Friday, April 24, 2020

Law & Order SVU “The Things We Have To Lose” Recap & Review

The season finale –  the season cut short because of the COVID-19 pandemic – was a wrap up/update of stories that took place earlier in the season. Despite the fact that this wasn’t supposed to be the season finale, it worked very well as a close to the record setting season 21. It takes a lot to shock me anymore with SVU but one thing happened that did really surprise me: Fin shoots someone dead. More on this later.

Before I recap this episode, I would like to thank everyone involved with Law & Order SVU for a great season. Many people invest a lot of time and hard work into writing, acting, and the production of each episode. The subject matter is tough and it must be very hard to come up with new ideas each week. If I didn’t like this show I wouldn’t waste any time in watching AND recapping the episode. So, while some weeks it sounds like I am less than thrilled with an episode, I still appreciate the work that goes into each and every minute of it. I’m looking forward to next season.

The trial of Sir Toby Moore ( from the season 21 premiere “I’m Going To Make You A Star” ) is trying to get off the ground, and Carisi is hitting brick walls. Elana Barth – former judge and now a defense attorney – has fully turned to the dark side and uses every tactic at her disposal to defend her sleazy client. Conveniently, Sir Toby Moore keeps having medical problems, keeping him out of the courtroom and delaying his trial. Peter Scanavino did a superb job in showing Carisi’s frustration and his anger when constantly faced with roadblock after roadblock, including going so far as to throw the judges’ own words back at him. We didn’t get the pleasure of actually seeing Ian McShane reprise his role in this episode, we only saw his face appearing in news stories about Sir Toby. Such a shame; having him appear would have been a real treat. But, as Sir Toby Moore isn’t dead – yet – we can only hope that maybe some time next season that he’ll make a real appearance to answer for his crimes.

Carisi is still getting his footing as an ADA, but it surprised me a bit that he waited until witness preparation to warn Pilar that she, and her family or friends, shouldn’t be talking about the case to anyone, even people who claim to be reporters. If Pilar wonders how old photos of her got into the hands of the defense, it’s likely because it seemed she wasn’t given any warning that these kinds of dirty tactics could happen. Carisi learned a lesson the hard way.  While Carisi preps the witnesses, Benson gets to role play as defense attorney, and manages to get out a tidbit of information that Carisi didn’t get previously. Benson to the rescue!

I used to really enjoy Jenna Stern as Elana Barth but now I loathe her character.  This is typical for defense attorneys in the Law & Order universe, it is a prerequisite that they be the lowest form of scum.  (Okay, I still enjoy Jenna Stern. She does a great job making me dislike Barth.)

Lakira’s story first unfolded in “At Midnight In Manhattan”. In this current episode, Lakira sees some semblance of justice, but sadly only after one of her friends is murdered by Paul Davies when he makes a careless mistake in disposing of evidence. But, this would not have happened to begin with had Lakira not sold her silence for Paul Davies in exchange for a fur coat, a new purse, and rent money.  Kat was persistent and she got her man in the end. 

Joelle’s story also began in “At Midnight In Manhattan”.   Things takes a tragic turn when her abusive husband Leon is released from prison, and he’s not interested in playing by the conditions of his parole. Fin uses poor judgment by not reporting to Leon's parole officer that Leon is violating by making contact with his son and using him to pass messages to Joelle, and Joelle resists Fin’s assistance.  Had Fin reported it despite Joelle's concerns, Leon would have likely been sent back to prison, avoiding the entire stand-off in Joelle’s apartment. It was a shock to see Fin draw his weapon and then quickly shoot Leon when it appears that Leon was getting ready to harm his own son. This was probably the most intense moments of drama this entire season.   This story alone would have been an excellent stand alone Fin-centric episode.   This story may not be over as Joelle is now suing Fin for Leon's wrongful death.

We first learned the story of Ivy Bucci in the episodes "Can’t Be Held Accountable" and "Must Be Held Accountable". Ivy continues to be a problem child. Despite her young age, she stays out all night, hangs around older men, and does coke. Her mother, Donna, isn’t much of a role model for her daughter. Donna begs Rollins to get involved, and Rollins agrees. I chuckled when Benson explains to Rollins how the matter should be handled, and when it’s clear Rollins still wants to find Ivy, Benson says “Because you’re the only one who can save her.” Usually this Benson’s job to save every victim!  Benson also gives the advice to Rollins to dish out some “tough love" to Ivy…and then Rollins proceeds to give Ivy the easy way out. Of course, it was a foregone conclusion that Ivy would wind up in trouble again, and this time, Rollins lets her stew in a holding cell overnight.  When it came down to Ivy going in front of the judge, Rollins explains Ivy’s history with Steve Getz and the judge softens her judgment. Still, the judge leaves things open so Ivy is not off the hook if she gets in trouble in the future.

There were so many things going on in this episode that at one point I thought there were TOO many things going on. Both Sir Toby's and Joelle's story could have been a standalone episodes. Still, as a wrap to the season, it felt right and was very well executed.

On a side note, there were a lot of unusual camera angles in this episode – a lot of shots from a skewed or low perspective. In some cases, these angles meant some things were in the way of the shot, something which I find annoying when done too frequently. (Some of the photos used for this recap are examples of this style.)

Here is the recap:

Flashbacks: the “MeToo” protesters in the courthouse hall; Joelle being attacked by her husband, Lakira being tossed out of a car, Ivy Bucci and Steve Getz; Sir Toby’s behaviors; more of the “MeToo” protesters.

Benson stands in Times Square, watching the news of Sir Toby’s anticipated criminal trial on the big screen, and Rollins watches the same footage on her phone while walking in the park. In the squad room, Fin and Kat watch news coverage of Elana Barth as she defends Sir Toby to the press. Kat comments to Fin that she thought he was done when they arrested him. Fin explains that cases like this, even when they are over, they are not over.

Elsewhere, Ivy comes into her apartment and her mother Donna, rushes over to her. Donna argues with her about where she has been, and Ivy claims she was at the library, clearly not dressed for the library. Donna says Ivy can’t be out all night as she’s 16, and when Ivy taunts that her mother can’t stop her, Donna grounds her.

On the courthouse steps, Barth continues to defends Sir Toby, saying the relationships were symbiotic and consensual. Benson, standing nearby with Carisi, asks what happened to Barth, and Carisi explains its money – 9 months and delays, motions and private investigators, she’s getting rich running out the clock. Benson asks how are Amelia and Pilar and other victims holding up, and Carisi replies not great, their lives are on hold, they are stressed, and it takes its toll. Benson asks about him, and Carisi says they are letting him take the lead on this – Benson says if something goes wrong – Carisi says their fingerprints won’t be anywhere near it. When Barth is asked if she is calling the women liars, Barth replies that is for a jury to decide, but says in this heated climate where men's reputations can be destroyed overnight, how many innocent men have been convicted in the name of the “MeToo” movement? Benson shakes her head.

Meanwhile, Joelle opens the door and greets Fin, who says he is just checking in on her and Andre. She says they are alright. Fin comments they didn’t tell her that her husband Leon is getting paroled tomorrow. She looks stunned and counters that he got a year. Fin explains it was a split sentence – he did 6 months in and the other six months in a halfway house on probation. She asks if that means he can just come by, and Fin replies no, her order of protection is good for a year. She hopes so. She adds he has been sending gifts to Andre – notes to give to her. She hands him the note and Fin reads “Joelle, we need to talk.” Fin states he needs to show the note to his parole officer, but she grabs the note back and tells Fin not to do that, she doesn’t want Andre caught in the middle. Andre runs in and tells Fin to “think fast” and he throws a basketball at him, which Fin easily catches. As Fin smiles, Andre says his dad sent him that and he said he is going to take him out for ice cream. Fin hands him back the basketball as Joelle gets a worried expression.

In the courtroom with Carisi and Barth standing by, the Judge Bertuccio asks where is Barth’s client. Barth explains she just found out he is receiving medical attention for a worsening, chronic heart condition. As Benson watches from the gallery, Barth says Sir Toby is not a young man and the stress of the ordeal has been debilitating. The judge states “for us all” and adds when he has faith in the New York City jury pool, he is confident they will find impartial jurors, and denies her motion. Bath then states she has a motion for his recusal from the case, and says his bias against the defense was apparent from the start. Carisi objects but the judge says he can take care of himself. The judge tells Barth he appreciates her laying the groundwork for an appeal, his sole focus is to assure her client received a fair trial. He tells them to start prepping witnesses and jury selection begins Monday at 9AM. Benson watches.

Meanwhile, on a street, three ladies walk and talk, one of them is Lakira, and she separates from the group and walks off.

In the squad room, Kat tells Rollins there is 10 more minutes and another Friday night is behind them. Rollins asks if she has plans for the weekend, and Kat shows her photos on her phone from a dating app and asks what does she think – Gene or Gina? Rollins replies Gina. Kat makes a comment then adds “Oh wait. Kids. Right. Sorry.” She tells Rollins to have a good one. As she walks out, Kat runs into Donna Bucci and when she asks if everything is alright, Donna says no, asking if Benson is there. Rollins says no, they were just packing up. Donna explains that Ivy has been partying and walked out on her tonight and left her phone, she thinks she has run away. Rollins says she has this and tells Donna to come with her. As Kat walks off, her phone buzzes and she checks the message and stops.

Elsewhere, Lakira’s friend Dakota, bloodied and unconscious, is being rushed into a hospital. Lakira is told to stay clear. Kat races in and asks what happened, and Lakira explains Dakota was raped and states it must have been Paul Davies, Kat asking if that is the guy who assaulted Lakira, saying Lakira doesn’t know that. Lakira says she knows it was him and they have to put that psycho away.

Benson enters the squad room with donuts and thanks Fin and Rollins for coming in on a Saturday. Fin comments that “donuts and OT, fine by me”. Benson says it is all hands on deck, there was a sexual assault at the piers last night and Kat is at the hospital, she needs Rollins to take the lead on this. Benson notices Rollins is distracted and Rollins explains Donna Bucci’s visit, that Ivy may have run away. Benson tells Rollins Ivy is 16, that should go to the precinct and then to missing persons. Rollins counters that after Getz killed himself and her dad went to jail, she has been in a downward spiral and she wants to find her before she gets caught in the system or worse. Benson says okay then says the next problem is Sir Toby’s trial starts this week and Fin comments that is on Carisi. But Benson argues it is on them; Toby’s team has been harassing the victims and SVU will be prepping the witnesses and she wants these women driven to and from court. Fin nods.

Back at the hospital, Kat waits and the nurse explains that Dakota is still unconscious and with the brain swelling, they had to put her in a coma. He can’t tell if she has been raped but she has been assaulted – a lot of blood loss. Lakira tells Kat that Nikita saw Paul Davies at the pier last night and even warned Dakota. No one saw him with Dakota but Lakira insists it was him. Kat comments Lakira called her 3 times in the last 6 months swearing she saw Davies and each time he had alibis. Lakira says this is different – beating Dakota and raping her is what he does and tells Kat they have to pick him up. Kat explains she needs more to go on, adding it is noon and there is no one at the piers now that was there last night. She will go back tonight and canvass. Lakira said she told her to call it a night and go back home and she never stops. An old woman calls out to Lakira and Kat asks who is that. Lakira explains it is Dakota’s grandmother and not to tell her Dakota is working. She hugs Dakota’s grandmother.

In the empty Supreme Courtroom on Saturday, April 18, Benson and Carisi prep Pilar for her testimony. They show a video of what transpired with Sir Toby. She explains he turned off the camera and then describes the assault, Carisi making her get specific. She struggles to say it but Benson tries to encourage her. Carisi explains to look at him when testifying and Benson says she will be sitting right behind him. Carisi says the hard part will be the cross examination, his lawyer is tough. Pilar says that woman told lies about her on the news. Carisi explains that is why they are prepping now and Benson will be his lawyer. Benson starts to ask questions about her citizenship, not having a job, and her trying to audition for an acting job and where she got the money for the ticket. Benson shows her a photo of Paulo Vega, who paid for the ticket, and Benson starts to question the relationship with rattles Pilar. She admits she did sleep with him once. Benson is surprised, saying she thought Pilar never told them that. Pilar states she couldn’t – he was married and it was only once or twice. Carisi says the defense will find out everything about her life, even things she doesn’t remember. Benson says they will help as much as they can but there can be no surprises. Pilar explains a reporter has been asking her family in Caracas questions. Carisi says Sir Toby has been sending private investigators to pose as reporters advocates and she has to tell her family and friends not to talk to anybody. Pilar asks how could they do this, and asks what does any of this have to do with what he did to her. She leaps from the chair and races off, saying she wishes she was dead. She spits on the defense table as she walk by.

Meanwhile, on the street, Rollins speaks with a man about Ivy and he says nothing happened. He has no idea where she is. Rollins explains Ivy is 16 and missing, and the guy laughs but wipes the smile off when Rollins stares at him. He said she had an ID and Rollins counters he is looking at felony kidnapping of a minor so she asks him again where is she. He thinks about it and states he knows where she will be tonight – at a bachelor party for his cousin, she’s on the list. Rollins asks that he invited a 16 year old to a bachelor party, and she tells him to wear something comfortable because if she doesn’t show, he and his cowlick may be spending the weekend in the tombs. She walks off.

Elsewhere, a Corrections Facility bus drives up and a driver steps out and leads a group of paroled men off the bus. Leon Fuller steps out and walks off but stops when Fin calls out to him. Leon thinks Joelle put him away but Fin says she didn’t, Fin did and he will do it again if he violates. Fin reminds him if he doesn’t want to go back, no contact with her and no unsupervised with his son. Leon says he has no time for manipulations and Fin comments that’s good. He adds he already talked to his PO so they are all on the same page. Fin glares at him and then walks off. Leon shakes his head.

Rollins walks into Benson’s office and asks how it went with Pilar. Benson replies that Pilar feels like the one who is on trial not Sir Toby. Rollins thinks she is right. Benson tells her to call Carisi and see who else he is bringing in, they need to protect these women. Rollins informs Benson she got a lead on Ivy and is picking her up tonight. Benson comments “Because you’re the only one that can save her.” Rollins states “unless you have a better idea.” Rollins walks out of the office as Kat walks in. Kat says Dakota is in an induced coma but she thinks Paul Davies did that to her, calling him a piece of crap that raped Lakira. Benson tells Kat to slow down, and says she is talking about the lawyer from Westchester. Kat shows her his photo and says he lives in Chelsea now, his wife must have kicked him to the curb. Kat explains that two witnesses put him on Weehawken on Friday night and thinks this is their guy. Benson suggests maybe, but he beat the rap once and he’s just going to say this is another shakedown. Kat offers to pull surveillance footage and run his plates, and Benson says good, and get enough for a warrant for his phone and see if she can put him at the scene BEFORE they talk to him.

At Slag Nightclub at 374 West 16th Street on Saturday, April 18, Rollins sees the informant who tells Rollins he’s glad she got there, that girl is out of control . Ivy is with others snorting cocaine in the bathroom. He asks if they are good and Rollins says until he is not, saying to stay away from teenage girls. Rollins walks into the room and gets some of the girls out, and a man who says his name is Gil says the drugs are Ivy’s. She tells another officer to get him out of there and book him on possession. Ivy asks if her dad sent her, and Rollins explains forcefully that her mom sent her and she is coming with her. Rollins picks up the purse and Ivy says it is not hers, and Rollins said Gil said it was, and tries to get Ivy out and Ivy asks sarcastically if she is going to arrest her. Rollins decides she is and cuffs her, Ivy claiming she didn’t do anything. Rollins takes Ivy away.

Back at SVU, Benson asks Rollins that she made Ivy spend the night here, and Rollins explains when they got back it was 2 AM. Benson asks where is her mother, and Rollins replies apparently she had a late night too. Benson asks what they have on Ivy, and Rollins states possession if they want but the drugs weren’t actually on her. Benson asks if she is showing remorse, and Rollins replies not so much, no. Benson looks at Rollins and says nothing, and Rollins wonders if she is too close to this, asking if Benson wants to take over. Benson puts down her head and tells Rollins Ivy needs tough love. She suggests to Rollins she has two daughters, this will be good practice. Suddenly, Donna walks in and asks Benson where is her baby? Benson points to Rollins and says Rollins will help her.

In an interview room, Donna and Ivy speak with Rollins and Ivy says she learned her lesson, she swears no more partying. Rollins, looking skeptical, says he hopes that is the truth. She says they will void her arrest for now but tells Ivy if she acts out again she will pick her up. Ivy thanks her and says she will turn this around. Rollins nods but looks like she isn’t buying it.

In the Supreme Courtroom on Sunday, April 10, Amelia is on her phone telling someone to calm down. She asks Carisi how long they need her and Carisi says about an hour but if she has to get out of their early... Amelia tells the person on the phone about an hour. She says, “They what?” and Benson asks if Amelia will be okay. Carisi hopes so, adding at least she finally came in, she was a no show the last time. Benson comment she was Sir Toby’s baby sitter and he groped her 15 years ago, the tough question is if Carisi really needs her. Carisi explains he fought tooth and nail every Molyneaux witness, he is holding on to her. Amelia gets off the phone and apologizes, Benson asking if everything is alright. Amelia says no, that was her girlfriend. The defense subpoenaed her and Carisi says she doesn’t have to speak to them before the trial, not one word. He thinks they are probably not even going to call her, it is an intimidation tactic. Amelia says it worked, Ramona is freaked and her office is worried they are going to find out she is gay. Amelia doesn’t know if she can do this anymore.

Outside an apartment building, Kat watches from her car and sees Paul Davies exit the building. She starts to text and suddenly sees Paul banging on the hood of her car. He motions for her to get out. Irritated, she does so, and he says that her doorman said she’s been asking too many questions. Kat admits she has, asking where was he on Friday night. He replies hockey at the piers and a few beers with the guys, sarcastically asking if that is okay. Kat questions about after that, and he explains he took a walk, adding it was a nice night. She holds up a photo of Paul and asks if he came across her on his walk. He testily replies no, saying after what almost happened to him in court, he’s been on the straight and narrow. He is trying to get his family back, insisting she is all wrong. Kat forcefully asks does she, saying his wife was assaulted Friday night, his MO, and she has two witnesses that puts him at the crime scene. He questions if it was that Lakira, she already lied to the court once and had to recant. Kat argues it was the same pattern, same MO, he can’t get it up unless he beats a girl half to death. He asks that Lakira told her that too, getting in Kat’s face and adding she already left them at the altar once, wondering if Kat is sure she wants to do this dance again. He turns and runs off and Kat heads back to her car.

Back at Joelle’s, she tells Fin that Leon just showed up at the playground, like if he hasn’t done anything wrong. He gave Andre a soft serve. Her sister is watching Andre now. She adds Leon just smiled but she knows that look. Fin suggests he will call his parole officer, and Joelle says Andre has already seen him. Fin explains he met with Andre and gave him a warning when he got off the bus. Joelle questions he did that without telling her, and Fin looks at her quizzically. Joelle gets upset and says that is why Leon is so pissed off with her, he thinks she called him. Fin explains if he doesn’t violate Leon, Leon will be coming for her. She shouts that she handled Leon for 10 years, he knows not to hurt her again. She tells him to stay out of their business, and she sits down into a chair and puts her hands to her head.

In Benson’s office, Pilar shows Benson a copy of the New York Ledger with her photo with the caption “Like a Virgin”. She asks where they got this photo, it was 4 years ago. Benson doesn’t know and Carisi says the defense is violating a judge’s direct order. Pilar, angry, says they are calling her a whore on line and the press is outside her apartment, her family is ashamed. Benson says they will take care of this, and Pilar asks how, she doesn’t believe them anymore. Benson and Carisi exchange looks.

Meanwhile, Kat is at the hospital and tells Lakira she came as fast as she could. Lakira says she is too late, Dakota is dead. Kat asks what happened and Lakira says they won’t even tell her as she is not her family. She is her family. She feels this is her fault and when Kat says not it isn’t, Lakira says they both know it is true. She was too afraid to testify against him when he assaulted her and she thought she’d be humiliated. But maybe a jury would have believed her and he’d be in jail and Dakota would be alive. Kat tries to console her.

In the courtroom, Judge Bertuccio holds up the Ledger cover and chastises Barth. Barth says they were just vetting her client’s accusers. Carisi brings up the investigators posing as reporters and stalking witnesses and their families and calls it harassment, saying they should be brought up on charges. Barth says if he had proof to support his bombastic allegations he would have brought it, and when Carisi argues back, the judge yells to stop the fighting, saying the histrionics and finger-pointing is over. He says he will see any witnesses in his chambers if they feel they have been intimidated. Barth thanks him, saying all she wants is a fair trial. The judge suggests they get to jury selection, asking where is her client? She says he is dealing with a medical matter. Carisi says “Again, what a surprise” and Benson looks incredulous. The judge says he doesn’t care if he is wheeled in there on a stretcher, Barth must make sure he shows up there tomorrow morning.. Carisi gets his documentation together and Barth says his witnesses sound shaky. Carisi asks then why is her client faking a heart condition? As Carisi storms off, Benson approaches Barth and Barth comments to Benson to tell her detective if he wants to be a DA he needs to grow a pair. Benson asks what happened to her, she used to be a judge and had respect for the legal system and justice and compassion. Barth claims she still does, but Benson counters not from where she is sitting. Benson questions that she would let a rapist like Sir Toby use her. Barth says he is entitled to a defense, adding she has two sons and Benson has a son, can she imagine while they were at college a girl made an accusation, their lives would be over. Benson shakes her head and says no, she can’t imagine. Barth counters these days, she should. Barth adds she would rather 10 guilty men go free than one innocent. Benson shouts emphatically her client isn’t innocent. Barth coldly says that is for a jury to decide, not Benson. Benson, frustrated, asks what does Barth need, because whatever Sir Toby is paying her, it’s not worth it. Benson storms out of the courtroom, leaving Barth to muse over her words.

At Rink City Trash and Recycling Area at 87 10th Avenue on Monday, April 20, Rollins and Kat, with assistance, comb through piles of garbage. Kat had Davies on video going into the gym in a suit Friday at midnight and 20 minutes later he came out in gym clothes and no bag. There is nothing in his locker. Rollins sees similar shoes and Kat asks a tech to bag them. They continue to look around.

Elsewhere, Fin finds Andre playing basketball and Andre tosses the ball to him. They sit and talk and Fin says he wants to talk to him, man to man. Fin explains he got him a phone and Andre says his mom says he can’t have one. Fin tells him maybe he just doesn’t tell her; it’s not for calling his friends or playing games. Fin explains his phone number is locked in on speed dial and if he is ever worried about her mom or scared about anything, he wants Andre to call him. Andre says he can do that. Fin asks him to look at him and Andre repeats he can go that, looking right at Fin.

In the courthouse rotunda, Carisi sees Amelia and asks if they had a meeting today. Amelia says no, she left him a couple messages. Carisi explains he is a bit behind, asking what is up. Amelia says her girlfriend Ramona says she can’t do this anymore an neither can she. Carisi says the judge told the other side today no more issues and they start picking the jury tomorrow. Amelia says he still believes that and he says there are almost there, just a little bit longer. She says she can’t, she’s a wreck, she’s drinking and taking sleeping pills, and Ramona says she can’t watch her destroy herself . If Amelia testifies Ramona will leave her. She says she is sorry and races off, Carisi asking her to hold on. But she does not stop and Carisi watches as she walks off. He stands in the empty rotunda, frustrated.

Back at the ice rink, Kat and Rollins speak with Hector about the trash he took out on Friday. They explain they are looking for the suit but it is not in one of the bags. They ask if there is a place he might have hidden it, and he said the guy threw it out. He does know where it is, he kept it there in case he asks for it back. He opens a cabinet and hands them the suit in a plastic bag. Kat tells him he did good. Rollins sees a message on her phone and says when it rains, it rains. She asks Kat if she has this, and she says yeah. Rollins races off.

Rollins is at a police station and hears that Ivy was picked up doing coke with a 35-year-old douchebag and Ivy asked them to call her. The detective says it must be tough having a teenager like that, asking if Rollins is her step mom. He said her girl did good, she knew to say right away Rollins was on the job. Rollins says to Ivy  “Ivy, what the hell!” and Ivy denies doing anything wrong, she says to tell them to let her out. Rollins tells the detective she is out of chances, and maybe spending the night would be good for her. Ivy promises to be good but Rollins is having none of it, saying she’ll be back for her in the morning. As Rollins walks off, Ivy yells is this so she will learn her lesson, because that is not going to happen, they both know there is only one thing they are good for. She screams for Rollins to come back and that she is sorry, but Rollins continues to walk away.

The next day in the squad room, Benson, there with Fin and Kat, questions that Rollins left Ivy in a holding cell at the 11th precinct all night. Fin says, “tough love” and Rollins says she checked with the desk sergeant once an hour. She adds if this is what it’s like having a teenager, she’s never going to be ready. Kat hangs up the phone and announces they got Paul Davies, the blood was Dakotas; on his suit and her postmortem rape kit had his skin cells under her nails and his semen in her underwear. Benson instructs her to call Carisi for a warrant and pick up Davies. Benson motions to Fin and he says he will go with. Before she leaves, Kat mentions about staking out his place over the weekend and they got into it, and she knows she told her to stay away. Benson smiles and says she did and they will talk about it later, telling her to go. After Kat leaves, Rollins asks if Benson is going to write her up, and Benson says no, but it won’t hurt her to worry about it for a couple days. Rollins comments, “tough love?”

Later, Carisi speaks to Ramona and she is not worried about her job, she is worried about Amelia regressing, the sleeping pills, and no intimacy for months. She loves her but didn’t sign up for this. Amelia was over this until they brought it up again. It’s not like she doesn’t believe her, she knows something happened, everybody in her life does. When Carisi comments Amelia said she disclosed to no one, Ramona says her mom knew and she said she would never forgive herself for telling Amelia not to go to the police when it happened. Carisi looks concerned.

In the chambers of Judge Constance Copeland in New York County Family Court at 60 Lafayette Street on Tuesday, April 21, Rollins is there with Ivy and Donna and the judge enters. The judge asks Rollins how is her nephew and she said Mason is adjusting. Donna says Ivy says she is sorry, but the judge says she needs to hear that from her. She says Ivy’s charges are serious and she could be looking at prison time. Ivy says she understands. Rollins asks to say n Ivy’s behalf that Ivy was sex trafficked by Steve Getz and she cooperated with the DA’s office until his suicide. Her father went to prison trying to protected her. She is a victim on her way to becoming a survivor and doesn’t think that justice would be served by additional punishment. The judge considers court ordered rehab if Ivy can assure her she is willing to change. Ivy says she will really try and looks at Rollins and says she will. The judge will adjourn the case, but adds it is not a get out of jail free card; if she doesn’t see real progress she will remand her. Ivy says she understands. Donna asks if the state pays for that, it is very expensive. Rollins says that Ivy still has six months on her NYPD’s COBRA. As they walk off, Ivy grabs Rollins’ arm and asks her to tell her dad she is doing what she’s supposed to and that she is being good. After pausing, Rollins nods.

Fin and Kat arrive at the ice rink and Kat announces to Paul they are NYPD. Kat announces he is under arrest for first degree murder as Dakota died on Sunday. Paul says he had nothing to do with that, and Kat explains his DNA was on her autopsy report and her blood is on his monogrammed shirt. He says he has no idea how she found that but the chain of custody will never hold up at trial. Fin tells him to come off the ice, and when Paul asks about his sons, Fin says to call his wife, she can pick them up at the station. As Kat takes Paul away, Fin’s phone buzzes and it is Andre, and Fin tells him to slow down.

At Joelle’s, Leon has her at knifepoint, and Fin tries to talk Leon down but Leon becomes more upset. Andre runs to him and Fin pulls out his gun. Leon pushes Joelle away and holds on to Andre but then makes a move that he will use the knife on Andre. Fin shoots and Leon collapses to the floor. As Fin watches, Joelle and Andre sob over Leon. Blood pools behind Leon’s head and Fin looks away.

Later that night, police are outside Joelle’s apartment building, a crowd gathering. Fin sits off by himself. A body bag is taken out of the building. Joelle and Andre leave the building with police officers and they get into a police cruiser. Benson approaches Fin and asks if he turned his gun into IAB and he replies he did. She explains she will ride with him to the hospital and he says he knows the drill. She reminds him he has 48 hours to give his statement, and he should wait for a union rep and a lawyer. He says he has nothing to hide. He says Andre saw his father get shot and no child should ever see that. He looks at Andre as the car pulls away.

At the DA’s office, Carisi takes a swig of pepto bismol from the bottle and moves to answer his phone. He hears Part 34, and says he is on his way. He puts on his jacket and says he is going to trial, looking excited.

At the courthouse, Pilar asks if this is really happening, and Carisi says it is, the court can call at any time so she needs to stay close. She asks how long does she have to wait, and he says he wishes he could tell her. He says he will check back with her in a bit, and shuts the door into the storage room where he will have her wait, an officer standing nearby. He knocks on another storage room door where Amelia is waiting. He asks if she is okay and she nods yes. He says if she needs anything to call, there is a court officer outside and a vending machine right down the hall. He adds if she runs into any of the other witnesses, do not talk to them, even her mom. He says the defense is going to ask her why she didn’t talk to her earlier about being assaulted, and she says she will them the same thing she told him – she didn’t remember.

Outside the courthouse as Fin sits nearby, Benson is on the phone, telling Carisi to breathe, he has this. Fin asks how is Carisi doing, and Benson says he knows what he’s up against. Fin sighs. A woman approaches Fin and calls out to him and then serves him with a letter. Joelle is suing him for wrongful death. Benson sighs and Fin says “How about that.”

In Supreme Court Part 34 on Wednesday, April 22, the judge apologizes for a false start as the jury comes in. Barth looks through her phone and Carisi waits in his place. The judge asks again where is her client, and Barth stands up and says he has some bad news. She just heard from Sir Toby’s wife that on route to the courthouse, he suffered a heart episode and is being rushed to Mt. Sinai. Benson’s mouth drops open in disbelief. Carisi tells the judge they just put a jury together and he has witnesses who have been standing by for months waiting. Barth interrupts and says she is sorry her client’s heart attack is inconvenient for the prosecution. Carisi counters so it’s a heart attack now because 10 seconds ago it was an episode. Barth pipes in that he just arrived in ICU and he’s going through testing and his cardiologist is meeting him there. Carisi says with all due respect to Mr. Moore’s cardiologist, but he feels it is highly coincidental that the morning they are finally starting this trial Mr. Moore once again suffers an episode. The just says if this is a ruse, the court will respond. Carisi argues further that the judge said himself that if need be, he should be brought in her in a stretcher. He adds Moore is showing contempt for the court and Barth pipes in that the only one showing contempt is Carisi. Carisi shouts that her client is afraid to have the women he raped confront him in open court. Benson stands up as Carisi gets more upset and the judge says enough, not one more word. The judge says he will grant another postponement but tells Barth her client better be on death’s door. He angrily adjourns. Benson walks over and consoles Carisi and says Sir Toby is not going to get away with this. Carisi says he already has. Benson looks forlorn.

Carisi is at his desk and Rollins enters and he looks surprised to see her. She asks about his rough day in court, joking that the sketch of him was really good. She sits on the corner of his desk as they both laugh. He asks if Benson sent her there to buck him up, and she says no, she just thought she’d check in on him. She says she got a sitter tonight, she thought she could drive him home and stop for a drink or three. Carisi looks away and then says he has a lot of loose ends with Sir Toby and paperwork with the Davies case. He says the only way out is through. He adds he’d probably be lousy company right now. Rollins says rain check and he agrees. The look at each other with understanding and she tells him to hang in there, calling him Dominick. She nods her head and leaves his office. After she leaves he hangs his head back down toward his work.

[Music and singing in the background.] Elsewhere, there is a shrine for Dakota with a mural and flowers and stuffed animals. Lakira adds her fur coat to the shrine. Kat sees the shrine and Dakota’s grandmother presses a kiss with her hand to the mural. Lakira sees Kat standing nearby and moves over to her and Kat hugs her. Lakira asks what happened with Davies and Kat informs her that, as expected, he pleaded not guilty. The judge denied bail, with the DNA and Lakira’s testimony going to pattern, Carisi feels optimistic. Lakira seems surprised they believe them, and Kat says they do. Lakira looks satisfied.

On the news, a story shows that Sir Toby has been rushed to the hospital while Benson watches the story standing in Times Square, She shakes her head, and as she continues to watch, we fade to black.

Mariska Hargitay - Captain Olivia Benson
Ice-T - Sergeant Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Peter Scanavino - ADA Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr.
Jamie Gray Hyder - Katriona "Kat" Azar Tamin

Guest stars:
Jenna Stern - Elana Barth
Vincent Curatola – Judge Al Bertuccio
Ben Davis - Paul Davies
Grace Narducci – Ivy Bucci
Carmen Berkeley - Pilar Reyes
Kecia Lewis – Judge Constance Copeland
Stephen Wallem – Rudy Syndergaard
Afi Bijou – Joelle Fuller
James Udom - Leon Fuller
Bea Cordelia – Lakira Baca
Frances Eve – Amelia James
Gisela Chipe - Ramona Diaz
Rosie De Sanctis – Donna Bucci
Ja'Siah Young - Andre Fuller
Alexia Garcia – Dakota Knight
Donald Flores – Hector Arroyo
Max Monning – Ari Dennison
Matthew Nikitow – Gil
Sa’Myra Amos James – Nikita Chavex
Michael Leonard James – Precinct Detective
Annika Pergament – Reporter #1
Chris Harnick – Reporter #2
Anne- Marie Agbodji – Server
Irma-Estel Laguerre – Grandma
Kate Maloy – Lakira’s Mother

All Content (Recaps, Review, Commentary) Copyright © unless otherwise noted

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Erin said...

I thought it was a good episode but agree there was too much going on. As we were getting towards the end, I didn't think it possible that they'd be able to wrap everything up in time.

A note on the camera angles:

The skewed angles and odd perspectives are meant to gove you a sense of unease/discomfort. It's often used as foreshadowing.

ELDOG said...

Decent episode. Not my favorite. I did pickup on subtle way that Kat came out to Rollins while she was sitting at her desk perusuing the dating app (didn't they just talk about how you do not get want is advertised using dating apps)? I completely agree, there was just wayyyyyy too much going on and some things were a huge distraction. How they wrapped everything up in that one episode is of course the stuff of fiction. In my opinion, the most intense (and engaging) part of the episode was when Fin shot the ex-con in the apartment in front of his son and ex-gf. Seeing that was a bit of a shock and afterwards the brief discussion that Fin has with Olivia solidified in my mind the stoic attitude that Fin possesses. He really is a interesting character.

Laurie F said...

Overall this was a good episode but I agree, some of the stories could have been episodes of their own. Fin's case and the outcome I liked the best. They've given so much attention to Benson over the years and not much to Fin that I feel Ice-T has been short-changed. Peter Scanavino was great...but Carisi almost crossed the line. I can understand his anger and frustration. I also agree that actually having Ian McShane would have been a real bonus and I imagine it cost them too much $$$ to do it. The other two stories didn't grab me much. I never cared too much for Ivy and that whole story to begin with. Same for Lakira. It was how she handled taking the fur and the money in the previous episode that character was in. There was a lot to digest in this episode and I may have to watch it again.

Shaheed said...

To me this was an excellent season finale and my favorite episode of the season. This in my opinion was Peter Scanavino's best season who stole the show in more than 1 episode. Along with him, Ice T and Jamie Gray Hyder also stole the show. And Jamie did a fantastic job with the character Kat Tamin who's in my favorites list and I can't wait to see more of Kat. I also can't wait to see what happens next season. Hopefully we'll see more cops added to the squad room or least the cast grow like the old SVU days. I kept wondering how they'd do the Sir Toby trial without Ian McShane starring but now I saw how. I also can't wait for Stabler's spin off series. Real glad that he's back, it's been a long time.

Mending_Wall said...

And we thank you for the work recapping each episode

Im happy that you mentioned Lakira sold her silence. She grieved over her friend but she sold her soul to the devil. The girl could be alive if she testified. It was interesting to see this come full circle.

Im happy that Ivy didnt get have a get out of jail free card. Yes she is a victim, but that doesn't mean she can behave that way forever.

Poor fin, this shows not every victim is sympathetic. She has more anger for him than leon, but I know that goes with domestic violence sometimes. Fin should have reported. I think giving the phone to the blow might blow up in his face, as the mother will say this interference cost leon his death.

Poor fin, no good deed goes unpunished. That woman makes me angry for some reason. You blame fin for pulling the trigger when leon was about to hurt your son! A childs life is always more important. In the real world when dv happens in front of a child, ACS is called. I know because I used to work for them

I don't think we will see sir toby get justice. The victims were tired of all this and hanging by a thread. This is the reason for the delays, so they can be tired and quit.

Finally, I thought rollins was coming on to carisi at the end. Why did I think that?

magix74 said...

This was definitely not my favorite episode but with probably having to wrap up so quickly I’m sure there wasn’t time to do much else.

I still enjoy the recaps. One thing that is turning me off though are the increasing number of people commenting and basically ‘slut shaming’ Rollins. The show is about lifting up women and I find the comments about the Rollins character to be incredibly sexist and quite offensive to women.

Chris Zimmer said...

I deleted two comments about Rollins that weren't constructive and/or crossed the line.

I don't have issues with people who want to offer constructive criticism of Rollins' choices. These are fictional characters who do make errors in judgement and discussing their actions is a big part of the show's fandom. But it's clear some people can't do that without lowering themselves to behaving like a juvenile when doing so. And those people will have their comments removed.

Unknown said...

Sir Toby - Shame they couldn't get Ian McShane back, but hes too busy running from John Wick I assume. I forgot the other victims besides Pilar mainly because her story was the one told in the opening of their episode

Lakira - The fur she puts on the memorial was the one that Davies gave her at the end of her episode, if they continue this next season I am sure shes mentally in danger from the guilt

Leon - Fin did nothing wrong, from our POV. He came as soon as he got the call and then we cut to Leon holding a knife to Janice's throat and then his choice of words were clear he meant to harm his son.

I can see the writers coming up with some sort of fill in the blank where Janice will say Finn did something to aggravate Leon prior to the scene change. Lets just hope this doesnt lead to Finn's exit from the show.

Carisi - Barth tells Carisi to grow some balls then seems almost shocked / amused that he starts calling her out on the excuses that they were giving for Toby missing the trial. Loved it

Rollins - I am immediately reminded of Stabler's daughter when Ivy kept acting up and thought she was doing nothing wrong.

Dare I say it, perhaps the Stabler show has some sort of crossover already planned with the two troubled daughters?

Unknown said...

Well I see you can from Chris Zimmer that you can only post here IF you are an Amanda and/or "ROLLISI" fan. HEAVEN FORBID everyone does NOT worship at the throne of AMANDA. NEWSFLASH - those of us who are Sonny fans but NOT Amanda fans do not want him anywhere near her and we would love to see him with a nice, decent woman.

A few FACTS about Amanda you Rollins fans might not want to face- FACT 1 - she WILLING SLEPT with her MARRIED CAPTAIN in Atlanta(not giving a dam about his wife) in order to get her sister out of jail. She was NOT raped - it is called "quid pro quo" or you scratch my back, I scratch yours. FACT 2- once Amanda arrived in New York she made a BEE LINE FOR MARRIED NICK, not caring that he had a wife who was serving her country overseas and a small daughter. Amanda didn't care about either one of them, wanted him, targeted him, undermining his marriage every chance she got till she finally got him into bed. To bad Nick moved to California to be with his EX WIFE AND CHILD rather than stay in NY with Amanda, which led to her being so outraged that she slept with Declan and got pregnant with baby 1. However, Declan was undercover and not around, but HEY who needed him when you had nice guy Carisi now a part of the squad. I noticed how Amanda was constantly asking him to come over, cook dinner for her and the baby - to bad Sonny left before she could get him into her bed. FACT 3 - with Sonny not hoping into her bed she took up with a Doctor (jackpot),to bad the Dr. really wasn't looking for a wife and kids (even telling her he would go with her when she had the "procedure" after she told him she was pregnant with child 2). But HEY there was still Sonny and what a better was to try to trap him into being "Daddy" to both out of wedlock babies than making him her kid 2's Godfather and also securing her job by asking her BOSS Olivia to be the child's Godmother even though those two are HARDLY friends.

I am sure this will NOT get published because OMG it tells some hard cold facts about Amanda rather than praising her to the skies - and here I though this was a L&O SVU fan website NOT an Amanda Rollins fan website

Autumnamberleaves said...

wow, Unknown, Chris DID say he didn't mind and was open for people to criticize characters constructively so I don't get the amimosity towards him. Also, being constructive with criticism is far better received than open hostility. I mean, it's totally fine you don't care for Rollins, everyone doesn't have to like all the characters. I don't like all the characters in every show I watch either.I just keep my criticism about whatever episode that is being discussed. With that said . . .

I sort of liked this one in ways and sort of disliked it in others.

What I liked:

- Carisi in the court, I enjoyed the righteous anger at the obvious stalling.

-The fact that it seemed like a politically neutral episode (I don't like it when episodes of any show become political in any direction)

-I liked the last scene with Car is and Rollins. I have no opinion on them together or apart but I did enjoy the scene, Carisi's stress and Rollins' concern both seemed realistic.

What I didn't care for:

-As much as the defense attorney is a slimeball and is defending someone worse, he did have a point about the Me Too movement having the adverse effect of cruicifying innocent men. He was met with disdain for that, but it's the truth. Before anyone jumps down at me, I get Toby is horrible but the DA did have a point-as hard of a pill is that to swallow. If the comment had solely been about his client, that would have been better.

- I didn't like the multiple cases smashed together in one episode. It felt chaotic. Perhaps that was the point, but for me, it wasn't enjoyable.

Na said...

Chris, I am very surprised that you didn't delete unknown comments about Rollins. Did you read Autumnamberleaves about Rollins? If course, you don't like my comments. I am surprised you didn't call them juvenile...

Mending_Wall said...

You dont have to like Rollins, I dont care for her for many reasons. However, much of what you're saying isnt true. Her MARRIED CAPTAIN asked her for sex and she agreed to help get her sister of the hook. As the superior officer amd married man, it was inappropriate for him to ask. Interesting when a woman sleeps with a married man, she is at fault rather than the focus being on the married man to stay faithful and not abuse his power as the superior officer. She never did anything with nick until after he was married. Nick in many episodes pursued her, and demonstrated stalker like behavior. She slept with declan, who once again was the superior officer. You could argue he didnt have to sleep with her after she fell down the rabbit hole with her gambling, knowing she had issues.

With sonny there is a friendship there and he willingly came to her house and helped. Sometimes she invited him and sometimes he invited himself. There was an episode when he gave her the cold shoulder after she decided to sleep with some other guy instead of inviting him to her room, so she didnt sleep with the doctor in retaliation. Im not sure where you are getting your info from.

You say that she hit the lotto by starting a relationship with a doctor who wasnt looking for a wife and kids, but he proposed at the end. She refused. Im not sure why shes a bad person for starting a relationship with that man.

Mending_Wall said...

Edit, i mean she didnt sleep with nick until after he was divorced

Elliot said...

ok lot to say here.

@Chris: Fin couldn't have turned him in to his parole officer because joelle wasn't cooperating and she was his source that he spoke to his son. maybe he could've tried to get a warrant for the notes but not sure and she might have ripped them up by then.

@Mending_Wall: i felt that way as well re amanda and carisi. i've always thought they would eventually end up together and a bit surprised they took this long to revisit that. enjoy the buildup. also i think tobias will get justice eventually, maybe be murdered by the venezuelan girl (forgot her name) or something even if he gets off. svn doesn't usually let perps walk especially really bad ones.

re rollins....nobody's perfect. if we're being honest probably every one of the cops in the series could have
been fired for something they've done over the years. but they're human and do far more than good and we're meant to sympathize with them and their struggles. this isn't to say that we should be as forgiving with real life cops since most who commit fireable offenses are actual bad apples. but that's another discussion.

i enjoyed the multiple storylines (once i remembered them :)), i think the finale is supposed to have a different feel and be extra dramatic. thought this one lived up to that. pretty shocking that lakira wore the fur coat to the memorial. maybe a way to try and say sorry but odd since she was still wearing/enjoying it. thanks to whoever pointed that out cause i didn't notice when watching.

i agree that this could be the beginning of the end for fin...if it is i'm sure it's b/c ice t decided it was time to move on, cause his character has stayed as awesome as always was. could see him having an almost stabler-esque exit due in part to this. hopefully not tho :)

I agree with whoever said the defense attorney had a point about #metoo going too far sometimes even tho not applicable in this case. the perp in last week's episode said the same thing. this could be wishful thinking but i think svu may have been acknowledging this, while also demonstrating that it's not an adequate defense. i'd really love for them to do an episode where they seem so sure about a suspect and then it turns out he was framed or not guilty. i know the show is about victim advocacy and they don't want to detract from that message but it would be nice to show that sometimes cops and DA's can trust themselves too much (like we see with benson, who rollins actually called out for that once ("i think sometimes you see perps and victims even when they don't exist" or something).

anyway thanks as always for the review and looking forward to next season.

Autumnamberleaves said...

not sure what you mean by my comments about Rollins, I tried to stay pretty neutral about the character other to say not everyone has to like or dislike the character (I alluded to not liking other characters in shows I didn't name). :)

Anyway, this was a sort of odd episode for me, days later and I can't decide if I overall liked or disliked it.

dttruman said...

I thought it was one of their better episodes for this season, but I think they had one or two subplots too many. I thought it was very unprofessional for Benson to be so critical of Barth. Is she one step away from becoming a vigilante? When Benson becomes so hell bent on justice, innocent people get hurt or die, I.E. "Dissonant Voices, and Imposter".

Sir Toby's name was mentioned so much, I believe Ian McShane should get another check even though he wasn't there.

If Joelle sues, it will be her word against Fin's, unless Fin was wearing a camera. Otherwise the writers are going to milk it for all it's drama. IAB will persecute Fin and it will take one of Benson's inspirational speeches to keep Fin on the Force or convince Joelle to come clean.

MorbidPet said...

First time posting in a long long time as I got fed up with the hate and slut shaming of Rollins in this comment field. I appreciate you taking action against it Chris.
I appreciate you posting promos and stuff, that's why I still come here as you are a reliable source for All things Law & Order :) Your dislike for Rollins often shines through in your recaps though. I don't judge it, I get everyone can't like every character and you are human after all, wouldn't have it any other way. But it just comes through so you know.
I still enjoy SVU a lot. More so after having come with terms with my own hate for where they’d taken the character of Olivia Benson. I just block the parts out which I dislike and it works most of the times.

But I chose to post now to reply to @Unknown - for your own self-preservation you better get a grip on your hate. Your "facts" are actually very wrong. She was raped by her CHIEF. Her captain tried to get with her yes but since he was married she didn't go there. When Captain Reynolds came to NY (S13E22) he tried once again, stating he was separated but she still didn't go there, something Reynolds clearly was upset about in S16E10 when he tracked her down walking Frannie.

But Chief Patton did rape her. He used his power and her desperation to present an indecent proposal. She went to the hotel willingly yes but when he got rough with her she said no, she withdrew her consent. He then overpowered her and raped her. To call it anything but rape is wrong - according to the law as well as morally. That Patton was married says more about him than Rollins.

None of us knows what happened between Amaro and Rollins so that's another wrong "facts" from you. All we know is that he walked out of her bathroom with only a towel on (S15E22) and that she felt a need to tell her squad he was not the father of her first child, hinting that they had a sexual relationship (S17E02). Something we never saw onscreen so again - we don't know who initiated it.

And again - we don't know what happened between Declan and Rollins either. All we know is that he was at her apartment during a blizzard and they conceived a child (S17E05).

I won't even go in to the rest of your post. I'm personally not a fan of Rollisi but it's obvious the writers likes to tease this, just as they liked to tease us with Rollaro. They are taking the teasing further this time though and they might go there or they might just get over it. But it won't matter what you or I think though. It's a fictional show. I've gotten over hating on Benson as it won't get me anywhere. I suggest you get over your Rollins hate cause it's obviously not doing any good for you. You are reading things in to scenes that aren’t there. All your “facts” are in your imagination, it’s fiction in an already fictional word. Totally bizarre.

There are many things (good and bad) you can say about the character of Rollins. It's her flawed personality that makes many of us like her, that makes her relatable and fun. But you go after her by slut shaming her and calling it not-rape then I won't stay quiet! You can’t stay quiet in the face of injustice or the world will never change. Stay safe everyone!

MorbidPet said...

"You can’t stay quiet in the face of injustice or the world will never change" Gawd I just sounded like my antagonist Benson. Where's my face palm emoji!?

dttruman said...


I believe Rollins doesn't need to be slut-shamed, but her morals are a little less than chaste. I blame the writers (and producers) who created these complex and sometime unrealistic situations. It's human to make mistakes and most of the time we accept that, but when Rollins hooks up with guys, she is repeating the same mistake and that makes her less tolerable to me.

I think a lot of viewers disdain her more than relate to her is because the troubles that Rollins seems to get into, is more of her own doing. The disdain may come from the fact that the writers can whip up an unrealistic scenario and have her coming out smelling like a rose. I.E. for all the trouble she has gotten into and protocol she has violated, she gets a promotion. What irks me about this scenario (that scene between Rollins and Benson at the shooting range), it was suggested that her belated promotion was due to the sexist upper management.

Na said...

I think that people (fans) are tried of Rollins made so much mistakes in her life. I am not big fan of Rollins. Never did. Blame on the writers and the writers don't understand that we don't want watch Rollins repeat herself. It is getting old and you know what she going to do every time we watch the show.

Chris Zimmer said...

@Na - okay, enough about Rollins. It's time to move on. Unless there is a specific comment you'd like to make about this episode, it's time to give your dislike of Rollins a rest here.

dttruman said...

Chris- What kind of impression did you get from Lakira in her first appearance? I got the feeling that she just "Looks out for No. 1" as it goes for anyone who works the streets for a living. She wasn't all that cooperative in the beginning with authorities and she was quick to get that payoff from the guy at the end. There was no hint of any kind of her having too many friends so I assumed she was pretty much a loner.

Now in this episode we find there is some kind of solidarity among her kind of streetwalkers. Does the 180 degree turn in this subplot seem very convenient for the way this story finishes?

Chris Zimmer said...

@dttruman - yes I agree. The first time we saw her - especially the way that episode ended - she seemed selfish and as long as she came out ahead, she was okay with it. And I too got the impression that she wasn't very connected to anyone. Maybe as time passed she had time to think about it and also to make some friends, but the current scenario did seem a bit contrived. Who knows, maybe they got some blowback on the outcome of her first appearance and decided to "redeem" her to help erase her selfish attitude. Had she done the right thing the first time, her friend would not be dead, and leaving that coat at the memorial really can't erase that, at least not in my mind.

Elliot said...

@Autumnamberleaves - was referring to "Unknown" not you

@dttruman - I think thats what makes rollins relatable for me, bc in reality people are coomplex and do act irrationally and repeat the same mistakes/behaviors.

and correction to my earlier comment - completely missed her putting the coat down and the mention of it in the recap. i now think it was a nice gesture but agree it obviously doesn't erase what she did.

ZAM said...
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ZAM said...
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ZAM said...
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Chris Zimmer said...

@ZAM - looks like there's not much interest here! Sorry!

Elliot said...

ZAM - i could probably look it over and send some feedback if that's what you're looking for.

ZAM said...
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Chris Zimmer said...

@ZAM - please be aware that email addresses cannot be shared via this blog. If you have a social media account elsewhere like Twitter, you may want to give your twitter ID so the person can communicate with you via that method.

ZAM said...
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Unknown said...

Hi. I didnt like the episode. Regarding Fin, I thought the message could be that no one can decide on behalf of the victim.
Fin decided and made decisions without institutional support nor victim's agreement... Despite good intentions.

gayle said...

I know this is "unrelated" to the topic at hand, but I just wanted to share a news tidbit with fellow fans
Last week, Sr. Georgiana Glose of NYC became a victim of the virus.The Dominican nun was a doctor and social worker who was well known among advocates for underserved communities. It sounds like she may have been one of the "inspirations" for SVU's late, lamented "Sister Peg."