Thursday, August 4, 2011

SVU On Location: Ice-T, Danny Pino, T.R. Knight

Here are several photos of Ice-T, Danny Pino, and guest star T.R. Knight as they film an episode of Law & Order SVU on the streets of Manhattan on August 3, 2011 in New York City. Danny Pino will play Detective Nick Amaro.  Enjoy!

Photos by WireImage

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Laura said...

I think I finally figured out what's been bothering me so much about the choice of Danny Pino to play Stabler's replacement. He just doesn't look like a cop. I could definitely buy him as a lawyer, but he will look ridiculous beside Ice-T, Munch, and Benson. At least they're not killing off Stabler, leaving the (admittedly small) possibility that he might return.

SusanBytheSea said...

I liked Danny Pino well enough on Cold Case as Det.Scotty Valens, but I seriously don't know if he has the necessary grit for SVU, the more I see pics of him. iN truth, I liked Kelli Giddish as Marshall Annie Frost on Chase, but again I wonder if she has the grit to pull off an SVU detective. Can't wait to see the new season.

T'Jara said...

I'm so thrilled to see this much of Danny Pino. I love lots of what he did with Scotty on CC and I have my hopes up for this new season :)