Friday, January 23, 2009

Major Problems With Law & Order Criminal Intent

Fox News has some news on what is causing all the grief and delays with the premier of season 8 of Law & Order Criminal Intent. Fox reports:

The problem: recently appointed producer Robert Nathan, who was brought in to run the episodes featuring newcomer Jeff Goldblum, is out after shooting two chapters. There’s word that Ed Zuckerman, producer of the original "Law & Order," is taking his place.

But things are not that simple. According to sources, Goldblum’s character has not really emerged yet on screen. "The two episodes they have are terrible," says an insider who says that everyone who worked with Nathan is gone as well.

The result is that USA Studios, which airs the show before it goes to NBC, has postponed the season premiere for a second time. The original premiere was set for last November, then moved to March. Now it might be in the late spring or early summer.

The irony is that the eight episodes featuring Vincent D’Onofrio are moving along pretty well, and should be finished on time. The hold up is all with the eight starring Goldblum. They simply don’t exist so far.

Did the people at LOCI put the cart before the horse when they signed on Goldblum, getting the star first but not having anything else to back him up? It’s sad really, because I think people are very pumped about Goldblum being on the show. Let’s hope they work things out soon so we can get going with the show – before the end of the decade!

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Jane said...

I don't agree that Goldblum is the issue, as he is a very talented actor as well, what a pity that they churned out badly written eps( that is the shows biggest problem not the acting or the actors) and what a pity that they had to delay this because of "no writer" -I do hope they resolve this soon as I am wanting to see these guys ( Jeff included) again.

Amy29 said...

I wasn't so pumped about seeing Goldblum on the show. I like him as an actor, but for me, the show has only ever been about Goren. I always took a pass on the Logan eps and the ratings numbers show that I wasn't the only one.

They should just go back to having Vincent do all 16 episodes as it's only a few more than he had been doing. Or scale it back to 12-14 and be just like all the other cable shows that only have that many eps. They'd save money too.