Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sam Waterston: The Killing Fields on MOJO HD This Month

If you have the MOJO HD channel, and you're a Sam Waterston fan, please be aware that they are showing the movie "The Killing Fields" this month. This is Sam's Oscar nominated performance. The movie is gripping, horrifying, and very moving. It is one of those films that once you see it, you will not forget it.

MOJO HD's Synopisis says:

"The Killing Fields is a romanticized adaptation of an eyewitness magazine story by New York Times correspondent Sidney Schanberg. Covering the U.S. pullout from Vietnam in 1975, Schanberg relies on his Cambodian friend and translator Dith Pran for inside information. Schanberg has an opportunity to rescue Dith Pran when the U.S. army evacuates all Cambodian citizens; instead, the reporter coerces his friend to remain behind to continue sending him news flashes."

Show times are as follows:

Wednesday February 13, 4:00AM ET
Saturday February 16, 8:00PM ET
Sunday February 17, 1:00AM ET
Monday February 18, 10:00PM ET
Friday February 29, 4:00AM ET

Here’s a story I wrote on my other blog, There Are Their Stories, about The Killing Fields, here.

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