while they wait, Sam tells Ronnie that the uniform that said he would take Markham from the cell to the cage was late. He’d been on a lad’s night out and he’d had one too many. Ronnie says it is alright son, he doesn’t have to explain everything to him. They see their man and Ronnie stops the man and identified himself. The man says his name is Julian West. Ronnie asks if he knows Roland Hextor, and West asks what this is about. They tell him it is an ongoing inquiry and West seems surprised. Sam tells him it is a murder inquiry and Ronnie says Roland is refusing to give his whereabouts between the hours of midnight at 6 in the morning. West says that he was with him in his tiny flat in Wapping. He says Roland is terrified of the press finding out about them. West asks if he quoted article 8 to him and Ronnie says yes. West says Roland had taken it upon himself to protect them against any invasion into their private life. West says his is the MP – a backbencher - and Rollie is on the speech writing team for the defense minister and always wanted to work for the military, something to do with his father, West says if Roland is not telling them anything it is to protect them – to protect him.

Back at MIU, Ronnie brings Jake up to speed and tell Jake not to tell him the score. Ronnie tells Sam that Roland is a free man as Jake is happy with Julian’s statement and the paperwork has gone to Ashbridge. Sam asks if they should pick him up, and Ronnie says that is the least they could do with the day he’s had. Sam says he will get his coat, and Ronnie says he doesn’t think so, Sam has other things to deal with. He motions for Sam to look behind him, where Cathy is standing there holding Ben. Sam looks flustered and Cathy says she didn’t know what else to do, that Mum can’t have him. Sam takes Ben and gives him a kiss, and Cathy tells Sam not to let him stay up late watching Toy Story again. When she leaves, Sam asks Ronnie why he lets her get away with it. Ronnie grabs his coat and heads out, and tells Sam it is because Sam is Ben’s dad.

At Ashbridge Prison at 21:55, Ronnie gets Roland who asks Ronnie if anyone else knew and Ronnie says no. Ronnie says if he would have only been honest from the beginning. Roland says his private life is private. Ronnie says he could have been in there a long time. Roland mentions was surprised at the TV room and they were showing the footy and they beat the Hammers 2-nil. As Ronnie stops and rolls his eyes, Roland said it was a great game and he would have loved to have been there. Roland realizes that the real killer is still out there and they still have to catch him. Ronnie says he knows. Ronnie says that is for tomorrow.

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idiotdogbrain said...

An excellent recap as always. Any news on if L&O:UK has been picked up for another season?

All Things Law and Order said...

No news on a new season yet. These episodes that are currently airing on BBC America right now won't be airing in the UK until January so I suspect we won't hear anything till at least that time.

gahks said...

Just watched this in a repeat on ITV3: thoroughly enjoyed it!

Could you add the details mentioned in the cards at the end of the episode to the recap? I think Gareth Markham was convicted, Abraham Roach pled out and got five years and a man was arrested for the Strachan murder.