Monday, October 26, 2009

EW’s Ausiello Reveals Anita Van Buren’s Mystery Man

Super scooper Michael Ausiello reveals that the recently revealed “mystery lover” for S. Epatha Merkerson's Law & Order character Anita Van Buren will be played by Ernie Hudson. Viewers may best know Ernie from his Ghostbusters role, trying to slay a giant marshmallow man. At least, that’s what I think of when I see Ernie. Ernie is scheduled to first appear in this Friday's episode. You can read Michael’s full story at EW’s Ausiello Files web site.

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Animelee said...

He was recently on two episodes of Heroes, too.

I think NBC really likes him now. If there's a new pilot cropping up anytime in the future on NBC, I can see them casting him.

teregosa said...

don't forget his excellent part in HBO's Oz as warden. I'm glad to see he's getting some traction lately