Friday, November 22, 2019

Law & Order SVU “Can’t Be Held Accountable” Recap & Review

A “ripped from the headlines” (Jeffrey Epstein) story unfolds in “Can’t Be Held Accountable”, and this is definitely one story that needs more than one episode to tell.  As we see the pervert of the week, Steve Getz, hang himself at the beginning of this episode, we know what befalls him two months down the road. (Unless the sheet became untied!) It’s the process of getting to that point that will be very interesting if part 2 - airing when SVU returns in January - has the pacing and intensity of this well-constructed episode.

I was a little concerned early on when we find Rollins talking to Dr. Hanover about Carisi, seemingly wanting to place some sort of blame on him for why their relationship is troubled. She whines that Carisi didn’t even know there was a problem and when the doctor asks if Rollins told Carisi, Rollins thinks he should have known. I rolled my eyes. Typical Rollins, thinking the world revolves around her. I’m one of those people who see zero romantic chemistry between Carisi and Rollins, and still wonder if Rollins is upset because Carisi is not around to do her bidding. Rollins also lies again this week when she tells Benson she was at the shooting range when she really was with the doctor. If this happened on Rollins’ personal time, she doesn’t owe Benson an explanation of what she was doing, but if it’s work time, she should have at least told Benson it was a doctor’s appointment and leave it at that. Lying comes too easy to Rollins. Also, when a point was made of showing Rollins pulling her gun out of her car’s glove compartment, I knew this error in judgment was going to come back to haunt her. I’m not a big fan of Rollins, and it seems every week I find myself liking her even less. (This has nothing to do with Kelli Giddish, it’s Rollins that annoys me to no end.)

The case involves a rich businessman, Steve Getz, and his predilection for young girls. He’s got his eyes on Ivy Bucci and then later, her younger sister Milly. These girls are the daughter of Frank Bucci, who we first met in passing in the Law & Order SVU episode “Part 33” from season 20 (episode 14). He met Rollins while they waited to testify in court, so he now enlists her help – and the SVU’s – as he worries his daughter Ivy is the victim of a predator – Steve Getz. Bucci is unhinged most of the episode, and it’s obvious his anger and frustration will not end well.

Kat also creates some waves when she goes off-book and decides to pose as Ivy’s aunt – and Frank Bucci’s sister – trying to get an in as someone looking for a piece of the action with Getz. I can fully understand why Kat felt it easy to fall into this persona, seeing that her background is vice and she went undercover for SVU before she officially worked with them. Benson isn’t happy with this – Kat apparently likes to throw the rulebook out the window. It’s Rollins’ reaction to Kat changing plans that felt almost like jealousy, especially when Fin didn’t seem to react in the same manner as Rollins.

Carisi gets thrown off the deep end again with this case involving Getz - a rich man who apparently has deep connections with powerful or influential people. Hadid was right when she said he was to “green” for this case, but it’s more than Carisi’s inexperience. This is a case that had high probability that powerful people would be affected and subsequently try to derail it. Should SVU had staked out the place to see who walked in and out of Getz’s building to see who was compromised? Could they have installed someone undercover that looked very young but really was of age so they could at least get an idea of what was really going on in there? Kat going in as an adult wasn’t going to get much as far as seeing the real "action". When Getz was in SVU interrogation and his lawyer said they had parental permission, could SVU have asked to see that permission for Ivy Bucci? It’s clear they got the mother’s permission at the end of the episode, but I suspect they didn’t have any permission from Ivy’s mother for the initial encounters. Most importantly, if they said they had obtained parental permission, is that not an admission that they knew that Ivy and the other girls are underage? This confused me a bit.

The shocker to everyone is when the judge decides to make a nonsensical connection between the age of consent for sex (statutory rape) with the issue of the age for not needing parental permission for abortions. He gives Getz a pass on almost everything and then time served on prostitution, which can only make one wonder if the judge is either on the take or likes to enjoy Getz’s services as well.

Rollins’ leaving her gun in the car comes back at her when Bucci holds her at gunpoint in the doctor’s office. Bucci wants something done with Getz and we’ll have to wait until January to find out how Rollins – maybe with the doctor’s help – can talk their way out of this. The upside is, once Rollins gets Bucci calmed down, maybe SVU and the ADA will take some time to actually build a solid case and not rush it to an arrest and court within a period of only 3 days.

Stay tuned for part 2 when SVU returns on January 9, 2020.

Here is the recap:

Steve Getz sits in a prison cell and watches a cockroach crawl across his food. He ties his sheet around his neck and hangs himself.

Two months earlier, Ivy Bucci is walking down the street sees a dog and stops to pet it. A woman, the owner of the dog, stops Ivy and suggests she be a model, saying she is a scout for Steve Getz from “Gimme That Body Fitness.” She says he likes fresh healthy girls like her. Ivy tells the stranger her parents are separated and she is just with her dad. She also sounds interested in the modeling prospect and the woman gives her a business card.

Later at home, Ivy explains to her sister Milly and explains she is going to audition and says she can’t tell dad. Dad - Detective Frank Bucci -  enters and the girls clam up. They sit down to dinner.

Later, Steve Getz and the woman photograph Ivy with a group of young girls. The woman tells Ivy that Steve really likes her, and Steve tells Ivy they think she is their “Gimme That Body” girl.

Ivy attends a “Gimme That Body” party with the woman scout who introduces her to a man at the party with Steve.

Ivy keeps coming back, looking sadder every time. Along with other girls, she steps on a scale to be weighed. Steve continues to photograph her, having her remove more and more of her clothes. She balks when he asks her to drop her hands which are covering her breasts. Eventually she drops her hands. Later, she is laying down, crying, as Steve puts on a robe and puts $100 on her body. She cries.

Later, at home, Frank reminds her to take her lunch but she says she will just get something at school.

Back at Steve’s, Ivy, dressed in a clingy black dress, brings in another man, asking that he works with Steve. She tells him to sit and then guzzles some wine. She moves back to the man and starts to remove his tie.

Afterward, as Ivy races out of the house, the scout runs after her, telling Ivy she is looking good. Ivy says the diet is working. The woman asks that Ivy has a little sister, and when Ivy says her name is Milly, the woman says that Steve wants her to bring her next time. She hands Ivy more money.

At a later time, Ivy returns to Steve’s house with Milly in tow, another party in progress. Milly says the place is like a palace, and Steve asks her how old she is. She replies she is almost 13 and Steve looks thrilled, thinking this is wonderful. Ivy smiles.

Elsewhere, Rollins is in a session with Dr. Hanover. The doctor comments that he’s smart, kind, funny, and Rollins enjoys his company and he is good with her kids, then asks what is she missing? Rollins explains it is not like that, they are friends, and were partners until he left for the DA’s office. The doctor senses Rollins has unresolved feeling about this, but Rollins states she is over it, not that he even knew there was a problem. When the doctor asks if she told him, Rollins thinks he should have known. The doctor comments if that is because he knows her. Rollins sees what he doctor is doing, and when her phone buzzes, she tells the doctor she sees the doctor has another session and gets ready to leave. Rollins suggests next week they should talk about her dad; he called this morning. The doctor comments they haven’t spoke in…Rollins finishes the sentence, stating 15 years. As Rollins heads toward the door, the doctor calls it a “doorknob comment” that might have been worth being brought up earlier in the session. Rollins says nothing and leaves.

Rollins, walking quickly outside, apologizes to Benson, saying she is just stepping out of the shooting range. Rollins comments that Detective Bucci hit on her in a courthouse waiting room. She questions Benson that he is asking for her, and then tells Benson to tell him she is on his way. Rollins gets in the car and takes her gun out of the glove compartment and puts it in her holster.

Back at SVU, Bucci is in Benson’s office with Benson and Fin.   Rollins walks in and addresses Detective Bucci. He said he didn’t know who else to call, he’s going out of his mind. Rollins asks what is going on, and Benson explains that Bucci’s daughter Ivy, 15, and Milly, 12, may be victims of a predator. Bucci explains he and his wife have separated; she is in rehab and he has custody. Ivy has a job that seemed okay. Fin adds Ivy has been working as a model for “Gimme That Body”. Bucci thinks that is how he lured her in; Getz really plays on teenage girls. Rollins questions that this is Steve Getz the billionaire. Bucci replies yes, he’s a pervert and last night Ivy took Milly to a party, Getz is there and all the guys. Milly freaks out and Ivy takes her home and Milly tries to tell him what’s going on and Ivy denies it. He thinks she is lying. He searched the room and found $4,000 cash, adderall, birth control pills…Benson cuts him off and says none of that is great for a father to find but they don’t know what’s going on. Bucci is insistent it is Getz; Ivy has changed. Bucci comments he retired and took his, 26 months ago, and now he is working private insurance fraud and security – double shifts – he missed the signs, taking the blame. Fin questions what signs, and Bucci replies that Ivy is wearing a lot of makeup, she’s staying out late at night, short skirts, she talking on the telephone all the time. He adds it is Getz, calling him a son of a bitch, and what he’s done to his girls. Benson calmly assures Bucci they are going to talk to them. Bucci doesn’t know where Ivy is – he went off on her today and she stormed off. He pulled Milly out of school and she is not going to rat out her sister.

Later, Rollins and Kat speak with Milly, who says Ivy was so mad that she told her dad. Kat says she is an older sisters so she gets it. Rollins comments they know she is worried and they just want to help. Milly says it has been so hard, she’s not her sister any more. She’s mean, maybe because she is hungry. She can hear her crying in the bathroom and she thinks she is having sex. Ivy left her computer on once and she checked her history and it was sex stuff. There were these guys saying how hot they were to do her again. Rollins asks if she knows where her sister is now.

At Astoria Park Pool, Astoria, New York on Monday, November 18, Ivy is being photographed with another group of young girls. Kat approaches Ivy and asks if she can talk to her. Ivy asks if she knows her and Kat explains she is a police officer. Ivy asks if her dad sent them and Kat admits he did, and Ivy says her little sister is lying; she is a model and she has to get back to work. Kat says she doesn’t care what she told her father; she went through her computer and they both know what is going on here. Ivy gets angry and says she doesn’t have to talk to her. Kat says she does, or she will tell the people Ivy is working for that Ivy already did and she’s giving them up. Steve looks over toward Ivy and Ivy tells Kat not to do that. Kat says she can and she will. The scout and Getz walk over, the scout – Granya  - asking Ivy if everything is okay. Ivy says it’s all fine and when she asks who Kat is, Kat says she is Kitty Bucci, Ivy’s aunt. She adds she wanted to come by and see what all the modeling was about, saying it exciting. Kat asks to speak with Granya privately and Ivy moves off. Granya is very complementary of Ivy, saying she is well behaved. Kat asks if she means when the men pass her around and she does whatever they ask? Granya feigns ignorance and Kat tells her to cut the crap, says she knows what is going on and asks if they are taking care of Ivy, they have to take care of her too. Granya says that is something they can talk about. Kat points to Getz and asks that is her boss Steve, adding that her brother is an ex-cop and it would be a real good idea to get Ivy’s dad AND her on his side. Granya smiles and suggests she introduce Kat and she is sure he can allay her concerns. They walk over to Steve who is talking to Ivy and Granya calls Kat a special visitor.

Nearby and watching a video feed of this that Kat is taking, Rollins asks Fin what is Kat doing, the Captain said Kat was supposed to suss out the gig and talk to Ivy. Fin replies that Kat is calling an audible. Rollins worries that Getz is smart and if he makes her the case is blown before they even open it. Fin questions what does she want him to do, shoot her? Rollins replies that Fin is her Sergeant and to reel Kat in. Fin testily replies he will talk to her and Rollins snaps back, “Really” Will ya?” Fin replies “Later. Let her play this out.” Rollins says alright and walks off to watch the action from a distance.

Back at SVU, they all watch the video where Granya says Kitty used to be a runway model. Steve comments he knew that without her telling him. Rollins stops the video and says the woman is Granya Marcil, Getz’s sometime girlfriend and company talent scout. Benson counters Rollins means his procurer. Kat replies it seems like it; Kat told her she wanted in on the action and she didn’t blink. Benson questions Kat that she approached her, and Fin answers that Kat “kind of” went off-book, but she did get an invitation to Getz’s townhouse tonight. Kat adds she saw an opening and went with her gut. Benson shakes her head and instructs her next time, don’t, adding it worked out this time but tells Kat she could have just as easily blown up the case or gotten herself shot. Kat shakes her head and replies, “Copy that.” Rollins comments for the record, Getz is not only wealthy, he is in tight with the New York power players, and Gimme That Body is one of dozens of retail chains he owns. Fin adds there are 5 residences, private islands, private jets. Benson observes this is the average billionaire. Benson says Kat is already in so get Granya on tape, talk to doormen and sit on the house, follow the girls. They have to hit him from every angle.

At the residence of Steve Getz, 34 East 76th Street on Monday, November 18, as they wait at the front door, Ivy tells Rollins if they are trying to arrest Steve it will never happen, he’s too smart. Kat says they all are. Granya opens the door and welcomes them in. Someone watches nearby with Fin and Rollins and says the girl is a regular but the tall girl is new, and is a little mature for Getz. Fin asks what is his type, and the man answers candy stripers, adding he has been working security here and the girls coming and going at all hours it is like food deliveries. Rollins asks if he ever saw Getz go anything with the girls physically, and security guy says if he did, they would be fingerprinting him.

Inside, Kat complements the place but comments she thought there was a party tonight. Granya informs Kat it starts later and suggests a tour. As Granya takes Kat further inside and they leave Ivy behind, Kat mentions Getz’s state of the art gym and she’d like to check it out. Granya says that is not going to happen, it is Steve’s private area. Kat stays Ivy knows all about his private area, and Granya comments dryly, “Let’s talk.” They walk into a kitchen area and Granya takes out an envelope and tells Kat this is how it’s going to work: she hands her 10 grand, a one-time finder’s fee for Kat and her brother. Kat comments that seems fair. Granya informs Kat she can take Ivy home now but the next time she comes, it’s without Kat. Kat suggests they forget about her brother for a second, bringing up the finder’s fee, asking if she were to find more girls. Granya replies they are not hiring at the moment. Kat comments too bad; she is a Catholic school social worker and the neglect in some of these homes, these sweet, pretty girls, Steve might be able to make a real difference in their lives. Granya smiles and says Kat knows Steve’s type, and hands Kat her business card and tells her not to waste her time.

When Ivy gets back home with Rollins and Kat, Frank is waiting on the front step and she tells him thanks to him, she just lost her 500 bucks. Frank asks the detectives if they arrested Getz, and Rollins reminds him he knows how this works. He does, saying the DA is afraid to go after him. Rollins explains they have an ADA on their side who used to be a cop, Kat adds that Benson wants to hit him from every angle and Rollins assures them they will take care of this. Frank says good, because if they don’t, he will. He walks inside his home.

At SVU with Fin, Rollins, and Carisi, Benson shows Carisi the first three girls they’ve already talked to and there is a dozen more they are tracking down. Carisi says he gets it but none of these 3 girls wants to testify. Fin mentions Getz bought Palmer’s grandfather a new Cadillac. Rollins adds that Sarah’s closet is full of Prada and Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Benson states Tessa’s story is Getz was a gentleman until her 17th birthday and is paying for her college. She says they do have Granya on tape, but Carisi feels this implicated her more than him. He asks about Ivy, and Benson explains Ivy is still mad at her father so she is siding with Getz. Carisi slams his folio closed and comments they have no complaining witnesses. Benson looks at him with disbelief and says they have a pattern here. Carisi says it’s of teenage girls going in and out of his townhouse and he will claim those are photo shoots and launch parties. Benson counters Milly and her father are willing to testify and Carisi asks to what, that Getz is a sleaze? Carisi states he feels for these people but legally there is no there here. Unless one of the girls flips on Getz he can’t take a crowbar to his front door. Fin asks, “Any other advice, Counselor?” and Carisi tells them to figure it out, and he walk out of the room. After he leaves, Rollins suggests they keep looking for more girls or bring Granya in, but Benson suggests they go directly to Getz, thinking he is arrogant and maybe there is a way he implicates himself without realizing it. Fin questions that Getz will just come in, but Benson says no, they have to get inside his Boyd cycle. When Fin asks what that is, Benson replies it is a Chief Garland thing – they have to catch Getz off guard, not on his turf, throw off his decision making process. Rollins questions if the Chief has any idea where that might be, and Benson pauses and then says no, but she does.

At PJ Todd’s Steakhouse at 913 Madison Avenue on Tuesday, November 19, Getz is in a bathroom and tells someone on the phone that they have some guests flying in and to get some movie theater candy, maybe some edibles while they are at it. Benson and Rollins walk in, and Benson says “Told you.” Getz tells them this is the men’s room, and Benson wisecracks that they looked for him in the little girl’s room but they told her he was here. Rollins asks if this is a good place to talk and Getz asks if he is under arrest. Rollins flatly states not if he comes with them voluntarily. He says on the phone that he is being harassed, and tells them to call Abrams and tell them to meet him at…Benson finishes by saying “SVU – Special Victims. Let’s go.” He asks if they mind if he zips up first or does he want to do that for him, calling Benson sweetheart. She says “Hard pass. Wash your hands, sweetie.” He zips his fly and walks out.

While walking into SVU interrogation with his lawyer, Counselor Peter Abrams, Getz asks if this is complaints about his modeling parties. Benson thinks it is complaints about his young girl guests.
The lawyer says they have parental permission, they are contracted employees on the payroll and follow state mandated working conditions. Fin asks about paying cash and the gifts and Getz says he likes to give his young ones something extra. Their parents cash the checks, it’s just his way of making sure the girls have nice things. The lawyer says they can gift up to 15K a year, asking if they want to charge him with generosity, wondering why they are even here. Benson mentions one girl being asked to bring her 12 year old sister to the party, and Getz say they all told him. The girls are loyal, adding he tells them that jealousy is the thief of joy and whoever is complaining just wishes they were him, even for just a day. He gets up and the lawyer thanks them for confirming they have nothing and to stop hanging around urinals and Getz won’t be speaking to them again. Getz comments that Ivy is a great kid and he isn’t going to hold this against her but they may want to think twice about using her as a battering ram. He adds her father is a drunk ex-cop who shoots from the hip flask and is in such a deep hole he sent his sister to shake them down. After they leave, Fin wisecracks “So much for his Boyd cycle.” Benson counters the good news is they are not on to Kat. Rollins knocks on the door and enters the room. She explains she just got a call from the 1-16
in Forest Hills; Frank Bucci had some kind of accident and he is in bad shape; EMTs are taking him to Queens General.

At Queens General Hospital at 123 Metropolitan Avenue in Kew Gardens, New York on Tuesday, November 19, Benson and Rollins speak to Bucci in the ER. He says he is fine, but has a busted shoulder and bum knee and they want to rule out internal bleeding. He explains two goons rear-ended him and they got out of the car and one blindsided him with a metal pipe and took his wallet and that was just for show. They didn’t take his gun, thinking it was a hit. The one with the pipe told him to tell his little sister to back off, and he doesn’t have a little sister. He asks if that was his rookie UC, and Rollins says they will look into it. Benson asks where are his daughters now, and Bucci questions now they are worried about them, saying Milly was in the back seat and they could have killed her. He asks what are they going to do, and before they can answer, his phone rings and he sees a call from Edgewood Rehab, whining that the idiot EMT called his wife in rehab. He asks for second to take the call. Benson and Rollins walk away and Benson tells Fin and Kat that Bucci is hurt and angry. Rollins adds he wants to know why the guys who beat him up told him he’d better have his sister back off. Kat rolls her eyes and Benson asks if she has any leads. Kat says the EMTs found him unconscious two blocks from his apartment and they are pulling security cams. Rollins comments good luck; two guys in hoodies rear end him and attack him and steal his wallet, Fin adding that Getz is trying to make this look like a bump and rob. Benson questions it was after they just brought him in, and Rollins thinks it doesn’t have anything to do with this, he is trying to send Frank a message about Aunt Kitty. Kat says the Captain already talked to her about this. Ivy walks up with Milly, upset, Ivy blaming Kat that this is all her frikkin fault, saying she got her dad beat up and, getting in her face, shouts that if anything happens to her father it is on Kat. Benson tries to calm her and explains she is Kat’s boss, asking to take a walk. Rollins stays with Milly.

As they walk off, Ivy blames “that lame-ass UC rookie” and Benson says it is not on her, it’s on Getz. He is not who she thinks he is. Ivy states Granya said they would try to get her to turn on him, adding here comes the “he’s a bad man who took advantage of you speech.” Benson explains it is not just Ivy, mentioning her twelve year old sister. Ivy comments nothing happened to her but Benson counters not yet. Ivy counters Milly is fine and if SVU kept out of it her father would be too. Benson sighs.

Meanwhile, Milly explains what happened to Rollins. She explains that Ivy and her mom says this is all her fault, adding that Ivy has been telling her everything. They are not officially divorced and even though her mom is in rehab she keeps pumping them for information that makes her dad look bad. Shouting can be heard close by and Rollins races to check it out, telling Milly to wait there. Bucci is getting dressed and yells at the nurse not to tell him to calm down. Rollins runs in and tries to calm Bucci. But he is upset, saying his ex told him everything and the UC us screwing things up. Rollins admits she might have overstepped, but says they have to work this case inside out. He screams for his gun and shouts that Getz assaulted his daughter and is trying to kill him and he should have handled this himself. He runs off and Rollins follows.

Benson is still speaking with Ivy trying to explain Getz has his sights on her sister and he will not stop. She adds they can’t leave Getz alone as what he did was against the law and they need her to testify to put him in prison where he belongs. Milly runs up to ivy and says their father is in trouble. Benson follows them.

Bucci is still yelling for his gun and Benson arrives and attempt to calm him. He is enraged and wants to take care of that scumbag. Milly is worried her father will go to jail. Benson says Bucci knows this is not the way, and Bucci tells Ivy to take Milly home and is upset no one is listening to him. Benson asks him to calm down, and he is getting more enraged.  Benson says she is listening and Bucci comments good, because he is not getting away with his. His daughters look concerned. He walks off but Benson says she can’t let him walk out of there with those words. Ivy tells him to stop, then adds she will testify and will tell them everything.

In the conference room at the New York District Attorney’s office, Fin, Rollins, and Carisi discuss the case with Bureau Chief Vanessa Hadid who says all they have is one fifteen year old girl who was on his payroll as a model. Carisi informs her she will testify to nude photo shoots, forcible touching and rape. Rollins explains they also have his procurer, Granya Marcil, on tape buying off their UC who is posing as Ivy’s aunt. Hadid asks if this is a UC Getz is on to, and Fin states not yet, and Carisi adds but he does know he is the target. When Hadid asks how, she also asks that they didn’t bring him in, and when the others don’t answer, Hadid chides them for not coming to her earlier as Getz could have cleared his hard drives and been an a jet as they speak. Carisi explains this is why they need to move now.

Later, with police and press at Getz’s home, Benson walks him out his front door, cuffed. He comments that the press is there, sarcastically wondering who tipped them off. Benson replies she has no idea what he’s talking about but if she was him, she’d wipe that smirk off his face. She grabs at him and he grimaces. He gets in the patrol car and Benson slams the door. Kat walks out with Granya who tells Kat she had her fooled, adding she played a low-rent whore like she was born into it. Kat says Granya would know as she puts her into another patrol car.

Inside, Fin looks up a long staircase and tells Rollins to take the top floors and as she starts the long climb up the steps she asks that he does know there are elevators. As they check the gym room, Fin instructs the others to get DNA and fingerprints and to black light and luminol every surface. Rollins find a box with many phones of barely clothed young girls.

At the arraignment of Steve Getz, Part 52 on Wednesday, November 20, Getz’s lawyer Abrams states Getz pleads not guilty. Carisi asks for remand, citing Getz’s jets and residences around the globe, saying he is the very definition of a flight risk. While Abrams makes an argument, Judge Catano approves the request to remand. When his lawyer worries for Getz’s safety, the judge says he will be put in protective custody until trial.

Outside the courtroom, Abrams chases down Carisi and Carisi outlines the damning situation. Abrams says Getz is a sick man who thinks this will go away. As they step to the elevator, Abrams thinks one night or two at Rikers…Carisi thinks a plea is not likely. As the elevator doors close, Abrams says Steve doesn’t see himself as a rapist but if he can sell him on criminal sexual act, this is four years and that put him on the registry. Carisi says no, he raped those girls. Abrams worries about the family testifying, and Carisi says he will run this by his boss. Abrams comments she’s already heard; he headed up the firm with her boss a few years back. Abrams gets out of the elevator and says he will be in touch.

At SVU, Benson gets off the phone with Carisi and tells the staff that Getz cut a deal – 4 years. Fin comments Getz is no dummy; if he loses at trial it’s could be a 25 year bid. Rollins questions that Carisi is okay with a plea, and Benson explains that Hadid is – or her bosses are. Kat thinks they wants this hushed up and don’t want them to know who else was going to Getz’s parties. Benson mentions flipping Granya and finding his other vics and going through his guest list, it will be a lot easier once he is locked up. Rollins thinks Frank Bucci is not going to see that way. Benson asks Rollins to see if she can get him there.

At the apartment of Frank Bucci at 23-49 19th Street in Astoria, New York on Thursday, November 21, Fin and Rollins explains the situation to Frank who is enraged. Fin mentions Frank making a victim impact statement but he isn’t satisfied, saying that Getz will never be held accountable.

At the courthouse, Hadid and Carisi get off the elevator and Hadid tells Carisi he did a good job for taking down a guy like Getz. When they arrive in the courtroom, it is completely empty. Carisi finds that the hearing was moved to Part 26, it was just moved on the docket. Carisi heads out of the room to tell Hadid but she has just also heard. Hadid says Abrams filed to have Catano removed for bias as she had a membership at one of Getz’s gyms. They wouldn’t let her out of the contract and she sued – and won. Carisi asks who they got, and Hadid says it is Joe Ellery, who Carisi calls “Let ‘em go Joe.” Carisi thinks they are trying to rig this.

After Bucci makes a statement to the court, Judge Ellery said that Getz had no way of knowing Ivy’s age as she provided a fake ID. Carisi says ignorance of age is no excuse under the law, but the judge counters she was paid thousands of dollars and gifted cell phone and designer clothing, etc. Hadid reminds the judge they agreed to a plea and the judge says he is revisiting that plea. He doesn’t see criminal sexual acts here – Benson is shocked – and says he sees consensual sexual activity. Carisi reminds him Ivy is under the age of consent. Bucci voices his objections but the judge shuts him down as he does not want to hold him in contempt. The judge says this girl made he own choice. He adds that if a 15 year old has a constitutional right to an abortion without parental approval, how should she not also have the constitutional right to consensual sex? As Carisi shakes his head, the judge says he is dismissing the top charges of rape and forcible touching and the case can move forward on the prostitution charge. Abrams states they plead guilty to that and Hadid strongly objects. The judge says her objection is on the record. He then sentences Getz to time served and says he is free to go. Getz and Abrams celebrate and everyone else is shocked. Getz smiles at Bucci and Bucci looks like he is going to explode. Benson shakes her head.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Bucci tells Benson she lied to him but she explains they had a deal in place. She adds what that judge did, nobody saw coming. Rollins says they are not going to let this go. Ivy says they should, he got off, adding they put them through all this for nothing and tells Frank they should just go home. He nods and they walk off and Rollins suggests to Ivy they wait, but Ivy tells her to leave them alone. Benson sighs.

Abrams stops Carisi as Carisi exits the courtroom and says “no hard feelings?” He suggests that Carisi join Getz at their victory party on his yacht. Carisi tells him this isn’t over, not by a long shot. Hadid gets off the phone and tells Carisi they were out-played. The guilty charge on prostitution means the defense can claim double jeopardy. Carisi suggest and appeal, but Hadid tells him not to get her hopes up. She adds that this is on her; Abrams is a shark and should never have let a green ADA like him go up against him. As Hadid walks off, Benson tells Carisi that Getz’s lawyer came over to gloat and Carisi says he just invited him to the victory party. Rollins sarcastically says maybe he should go and take Hadid and Benson backs her off. Rollins apologizes and says she is going to go see her girls. Benson asks Carisi if he is okay, and Carisi wonders should he be? He argues Getz is a child rapist and he just walks out of there with a slap on the wrists. Benson reminds him that is for now, and she tells Carisi to go home and get some rest, they will re-group, and watches as Carisi walks off.

Back at SVU, Benson is on the phone talking about pizza to Noah and she suggests Chinese. She says she will see him then and hangs up. Fin walks in with Kat and says Bucci called; Ivy and Milly are missing. Kat says he thinks they are with Getz and has gone out looking for them. Benson recalls what Carisi said about the victory party and tells them to find out where.

At Pier 65 in Chelsea on Thursday, November 21, Getz is getting the party going and Benson and Fin arrive and tell him to hold up. Getz comments he didn’t think she was on the guest list but Benson says Milly and Ivy are and they need to speak with them. Granya says the girls are fine, and Fin says to let them tell him that. Getz says that is a great idea and calls out for Milly and Ivy. The girls are on the upper deck of the boat and they turn and smile and Getz says they are safe and sound. Benson shakes her head and asks Getz that he is really doing this, and as Abrams walk up, Benson mentions two underage girls are on his boat without parental permission. Getz says they have permission, and then calls out to Donna Bucci. Donna stands next to her daughters with a drink in her hand and a slinky dress and she says hi, she’s their mom and she gave permission and she will be supervising. Abrams asks if that checked all the boxes, and Getz smiles and says, “Let’s sail.” He gets on the boat and shakes hands with a congressman. Fin tells Benson they’ve got to get this guy as Donna drinks, also with her arms around her daughters. Benson tells Fin to make sure Detective Bucci knows this is not over. As the yacht pulls away from the dock, Benson and Fin stand on the pier and watch.

Rollins arrives at Dr. Hanover’s and thanks her for seeing her after such a long day, saying they were blindsided by the Getz case. Hanover says she has been following. Rollins starts to talk about it but the doctor wants to start with Rollins’ father this time. Rollins says it is no big deal, explaining he called and is getting married and wants her to bring her girls to the wedding. She said she shot it down. The door opens and Bucci storms in, startling the doctor who asks who is he? Bucci says Rollins knows him, and Rollins says he can’t follow her. He pulls out a gun and when Rollins reaches for hers, she realizes she doesn’t have it. Bucci explains she left her gun in the car and she shouldn’t do that. He points his gun at her and Rollins asks what is he doing? He says he wants his kids home safe, and shouts he wants Getz in jail and until then…Rollins cuts him off and says this isn’t the way. Bucci yells at her to sit down, and she complies. The doctor looks rattled and Rollins asks Bucci not to do this. He points the gun to her head and states he is way past that. He wants Getz in jail, asking if she hears him. As Rollins stares at the gun pointed inches from her head, Rollins calmly says okay. Bucci screams that he wants him and Rollins repeats “okay.” As the gun is still pointed at Rollins’ head and the doctor watches in fear, we fade to black.


Note: Part 2 can be found in my recap and review of Law & Order SVU “Must Be Held Accountable” at this link.

Mariska Hargitay - Captain Olivia Benson
Ice-T - Sergeant Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Peter Scanavino - ADA Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr.
Jamie Gray Hyder - Katriona "Kat" Azar Tamin

Guest stars:
Nicholas Turturro - Detective Frank Bucci
Vincent Kartheiser - Steve Getz
Bree Turner - Granya Marcil
Amy Hargreaves – Dr. Alexis Hanover
Rocco Sisto – Judge Ellery
Aida Turturro - Judge Felicia Catano
Grace Narducci – Ivy Bucci
Fina Strazza - Milly Bucci
Paul Ben-Victor - Counselor Peter Abrams
Zuleikha Robinson - Bureau Chief Vanessa Hadid
Rosie De Sanctis – Donna Bucci
Todd Licea – Tomas Ramirez
Law Mason – Court Officer
Amelia Windom – Nurse

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gayle said...

The Epstein story was the basis of an episode during the Stabler years. Of course, back then the guy survived after throwing his ex-mistress/procurer under the bus.

SVUFAN#1 said...

The first 30 minutes the episode weren't that interesting to be honest, but the last 10 minutes were better than usual for this season. From the twist of him going from a rape charge to a 4 year criminally negligent sex charge to just the prostitution charge and then the twist of the mom appearing with her daughters on the boat, there were some powerful moments. But what most interested me was the last minute of the episode, which is of course, when Rollins and Dr. Hanover are held hostage. Yes, it is true that we have seen the "Detective-held-hostage" trope before, but that has always just been with Benson or Stabler. I'm really looking forward to seeing Kelli's acting in this next episode, and I think they have an opportunity to really show us a new side of Rollins. Also, if Rollins and Carisi don't get together after this, I don't think they ever will haha.

Jane said...

Really enjoyed this episode but I don’t know why they’re playing the Carisi/Rollins card. They’re setting Carisi up to be the SVU ADA, but if he’s involved with an SVU detective he can’t be their’s a conflict of interest.

Gummboote said...

Yet again, knowing the real story makes the SVU version feel silly and melodramatic. (And the bad faith of that disclaimer at the start of these kind of episodes is insufferable. I really wish someone would take them to court over it.) In real life a cop who went off on their own like Kat would probably be fired. Also I find Rollins’ private life a tedious mess. Why would Carisi get together with her when she already has two kids by different men and is an ex-gambling addict?

Laurie F said...

That was a long open. Long! And when they started with Rollins in the shrink's office I nearly mentally tuned out. I can't feel anything for her. Rollins and Carisi as a couple is nauseating. She would suck the life out of him. He's got high hopes for a career and she just wants him to be a babysitter and meal preparer. Rollins is a character that if they cut her from the show I wouldn't care, in fact I would be thrilled. Carisi on the other hand is getting very interesting and I like him as an ADA.

I have a major issue with them trying to take down this rich, connected jerk in only a three day period. What were they thinking? Sure they had something on him with Ivy but they should have been thinking bigger picture like how many girls over the years have been assaulted in by him, how many other men are assaulting these girls, etc. Chris you bring up a good point. If they get permission from the parents for them to work, this means they know they are underage. It's probably ok for a parent to give consent for the work, but a parent can't consent to having their child sexually assaulted! The increased legal stuff is a big plus but please let's do a better job of making the case before they get to trial.

Kat is going to be a problem and we all know that but I don't mind. The character brings some life and some uncertainty to how the investigations play out. I'd rather learn more about Kat than have to hear Rollins complain about her problems, she is so shallow.

I did like the episode and I wonder why they showed him hanging himself right off the bat. In the real life story, there is a question that he was murdered and that it wasn't suicide. If this fictional event would have been the same, it would have given them another mystery to solve.

Chris Zimmer said...

@LaurieF - Regarding Getz hanging himself in the beginning, I wonder if something happens where it doesn't the sheet becomes untied or someone gets in to his cell before he succumbs...But yeah, it certainly doesn't look like they are taking the angle that someone murdered him.

Eldridge said...

I never liked Rollins. I'd trade her for pretty much any former SVU detective. And I'm not a huge fan of the new detective Kat either. Neither of them seem to be a good fit.

Mending_Wall said...

Thats exactly what I thought if when watching this episode. I dont think Carisi's inexperience had anything to do with what happened here. As we have seen, rich and powerful people have a way of working the system no matter who tries the case

Mending_Wall said...

If Rollins wanted a relationship with Carisi, she couldve had it years ago. Instead she chose 2 other men over him and had children with them. Now that hes moved on, shes upset. I used to root for the two of then, but now I hope they find him another woman

gayle said...

The more I watch Kat and Amanda, the more peeved I get that they made Jeffries go away.

Chris Zimmer said...

@gayle - I always like Michelle Hurd on SVU. It was a real shame it didn't last.

Unknown said...

This was the best episode of the season so far. I knew from the very beginning that Bucci would go off the deep end. As for Getz, he absolutely sickens me.

Can't wait for January 9, to see Kelli give an incredible performance. Hoping Part 2 is just as well constructed and paced.

dttruman said...

I thought this episode had so many weak points and inconsistencies, that they rushed it through production w/o checking with their technical advisors.
Why has Fin's personality done a complete 180 degree turn. He as always had Carisi's back when it came to taking flack from the others when it came to "how and when" to arrest and prosecute. These last couple of episodes, Fin has been openly critical of Carisi, almost calling him gutless. Are they (Leight and Martin) trying to make Benson more understanding here, by making the others look bad or less likable?
I am also lost on that situation concerning Getz and the underage girls with fake IDs. If they were his employees, he would need some official documents. So I don't know how Getz could not know. Getting the previous judge recused is understandable, but how was it that the prosecution was completely blindsided on the supposed sentencing day?
What really bothers me the most is how Benson and Rollins can be so critical of Tamin. Apparently Benson and Rollins have broken protocol so many times they both should have been at least suspended or at most fired, yet Benson gets promoted and Rollins is still on duty even though of her definite instability.

Chris Zimmer said...

@dttruman - Maybe Fin is a little miffed that Carisi left, except he doesn't have the same issues that Rollins has with it. Maybe Fin thinks Carisi is now a member of "the Dark Side" (wink).

Benson and Rollins both have short memories. Benson may not want Kat to make the same errors in judgment that she did...but with Rollins is somehow smacks of jealousy.

dttruman said...

@Chris Zimmer- I'm a little lost, when did fin become mad at Carisi for leaving SVU? These sudden changes of points of view by the characters are hard to understand. Are they doing it to expedite the story line a certain way?

Chris Zimmer said...

@dttruman, I don't think Fin is mad at Carisi. I think he's just annoyed with him in this episode, probably because Carisi has been pushing back at Benson or the team when they don't have enough for Carisi to proceed. I always thought that Fin had a somewhat dim view of all the ADAs at times because the ADAs always seem to look for reasons not to allow them to get warrants or arrest someone. In this episode where Fin says "Any other advice, Counselor?" I think Fin was miffed that Carisi wasn't just bending to their needs. I don't look at this at him being mad, it's just Fin making a statement of sorts that Carisi isn't one of them any more.

The Letter "J" said...

If we still had L&O: CI, we'd have a crossover deal.

What would Goren and Eames do?