Thursday, December 31, 2009

Law & Order “2010” Promo Clip

Photo from NBC

The current Law & Order promo ad being aired by NBC is below, "teasing" the upcoming new episodes beginning on January 15, 2010. (Thanks to GorenEamesFan2001.) Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait

Shelly said...

Thanks for this... I was wondering if they were going to start with new eps in January or just wait until after the Olympics. Has anyone heard if they're going to up the season's total number of episodes, or where that stands?

Happy New Year to everyone, but especially to All Things, who puts so much time and effort into one of our favorite topics. Thanks All Things!

Mark said...

ATL&O: LAW & ORDER returns on January 8th, not 15th.

All Things Law and Order said...

Shelly - thanks for your nice note! I think they expanded the order for L&O to 20 episodes somewhere along the line, but I can't find my information to confirm it. How pathetic is is that I can't even find the info on my own blog? I have to keep looking.

Mark - NBC changed the schedule and L&O returns on January 15. I posted the update here: