Monday, February 9, 2009

Law & Order SVU Gets A New Character

According to Entertainment Weekly’s super-scooper Michael Ausiello, Law & Order SVU is getting a new character. Ausiello reports that it is a “a rookie crime scene sleuth, a nerdy, eager beaver-type who is in awe of Benson and Stabler,” who will be played by Noel Fisher. Fisher was recently on the FX show “The Riches.” I am not familiar with “The Riches” so I don’t know what to expect. Fisher did appear on an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent last season, titled ”Reunion”. Fisher’s character will appear in “at least four episodes, the first of which will air in April,” according to Ausiello.

Just what this show DOESN’T need - a nerdy character. What is happening to my beloved Law & Order SVU? Couldn’t they just let us be happy that Alex Cabot (Stephanie March) is returning? OK, I will try to keep an open mind.

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Aaron said...

Yuck, another new character. I don't think they need to add more when they don't even use Munch, Fin, and Huang enough

John K. said...

Just what the show needs, right now -- a fanboy character. Facepalm.

Muze said...

Oh no. I think they're busy trying to compete with NCIS and its stable of weirdos. I don't see what people see in that show. The last quarter of the season has been great. Much improved over all that Stabler personal life drama. I see over at the NBC blog they're claiming Greyleck is still on the show but I won't believe it unless she shows back up next season (please no) I can't believe they are preempting SVU for Octuplets.

John K. said...

Well, I know the show is competing with CSI, so NCIS doesn't surprise me. Good catch. Or it's a cheap play on the younger demo.

Right. I'm more concerned about Greylek than anything else. I won't write the character off, just the cowardly writers.

Muze said...

I don't want SVU to be like CSI which is ridiculous, or like Criminal Intent with the confessions and no legal analysis (although I enjoy the latter)

Cowardly is an interesting word. In what way John?

I can't handle Greyleck, she's so miscast - the character has stupid blunt edges, you really can't run around acting like that. As if all you have to do is shout your way out of things. Her character certainly reveals the way the legal aspects of this show have been dumbed down. Clearly (at least in my mind) Cabot was the high-water mark of the series creatively. I'm biased because I'm a lawyer but that doesn't mean i want the lawyers to take over the show or anything.

Well maybe once and a while they need to take over the show and reign in the police. You don't want law enforcement to remain unchecked and vice versa. That's why the push-pull between the police and DA's office is fascinating because they have the same goals but have sworn oaths to slightly different things, and sometimes they clash.

There were some good years with Novak as well. You can have the attorney use all the skills available to them to work with detectives, reign in the detectives, and then show what all-out advocacy looks like when you're fighting FOR the detectives because those are very different skill sets.

I enjoy SVU more than the mothership too, when it's at its best it explores all of this more effectively. The CSI problem is that cases aren't neat and tidy and solvable through forensics alone. They rarely are. It's laughable to have no legal dimension at all. And juries are very affected by what they see on tv. They think there's always going to be a big smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Greyleck hasn't been in any episodes at all. She's even less helpful than Ron Carver, who at least helps the Major Case Squad investigate cases (sadly, he has left the show without ever bringing up the fact that Goren and Eames spend suprisingly little time investigating major cases).

Anonymous said...

This kid, Noel Fisher, recently played a great supporting role in an episode of "Bones" titled "Hero in the Hold". He may come across as nerdy but his delivery is pretty good. His character in Bones played a big role in who Booth is as a character. He and David Boreanaz worked really well together. Give the kid a chance on SVU...