Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Frame” Episode Information

Here’s the episode information for the season finale of Law & Order Criminal Intent, “Frame.” It stars Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe. I’ll add the preview clips here if/when they become available, but you can access the preview on the USA web site here.

Nicole Wallace’s name was mentioned in the original episode information, (listed below), but now the TV Guide listing just refers to an “old nemesis.” My opinion is that it’s doubtful Nicole makes an actual appearance, unless, of course, she appears in the morgue. I’ve never been able to tolerate this character so I hope she doesn’t show up…alive, that is.

My recap and review of “ Frame “ can be found here.

“Frame” Air Date August 24, 2008
Season 7 ends as Goren finds a picture at his mother's grave, leading him to suspect his nemesis Nicole Wallace has returned. Also starring Tony Goldwyn as Frank Goren, and John Glover as Declan Gage.

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Music Wench said...

I'd love for her to show up in a body bag. I used to love the character. Her first two appearances (though the second one started to stretch the limits of imagination a little) were superb. But by the time she showed up the third time, I was done and hoping everyone else would be, too.

Unfortunately , she was voted back in on her third appearance and instead of being killed off, she lived to torment us another day and at that point. I was quite bored with her. Even Goren wasn't afraid of her any more.

Jane said...

I have actually never understood as to why a man such as Goren could be afraid of a "slip of a girl" like her. If they were going to give him "nemesis" they could of chosen a stronger adversary, no disrespect to Olivia who is a talented actress but whilst the first two appearances were well written, I think that bringing her back is a bit silly. Judging from the promo it is in fact Nicole in the Life ( elevator ).

Jane said...

Sorry I meant to say Lift not life lol.

John K. said...

I'll go with music wench, which is a shame, as L&O needs more recurring villains. Oh, well.

Nice that John Glover will be back, proving that his first CI episode wasn't just a usual character-of-the-day that we'll never see again.

And there's Frank, who is fun in his own way.

Jane said...

Yes it is an interesting mix of people, and like MW says trailers can be misleading, a lot of what is seen might not actually get into the story, but it looks like a rollercoaster episode all the same.